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Opinion Bakery 28/03/2020 03:23
Kejriwal got away with Shaheen Bagh, then the Delhi riots and now this migrant crisis Fortune favors the brave
Now Pakistan gets blamed for Delhi riots Tue, 24 Mar 2020 17:00:00 GMT
WAWaqar Ahmed While everybody knows that India has a great obsession with Pakistan, it has now been claimed by the Indian government that “Islamabad used about 200 Twitter handles to provoke Indian ...
Sreenivasan Jain 28/03/2020 10:25
A month on, there appears to be no investigation into the policemen seen in the chilling 'national anthem' video from the Delhi riots, reports @radhikabordia. https:// /month-after-video-of-delhi-police-assault-sparked-outrage-four-survivors-have-no-hope-for-justice   …
The Delhi High Court on Friday directed the AAP government to ensure victims of the recent northeast Delhi riots, who may be homeless at the moment, are provided with food and accommodation either at ...
Dharmendra Chhonkar 28/03/2020 02:06
Mass Destruction by the CM of Delhi - Shaheen Bagh -Delhi Riots & Now, this A look at Delhi's Anand Vihar Station #kejriwal_is_a_sanke
Urdu writer Saadat Hassan Manto is as relevant today as was he during the first half of the last century. His stories are as meaningful today as they were during his lifetime. Manto wrote with such ...
Sunaina Holey 28/03/2020 03:25
Delhi Riots & Shaheen Bagh was sponsored by @anuragkashyap72. Ab kya bacche ki jaan lega? https:// status/1243911286942908418   …
Homeless survivors of last month's New Delhi riots now face an uncertain future in squalid camps as they wait for help. DW spoke with volunteers and people living in the camps. A few weeks have passed ...
Azhar Alam 28/03/2020 03:21
Demonitisation killed 137+ delhi riots killed 50+ 2002 riot killed 1500+ Lack of oxygen supply up killed 63. who is dangerous virus Corona or Government?
NEW DELHI: A Delhi court Friday sent suspended AAP councillor, Tahir Hussain, to one-day police custody in connection with the recent communal violence in northeast Delhi. Chief Metropolitan ...
Chris Pitt Mofo 28/03/2020 03:05
Aaptards are the biggest dumbsters of this century and the people who believe and praise kejriwl will pay for their foolishness for sure in Future. Delhi riots was 1st trailer , this #lockdown is 2nd . Wait for more ..
Arnold Roy 28/03/2020 03:01
Dear @AmitShah ji, we have great hopes from you, we somehow forgot #DelhiRiots but the damage this migration would do is irreparable uncountable.time to take charge. We know the likes of Kejriwal supported by pet media is inciting this but @HMOIndia shld checkmate them. Please
Narayan  🇮🇳 28/03/2020 03:00
Was wondering now that anti-CAA on a pause, after #DelhiRiots & with SadaHuaBagh no more. What next will this gang do ? Well :(
Was wondering now that anti-CAA on a pause, after #DelhiRiots & with SadaHuaBagh no more.  What next will this gang do ?  Well :( <br>
Aatar Maloo 28/03/2020 02:57
Shaheen Bagh, Delhi Riots and now this. This is no less than a coup.
#VETERANSPEAKS 28/03/2020 02:55
Despite Monumental Blunders by Modi Govt in fighting #CoronaVirus I am sure that God Almighty will take special care of India because he knows the Nincompoops are at the helm of affairs & India has had its quota.#CAA #DelhiRiots #NamosteTrumpNautanki #Covid19 #Dantewada #kabul
Brian Dsouza 28/03/2020 02:54
Didnt rss serve during delhi riots too??
If Modi sleeps through this and does not call in the army he deserves Bhayankar criticism. You cant always sit and just watch. You did it for 3 months in Shaheen Bagh and then Delhi Riots. https:// 3910472023199746   …
pankajvs22 28/03/2020 02:46
Very cruel of @ArvindKejriwal to do this to the poor migrant workers! Sir @narendramodi @AmitShah should the Delhi govt be allowed to continue after this attemped mass "murder" and after Delhi riots. https:// 3910472023199746   …
#ISupportCAA 28/03/2020 02:42
[email protected] is an absolutely FAILED CHIEF MINISTER....After #DelhiRiots he is absolutely FAILED in #COVID19outbreak too https:// 3910472023199746   …
Sri Harsha 28/03/2020 02:41
Hi what about muslims who killes hindus in delhi riots and what about mulsims who beaten police in bengalore mumbai up idiot
Aatar Maloo 28/03/2020 02:36
Shaheen Bagh, Delhi riots and now this. Connect the dots! If Arvind Kejriwal is not Anti National/ terrorist then what is he?
Rahul Tulsian 28/03/2020 02:34
Indians don't forget too,that fucking party @AamAadmiParty were responsible for the Delhi riots, like in 1984 @INCIndia were responsible for killing innocent Sikh human's too,I am sorry it's not that appropriate time too, but we aware of coronavirus in india for so long
Shubham 28/03/2020 02:32
Good Job @Cricketracker. Person like this who disturb the social harmony after delhi riots should be jailed. @noidapolice
Good Job  @Cricketracker. Person like this who disturb the social harmony after delhi riots should be jailed. @noidapolice<br>
Shaik Mahaboob Basha 28/03/2020 02:31
Where are you when delhi riots happen
saleem  🇵🇰 28/03/2020 07:40
#CoronisedWorld_Media_IOK Delhi riots! Who suffers at the end?Pictures speak louder than words
#CoronisedWorld_Media_IOK Delhi riots! Who suffers at the end?Pictures speak louder than words <br>
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