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Trust - Crypto Wallet 28/05/2020 09:00
If someone gave you $1,000 right now, which #crypto would you buy?
The moves, announced in release notes and a code update for OpenSSH and libssh respectively, mean that SHA-1 will no longer be a means for digitally signing encryption keys that prevent the monitoring ...
In The Hodl 28/05/2020 07:47
Theta's tokens are dominating crypto's top gainer charts in the lead up to today's mainnet 2.0 deployment https:// mainnet-20-launches-whats-behind-its-massive-rally   … https://   #AltCoins #CryptoNews #AltSeason
Gemini Trust Co., the cryptocurrency venture run by the Winklevoss brothers, is partnering with Samsung Electronics Co. to allow users to more easily trade and store digital assets on mobile phones.
Linux Cryptography 28/05/2020 07:36
#linux #crypto Re: [PATCH] crypto:hisilicon - fix driver compatibility issue with different versions of devices https://www. ypto/msg47908.html   …
Samsung, the South Korean smartphone giant that has been experimenting with bitcoin for some time, is doubling down on ...
yarinibelirle 28/05/2020 07:31
KickEX Exchange takes crypto trading to a whole new level! Don’t miss your chance to join the referral program and create a passive income of $20k monthly and more. #kickex #cryptocurrency https:// 9dcc9921193d03d4a567b69a2db144cc   …
Andreessen Horowitz’s Crypto Startup School brought together 45 participants from around the U.S. and overseas in a seven-week course to learn how to build crypto companies. Week three of a16z’s Crypt ...
yarinibelirle 28/05/2020 07:31
OMG! This is crazy! 50% of the KickEX Crypto Exchange revenue to be shared with users! Join early and get on top of the network and get the highest earnings! #kickex #cryptoexchange https:// 9dcc9921193d03d4a567b69a2db144cc   …
Like many other Thais, the prominent writer and social critic had grown weary and distrustful of Twitter over a recent string of developments on the platform that sparked privacy concerns. Last week, ...
Cindicator 28/05/2020 07:15
Who are #Cindicator's SuperForecasters? They are from 11 countries The youngest is 23, the most senior is 60. Each made 9,757 #crypto forecasts on average Their weekly $BTC forecasts made up to 63.6%! Learn more https:// erforecasters-alpha-trading-with-cindicators-top-0-02-analysts/   …
Denario bot 28/05/2020 07:01
Top losers of the last hour $BNT $0.69990 -2.46766% $HBAR $0.04586 -1.90416% $REN $0.09313 -1.27741% $DOGE $0.00252 -1.16949% $SOLVE $0.18103 -1.06912% Trade #crypto on Exmo  
Kratos 28/05/2020 06:53
Started accumulating $COTI on this dip. Thanks $btc. #Crypto #altcoin
CryptoSquawk 28/05/2020 06:44
$BTC SELLING PRESSURE ALERT Price trading around 9447   #Bitcoin #crypto
APLFintech Investor!! 28/05/2020 06:43
#APL 100% more use cases that will actually be used by Governments in the coming months .
Airdrop Tweet 28/05/2020 05:10
RT danheld: Fiat currency always eventually returns to its intrinsic value. Zero. #Bot $BTC $Crypto
CryptoSquawk 28/05/2020 03:51
INCREASED LIQUIDITY 101 $BTC accumulated around 9480   #Bitcoin #crypto
Tyler Winklevoss 28/05/2020 12:35
We've partnered with Samsung to bring crypto to millions of Samsung mobile phone users!  
Layyy 28/05/2020 12:28
Crypto is the new future. Follow this video and register forsage now!!! Send a DM for more info...
Layah Heilpern   🎬 28/05/2020 10:48
Good morning it’s iced coffee o’clock! Have you ever used #bitcoin or any other crypto to buy your coffee?!
Good morning it’s iced coffee o’clock!  Have you ever used #bitcoin  or any other crypto to buy your coffee?! <br>
Ciara Sun 28/05/2020 05:58
Interesting report data coming from Huobi Research showing that as of May 24th the total number of Bitcoin addresses was 49,338,881, an increase of 0.61%. A growing number of addresses may hint - more people getting into #Bitcoin and crypto! https:// /huobi-research-weekly-vol-115-2020-5-18-2020-5-24-6cf66e543ab1   …
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