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Hawaiian Airlines 19/06/2019 02:45
For our guests traveling from Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (#HNL) today on flights HA821, HA457, HA18, HA465 and HA50, please be advised that these flights are delayed due to TSA re-screening at Terminal 2. Mahalo for your patience as we work to accommodate all guests.
“This is a perfect example of what a fine job our TSA officers do,” TSA deputy federal security ... Murgia went on to say smoke grenades are banned from flights due to the fact they can fill the cabin ...
Anthony Wheeler 18/06/2019 11:46
Just had the most degrading experience at @columbusairport at the TSA checkpoint. Precheck member but forced to go through normal with a yellow “precheck” sign due to maintenance. Pulled aside & patted down 3 times, had all my bags checked for drugs/weapons w/ a crowd behind me+
“It was horrific. It was horrible. It was degrading.” The TSA was not available on Sunday but said it would not comment “due to pending litigation,” the agency told KTNV-TV in a statement. “TSA does ...
Super Nicktendo   🎮 18/06/2019 03:40
Always worried about missing my flight due to Tsa silliness but I made it through in five minutes! I'm sure I'll have more problems going back home as the smaller airports scrutinize bags more.
The TSA has publicly stated that the agency does not include strip searches in their protocols. “Due to pending litigation, we cannot comment on the specifics of this case," said TSA Public Affairs ...
winston 18/06/2019 03:37
hartsfield jackson is recommending arriving 3** hours before departure now due to TSA wait times.. and the last two times i flew the pre check line actually took longer than regular this is ungodly
LOS ANGELES — Terminal 1 at Los Angeles International Airport was evacuated early Thursday due to problems stemming from a major power outage. The airport tweeted Thursday that TSA was ...
Terrence Manny Pack 18/06/2019 03:32
Almost missed my commuter flight from #SAN to #SFO this morning due to unusually long #TSA lines (precheck and reg). SFO looked like a nightmare, too. Just normal SF delays? Or random?
TSA re-screenings were not expected to begin until ... All departing Southwest Airlines flights and two United Airlines flights were cancelled due to the outages while other planes were left ...
Britney S.Scott 18/06/2019 11:07
@Clear @DENAirport people are missing flights due to TSA incompetence. Are you going to be part of the solution or the problem?
I almost missed a cruise b/c my wife left our passports at home. I had the enhanced license just due to NY normal ones not adhering to the TSA requirements for flight. I freaked out until they said, nope go ahead. It freaked me out so much, I took over the travel paperwork.
Jerred Kline 17/06/2019 02:03
So happy I am TSA pre now. My Co-Worker got to the @mspairport at 5:00am for a 7:25 flight and missed his flight due to TSA wait times. They Really need to fix this problem. Over 2 hours for a wait. My wait was 5 mins...
Don D 17/06/2019 04:30
My dad missed his flight to my college graduation due to security check point. So he called & wanted to find out how emails get to their destinations so fast & if it has to go through the TSA! He was planning on doing the exact same thing! #thatsnotright Dad https:// twitter.com/NUUMobile/stat us/1139159580968198145   …
Mr. Snoofers 17/06/2019 01:56
TSA is IN THE US ONLY so no Ebola due to this. But thanks for playing.
Newark Liberty Airport 16/06/2019 11:17
We're sorry for the long wait times, EV. We're certain TSA is working hard to get you on your way. Due to the high volume of travelers, please allow for extra travel time. All checkpoints are available. *AS
Mike Schilling 16/06/2019 11:10
@DustinFox37 I had to cut today due to very tight connection on an international flight. 45 minutes to clear customs, get bags, go back through TSA, at Newark. Is that Okay? We asked permission.
T0tally_Uninterested 16/06/2019 10:04
TSA says you aren’t allowed to fly anymore due to your pants spontaneous catching on fire.
ostomydiaries 15/06/2019 07:37
Thank you to the @TSA security check employees at @MCO for all being so kind and understanding due to my ostomy bag! It has been my best traveling experience yet. #ostomy #tsa
Potterne C.C 15/06/2019 11:28
1st XI v @TSA_CC, start delayed due to wet outfield. Looking to start at 1pm.
Huntspill Cricket 15/06/2019 08:54
Both Games off today due to rain vs @TSA_CC 3rds & @LympBelvCC 2nds in the @MSLSomerset! This was the state of our ground last evening after the heavy rain yesterday!
Both Games off today due to rain vs @TSA_CC 3rds & @LympBelvCC 2nds in the @MSLSomerset!  This was the state of our ground last evening after the heavy rain yesterday!  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/yhlAKaH7IC
BC Ferries 15/06/2019 12:55
#ServiceNotice #Tsawwassen - #SwartzBay #CoastalCelebration sailing cancellations: Due to an earlier medical emergency, the 6pm ex. SWB and the 8pm ex. TSA have been cxld. Reservations will be accom. on the next scheduled sailing. More info here: ow.ly/rmx830oWF8A   ^js
Tsa Omen 15/06/2019 12:37
fut champs & chill https://www. twitch.tv/tsa_omen   stream crashed due to a twitch issue but we back!
Ian Hartten 13/06/2019 11:13
Wow I’ve never seen the whole #Detroit airport shut down due to emergency situation at TSA.
Orion T. 13/06/2019 09:06
I thought I wouldn’t make it out of Montana due to not having an ID outside my school-issued one, but the TSA Agent with me, Jessie, in Bozeman, Montana, was helpful. Explaining carefully each step that was going on and occasional small-talk whilst I was being pat-down. Thank you
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