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Sewuese Bem 17/01/2020 12:29
#German chancellor Angela Merkel says Brexit is a 'wake up call' for the union. https://   #Germany #AngelaMerkel #EuropeanUnion #Brexit #Brussels #trade #economy #Immigration #Liberals #ConservativeWin #Boris #GeneralElection2019
Guzzo, who owns a major Quebec chain of movie theatres and stars in the CBC show Dragons’ Den, said Tuesday the number of potential candidates from the province suggests Quebecers are eager for a ...
jess GoodfellowLabour2024 14/01/2020 09:09
https://www. mie-wallis-co-owned-sugar-daddy-website   … The dirt of the Tory party,. @HeIsYourPM. @Conservatives. @BorisJohnson. @JamesCleverly. @michaelgove. @ToryFibs. @GLAConservative. @FMConservatives. @ConservativesIN. @ScotTories. @WelshConserv. @TracyBrabin. @FloEshalomi. @annaturley.
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