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Digiknowassets 18/05/2019 08:35
@ihaveCred moving to Tron from Ethereum or going to be on multiple chains?
Andreas Hartmann 18/05/2019 07:39
Of course EVO and Pizza Heros @elliotrades @dappevolution
Join today guys !!! Its really fun @block_one_ @MeetDotOne $eos #eos #solitaire #solitaireduel #cardgame #cardgames #blockchain #blockchaingames #blockchaingaming @dapp_com @DappRadar @dapp_review @dappevolution @hackapreneur https:// twitter.com/dapptotal1/sta tus/1129333433103257600   …
CryptoJMAN 17/05/2019 02:26
Nice update! With 8 groundbreaking projects launching soon I would suggest fastening your seat belt....
Misha Lederman 17/05/2019 10:36
Groundbreaking projects soon launching on #TRON: @BeatzCoin's VibraVid @BitTorrent Speed @dappevolution's Pizza Heroes #BitTorrent Live @Swarm @ihavecred Lending #SunNetwork Layer 2 scalability solution @Opera's $TRX integration & DApp interoperability Keep your eyes peeled
Groundbreaking projects soon launching on #TRON:  @BeatzCoin's VibraVid @BitTorrent Speed @dappevolution's Pizza Heroes #BitTorrent Live @Swarm @ihavecred Lending #SunNetwork Layer 2 scalability solution @Opera's $TRX integration & DApp interoperability  Keep your eyes peeled <br>http://pic.twitter.com/HtVQj7vvTB
Misha Lederman 15/05/2019 09:41
Agreed, sophisticated DApps take longer to build, develop and deploy than simple gaming and gambling DApps Keep your eyes peeled for @BeatzCoin & @dappevolution launching this summer, two DApps with substance, quality and real-life utility
Misha Lederman 05/05/2019 10:52
Price: What the market is willing to pay Value: How much something should cost Usage is the best Predictor of Today's Value and Tomorrow's Price Patience is the number 1 virtue in this space
John 28/04/2019 08:32
Last hours to get $EVO tokens from @dappevolution. With #EVO you will be able to play Pizza heroes 3D and dapps within ecosystem You are able to buy it with: #TRX #BTT #ANTE #seed Enroll now! #Cryptocurrency #crypto #TRON #TRONICS https:// twitter.com/dappevolution/ status/1122593906506383360   …
DApp Evolution [EVO] 28/04/2019 08:10
11 HOURS LEFT TO GET $EVO t.me/dappevolution   Participate with: - #TWX (@TronWalletMe) - #SEED (@SesameseedOrg) - #BTT (@BitTorrent) - #ANTE (@TRONbet) - #TRX Don't miss your chance to grab the token that powers Pizza Heroes #Retweet to enter for 10,000 $TRX
John 27/04/2019 09:14
@Dappevolution is having final sale of $EVO tokens until the end of this weekend. Within the ecosystem with $EVO you will be able to: -earn -spend -play games -chat -and more Details of the sale: https:// medium.com/@tronchatdapp/ evo-flash-sale-details-b47eb985e6ec   … If your interested check them out! $EVO #trx #crypto https:// twitter.com/mishalederman/ status/1122054548649123840   …
Dave [Tron-Society] 26/04/2019 06:17
As I've said gambling DApps were the first to come because they are relatively easy for Devs to build More advanced looking games are starting to arrive after many months of building. Check out @dappevolution & @SkypeopleMaster some awesome looking games #Tron #TronSociety
Mr Gordon 25/04/2019 09:06
I can’t wait for this! I have been looking forward to the first offering from @dappevolution for many months. #TRX #EVO #IAmDecentralized https:// twitter.com/mishalederman/ status/1121306784285777921   …
NateAlex 22/04/2019 05:49
I am curious if you think this actually matters, or if you’re simply paid to be a hype/shill master. None of those dapps are worth anything. Devs are not “choosing tron”. Wannabe devs are cloning the scammiest projects because there’s still a lot of dumb money
Mol_ #IAmDecentralized 17/03/2019 03:51
Imagine using a Tron cellphone first ever crypto cellphone coming with @TronWalletMe App for all TronDapps. @BeatzCoin #VibraVid for music content @BitTorrent features. @dappevolution #TronChat. @binance @cz_binance so we can be able to deposit cash it. Thinking
AL Distributors 16/03/2019 12:27
Great news and I don't care if we get a price pump, it's still great news. I think that there's no new money in Crypto and thus people are chasing pumps that don't last. Tron will win in price when new money comes into the mkt. Looks like that's about 2 happen with 100mil users.
Samuel (ICEDIUM) 15/03/2019 07:03
I would add #ColdFusion from @Icedium_Group should be on this list. Earn #ICD for running a #TRON full node Available for Linux, MacOS and Windows Simple ‘Click and Go’ solution #NodeRunner #ICD
Tur Bi 10/03/2019 09:23
TWX is one of the most valuable projects of tron
Alex (Giving away a TRX) 10/02/2019 05:16
artists upload music and videos anyway, but now they can earn higher margins. Just gotta transition the listeners to use crypto now and it’ll be mass adoptions! @BeatzCoin is going to make this happen!
TronRadar [EVO] 17/01/2019 07:35
Have you heard about the $EVO #airdrop!? 1:1 Airdrop at SoftCap (almost halfway there!) 2:1 Airdrop at 25M #TRX Buy some EVO now: https:// tronscan.org/#/token/1001757   #Tron #niTRON $TRX @justinsuntron #DappEvolution #TronChat
TronRadar [EVO] 09/01/2019 08:14
These 3 #DApps coming in 2019 are going to bring #Tron to a whole new level!   #retweet to show support! #TRX @justinsuntron @Tronfoundation Buy $EVO: dappevolution.com   #TronChat #DAppEvolution
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