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Cvcev 26/08/2017 03:18
There is only one true golden god
There is only one true golden god<br>
If all else fails he can always go eat some kangaroo bollocks, whether that's on I'm a celebrity is up to him #dominiccummimgs #domisdone
Annie Glen 24/05/2020 02:30
Then don’t do it! It’s indefensible. #DomIsDone
dommyboy 20/10/2018 07:48
Your lucky chris isnt on twitter
dommyboy 21/09/2018 08:55
They so fucking expensive on ebay
George Costanza 20/09/2018 02:28
Mainsplaining me what a sub tweet is in 2018 classic CLASSIC
George Costanza 20/09/2018 07:56
Why you being so mysterious on twitter like a highschooler
George Costanza 15/09/2018 07:03
You think it took Em a week to write that? Lmaooo ok
FreaQ Show 07/07/2018 08:46
More like a soundtrack to depression from an artist who used to be the best on the west for 5 summers straight! #DomIsDone https:// /1015626497552334848   …
Even if this isn’t why his car is getting towed it’s still hilarious
clauds 04/04/2018 11:52
im out
David C Parrock 31/12/2017 08:14
Really can’t say any more about how glad I’d be to see Dom Capers out of Green Bay. #Packers #GoPackGo #GBvsDET #DomIsDone
Randy Bump   🇺🇸 31/12/2017 07:56
#DomIsDone let’s know keep #FireTed trending #GBvsDET
dommyboy 11/09/2017 06:43
"Eat edibles" - my doctor
George Costanza 27/08/2017 05:18
It was boxing not mma maybe that's the reason idk I'm no hocky player
Cvcev 26/08/2017 03:17
Exactly, point proven.
Emilio Lopez 01/06/2017 04:56
If it's so underdeveloped then I guess I have to work harder
Emilio Lopez 01/06/2017 04:52
Can't stop this grind. It's just too easy to sit back down.
Andy Costa 08/05/2017 06:06
Who isn't better than you at league you are actual garbage
Mike G. 18/12/2016 07:28
#Packers have drawn up the, Let's Lose, game plan today. #GoPackGo #DomIsDone
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