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M B 24/08/2019 06:06
#DirtyComputer by @JanelleMonae and @Wondaland https:// twitter.com/IMDb/status/11 65322884274950145   …
For a moment last year, it seemed as though Janelle Monae was heading towards megastardom. With the release of her third album, Dirty Computer – a weird, wonderful melting pot of soul, funk, jazz and ...
jeremy henry 24/08/2019 02:37
#ICYMI Here’s my mashup of @JanetJackson’s "Miss You Much" & @JanelleMonae’s "Make Me Feel" in honor of MYM’s 30th anniversary! #RN30 #RhythmNation30 #MYM30 #RhythmNation #dirtycomputer https:// youtu.be/dNwz3ijTBds  
What is a Dirty Computer? As Ms. Monáe told Beats 1’s Ebro Darden in April: “Songs one, two, three, four — that’s the reckoning. That’s the sting of being called n----r for the first time by a white ...
PJ 23/08/2019 03:25
I Think He Knows and Make Me Feel are best friends from high school that went to different colleges #Lover #DirtyComputer
For her latest project, singer, actress and activist Janelle Monáe is encouraging millennials to vote. She calls it a tribute to her grandmother, who didn't always have that right growing up in the ...
Fact #dirtycomputer https:// twitter.com/lesbunnies/sta tus/1155733704863440896   …
Janelle Monáe’s most recent album (and accompanying movie) Dirty Computer is a work of art that, at first glance, might seem as if it’s somewhat of a pivot from the ongoing Afrofututuristic tale about ...
WDMV362RADIO 21/08/2019 05:23
Janelle Monae PYNK https:// youtu.be/PaYvlVR_BEc   via @YouTube #WDMV362 Radio #Midwest RNB N POP Hit Records. #JanelleMonae #DirtyComputer "Pink When Ur Blushing Inside- Baby- Pink Is The Truth You Can't Hide" WATCH & LISTEN UP #BLAZENATION
When Janelle Monáe released ‘Dirty Computer’ this April, she staked her claim to be the year’s most vital pop star. With its accompanying tour, she has strengthened that position. The first of her two ...
Make Me Feel, I Got The Juice, I Like That #DirtyComputer https:// twitter.com/Genius/status/ 1163809180467236864   …
M B 20/08/2019 06:23
Well, it would be any number of still shots from @JanelleMonae's @Wondaland movie (a.k.a. emotion picture) #DirtyComputer like this beautiful shot of @JanelleMonae and @TessaThompson_x #Wondaland https:// twitter.com/IMDb/status/11 63529318691221504   …
Overtime Autographs 19/08/2019 04:36
Thanks to Janelle Monae for signing a copy of Dirty Computer #janellemonae #dirtycomputer #theelectriclady #singersongwriter #singer #vinylrecord #vinyl #vinylcollection #recordcollector #jazz #funk #autograph… https://www. instagram.com/p/B1Wj0qynfNQ/ ?igshid=uq3fkmysxg60   …
jessica holliday 19/08/2019 03:23
My favorite song from #dirtycomputer @ National Hills, Augusta https://www. instagram.com/p/B1VJDMigpxG/ ?igshid=1k1592oa0za15   …
Been in Church this whole bus ride. #DirtyComputer #ChurchofDirtyComputers #StayDirty #fAndroid #RevDocMonae #NowPlaying Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel #Shuttle
M B 18/08/2019 04:44
We here. Just waiting on our pastor, the Rev. Dr. @JanelleMonae of @Wondaland to make her next move. #JanelleMonae #Wondaland #DirtyComputer
yasminprince 17/08/2019 07:03
Janelle Monae I would have loved for this collaboration to last longer. #janellemonae #makemefeel #dirtycomputer #kiss #underthecherrymoon #christophertracy #prince #princeandtherevolution #princerogersnelson #purplerain #princeandthenpg #paisleypark #minneapolis
Janelle Monáe, Cindi 25/07/2019 06:59
Montreal !! I’m bringing the #DirtyComputer Experience to @osheaga on August 3 . Get your tickets now ! Link: https:// on.osheaga.com/trk/aNpl  
dan bisset 03/07/2019 11:00
janelle i don’t know if you’re reading this but i love u so fucking much thank you for making my night @JanelleMonae #DirtyComputer
Absolutely amazing show from @JanelleMonae tonight at #Wembley! SHIT HOT band & dancers, incredible performance all round, not a dud moment & a relevant message. Plus she walked right past me in the crowd & I got sprayed with giant water pistols. Loved it! #DirtyComputer
Janelle Monáe, Cindi 12/06/2019 08:22
NYC! I’m excited to bring #DirtyComputer to Pier 17 with @jrd on 9/25!! Pre-sales start tomorrow 6/13 at 10am local time. Get more info here: https:// livemu.sc/2WrJcD9  
Derrick Clifton 27/04/2019 07:54
#DirtyComputer just turned 1 years old—and ever since, its been a force of affirmation + inspiration for my crew of Black (and) LGBTQ folks as we press on to get free. I’m revisiting the film & rocking the tour hoodie. Thank you @JanelleMonae, @wondaland for lifting us up.
So VERY thrilled to see @JanelleMonae's #DirtyComputer on the @TiptreeAward short list. Well deserved (as is everything there). Next up: Hugos. Right? https:// tiptree.org/2019/03/gabrie la-damian-miravete-wins-2018-tiptree-award-honor-and-long-list-announced   …
Started a little idea I had, should I finish it? #DirtyComputer @JanelleMonae @wondaland @The_Monae
Soraya Chemaly 14/02/2019 04:32
I was so fortunate to talk to @JanelleMonae about anger and creativity for my book. She described anger and creativity as memory, channeling righteous rage into love and art. This from @prettyhonore is a wonderful article on related topics http://www. xonecole.com/janelle-monae- on-how-therapy-and-love-helped-her-resolve-anger-issues/   … #DirtyComputer
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