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Lidia Carreto 22/04/2019 05:03
Cynthia Nixon: Mueller firing line in the sand evideo/~3/RXkkYd6cVTk/cynthia-nixon-peoples-state-of-union-mueller-sot.we-stand-united?h9N   …
Cynthia Nixon: Mueller firing line in the sand  http:// evideo/~3/RXkkYd6cVTk/cynthia-nixon-peoples-state-of-union-mueller-sot.we-stand-united?h9N   … <br>
Why? The answer may lie in last year’s race for governor, when Governor Cuomo was challenged by the actress Cynthia Nixon. Though Mr. Cuomo easily won, the public seems to remember a tenet of Ms. ...
marcela 22/04/2019 04:21
Cynthia Nixon takes on NY gov. Andrew Cuomo in NY primary evideo/~3/MGwXsKK6SFg/cynthia-nixon-andrew-cuomo-ny-primary-platforms-orig-tc-llr.cnn?WC7Q   …
Cynthia Nixon takes on NY gov. Andrew Cuomo in NY primary  http:// evideo/~3/MGwXsKK6SFg/cynthia-nixon-andrew-cuomo-ny-primary-platforms-orig-tc-llr.cnn?WC7Q   … <br>
On this day we're celebrating the birthday of multiple Tony Award-winner, television star, and former gubernatorial candidate, the great Cynthia Nixon! Nixon, a Emmy, Tony and Grammy Award-winner, ...
dark nite ~ xo. 20/04/2019 09:43
If we're gonna use your logic, we should ban all and any use of alcohol and certain drugs. No-one's advocating for driving under the influence, we're saying the laws prohibiting a substance nowhere near as dangerous as for example, alcohol, disproportionally affects minorities.
I know, I know — you’ve seen “A Quiet Passion,” with Cynthia Nixon, and you think you’re good for Emily Dickinson biopics. “Wild Nights with Emily,” however, is a rather different thing with feathers. ...
Jonas Blane  🌹 20/04/2019 09:22
We you Cynthia for using your platform to make change.
actress Cynthia Nixon, who was born in 1966; actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, who was born in 1979; actor Dennis Quaid, who was born in 1954; actress Kristen Stewart, who was born in 1990 ...
IbnLurkin 20/04/2019 07:32
You are a twit. Leana Wen is a serial killer
Cynthia Nixon and Cuba Gooding Jr. are joining the Ain’t No Mo’ opening night celebration! The stars were in attendance at the play’s opening night on Wednesday evening (March 27) at The Public ...
BigfootBurner 17/04/2019 04:20
Wow, influencer of murder
Leana Wen, M.D. 17/04/2019 03:07
I'm honored to be included in the 2019 #TIME100 list. Thank you, @CynthiaNixon and @TIME! https://  
TIME 17/04/2019 01:30
[email protected]: “At a time when reproductive rights are under relentless attack, and our country questions whether health care is a human right, @DrLeanaWen is the fierce visionary I want fighting on behalf of all of us” #TIME100  
Lea DeLaria 15/04/2019 04:55
Happy Monday bitches. @CynthiaNixon @_emmamyles @jessetyler @MissPiggy
Happy Monday bitches. @CynthiaNixon @_emmamyles @jessetyler @MissPiggy <br>
Don Hughes 11/04/2019 07:26
Beto not running for Senate again reminds me of Bernie deciding not to run for governor of New York. Bernie could have put his program into action at the state level but decided to let Cynthia Nixon get destroyed in a half-assed campaign instead, pulling things to the right.
Joe Rumrill 04/04/2019 10:26
I shoved past Cynthia Nixon, Lorne Michaels and Hoda Kotb in quick succession to snap a pic of this pig
I shoved past Cynthia Nixon, Lorne Michaels and Hoda Kotb in quick succession to snap a pic of this pig <br>
Zephyr Teachout 28/03/2019 12:22
Cynthia Nixon @CynthiaNixon was calling out Cuomo's bullying last year--its hard to imagine he isn't blowing up with wrath right now. Please, stand up for these amazing women!
Nelini Stamp 20/03/2019 01:36
I still think Cynthia Nixon is the best Governor of NY. I’m glad I was in the fight with her. https:// tatus/1108068060584398849   …
TIME 19/03/2019 07:00
Cynthia Nixon knew her odds of becoming governor were slim. One year later, she has no regrets about running  
Zephyr Teachout 19/03/2019 06:14
Love Cynthia Nixon. Thank you for everything you did, laying it out there and transforming what is possible! https:// tatus/1108068060584398849   …
chris evans 18/03/2019 04:26
Sometimes it’s important for us to remember that Twitter is not necessarily a reflection of real life. Just ask Cynthia Nixon.
#Rigged 18/03/2019 02:53
New York has been rigged twice for moderate Democrats like Hillary and Cuomo. Will it be rigged like this again in 2020? The DNC rigged Cynthia Nixon's race | #Rigged https://   via @YouTube
Endorsements by Kirsten Gillibrand Joe Crowley over @AOC. Gretchen Whitmer over Dr. Abdul El-Sayed. Andrew Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon.
Michael Tracey 10/03/2019 02:00
Andrew Cuomo obliterated Cynthia Nixon last fall because normie Dems turned out in huge numbers, which made the Twitter-centric narrative of that race look utterly foolish. Do not underestimate the potential for a similar dynamic to play out nationally
Mike 'Thomas Paine' Moore 09/03/2019 04:45
Washington Post Forced To Issue Big Corrections In Cynthia Nixon’s Hit-Piece On Mike Pence  
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