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AURACOOL 25/09/2018 04:56
I say NO to all form of #DomesticViolence. I say NO to Physical and Emotional abuse to women. I say NO to ill treatment. Let us understand how serious to let men who abuse women go scott free. It's not LOVE, it's certain death filled with Toxicity. #ProtectWomen
It’s been about nine months since Jeremy Piven was accused of sexual misconduct by several women — claims he has vehemently denied — but he’s slowly been stepping back into the spotlight.
Jugreet.Jibraan 25/09/2018 04:33
Good Morning. “Say No To Domestic Violence” Courage a vous S.B !
LAURENS CO., S.C. (FOX CAROLINA) Laurens County deputies said a preacher and his wife are behind bars following a series of events this weekend. Deputies said they responded to a home around 8:30 on F...
Matt Deitsch 25/09/2018 03:14
Naomi Wadler (at 11 years old) understands the connection between gun violence and domestic violence better than our elected officials and most of the general public. If this is your first time seeing Naomi — watch her speech from @AMarch4OurLives here: https:// mTIQ8   … https:// /1041446749699796992   …
America’s Got Talent finalist Michael Ketterer says his arrest last week on a domestic violence charge was the product of a miscommunication. Ketterer, who was arrested just one day after the reality ...
Damn it’s a beautiful night for domestic violence
California lawmakers recently passed several gun control measures, including a lifetime ban on gun ownership for people convicted of domestic abuse. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month ...
T R I G 24/09/2018 10:30
I just got a phone call to serve as a panelist as a victim of domestic violence at the YWCA, which is one of the shelters I resided in when my mom and I were homeless. I couldn’t be more thankful right now, so appreciative to share my story.
Rep. Keith Ellison’s ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan on Sunday claimed there's been a smear campaign against her to help her husband, a top official in the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Monahan, wh...
Amy Cozze 24/09/2018 10:27
Pennsylvania @MomsDemand members are currently standing with lawmakers in Harrisburg to call for a vote on HB 2060. This bill aims to protect domestic violence survivors from armed abusers and the importance cannot be stressed enough. #GunReform
J*C :) *Happily Obsessed* 24/09/2018 09:36
#ERAnow 24/09/2018 09:01
This must end. The ERA will strengthen protections against domestic violence. #ERAnow
This must end. The ERA will strengthen protections against domestic violence. #ERAnow<br>
Nanette Chezum 24/09/2018 08:10
#domesticviolence and pets. #VoicesRising @RedRoverOrg @NCADV
#domesticviolence and pets. #VoicesRising @RedRoverOrg @NCADV<br>
My name is Jen. After years of struggle with self hate, I finally came to terms with my sexuality in the last couple of years. I have survived domestic violence, and I have survived sexual assault. I study full time and I work full time. My dream? Happiness #SpeakYourself
Jeneé Osterheldt 24/09/2018 07:17
You can support survivors AND investigate sexual assault. These two things can be true. People don't dismiss victims so callously when we're dealing with robbery, murder, attacks. Only victims of racism, sexual assault and domestic violence get treated this way. #BelieveSurvivors
The National Council 24/09/2018 06:15
Use this curriculum unit from @survivepunish to organize workshops, teach ins, and events in your communities for domestic violence awareness month in October! via @prisonculture https:// 8curriculum/   …
Use this curriculum unit from @survivepunish to organize workshops, teach ins, and events in your communities for domestic violence awareness month in October! via @prisonculture   https:// 8curriculum/   … <br>
Savant and Autism … https://domesticv ant-and-autism/   … via @wordpressdotcom #savant #autism #parenting #psychology #teenagers #children #autismspectrum
jean valjean - 23/09/2018 07:41
Je ne touche pas un seul centime d’euros contrairement a d’autres, car les violences faites aux femmes sont un reel business pointe d’ailleurs par les pionnieres des centres d’accueil pour femme violentees comme Erin Pizzey https:// Uhs7A   …
Jade 22/09/2018 11:26
When a woman dies EVERY WEEK at the hands of her partner, why are we changing laws for a few contaminated strawberries? #domesticviolence is our biggest #terror threat #insiders
Scott 22/09/2018 03:23
Comments ? #Kavanaugh #FridayFeeling https://www.   …
Charge Ellison for domestic violence abuse. VOTE OUT ELLISON..VOTE REPUBLICAN
[email protected]: [email protected] #arrested on #domesticviolence charges: https://www. ews/story/2018/sep/21/lapd-michael-ketterer-arrested-domestic-violence-charges/479597/   … #MichaelKetterer
Jim Jordan 21/09/2018 01:51
Hypocrite alert.... http://www. 09/20/keith-ellison-domestic-violence-accuser-posts-2017-medical-document-identifying-democrat-as-abuser.html   …
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