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Best tweets:

Go Cavs! 22/09/2019 01:42
#MackinacIsland Justify it 5 U.S. presidents, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton all came to Mackinac Island. None brought a motorcade Justify it Any of you All you #ComplicitGOP people suck
#ResistTrump & His #ComplicitGOP!, #Resisters #ResistanceStrong, #FuckThePolice, #fuckthejudge, #FuckTheNWO, #Corruption, #ComeAndTakeIt, #ComeAndTakeThem, #Anarchist, #FuckAmerica, #FuckTheUSA, ...
Grant Stern 22/09/2019 01:00
[email protected] "denounced 'demagoguing leaders' and 'a megalomaniac strongman ... screaming about travel bans and deportation.' In interviews, he compared Trump to former KKK leader David Duke..." Now, he's just like any other #ComplicitGOP. #SundayMorning https://www. trump-critic-rising-gop-star-ben-sasse-now-trump-apologist-ncna1056926   …
Steve Coburn 21/09/2019 05:47
Nice press release, but..How EXACTLY will things get worse if they continue to cover this up? Action by Congress is WAY OVERDUE! Verbal bluster & empty threats EMBOLDEN this “POTUS”& his #ComplicitGOP supporters. Get your plan together & start taking ACTION! NOW!!! #TRE45ON
ANDY 22/09/2019 11:45
You and #ComplicitGOP are a disgrace!
You and #ComplicitGOP are a disgrace! <br>
“Dear friend, don’t let this bad example influence you. Follow only what is good. Remember that those who do good prove that they are God’s children, and those who do evil prove that they do not know God.” 3 John 1:11 NLT #BelieveWhatYouSee #ComplicitGOP https://www. 1.11.nlt   …
Not Becky 21/09/2019 09:56
I'll never understand it either. But..#BlueWave2020 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #ComplicitGOP https:// /status/1175117911784140805   …
Tyko Kihlstedt 23/09/2019 02:39
We’re passing the tipping point on impeachment https://www. 09/22/passing-tipping-point-impeachment/   … It's clear as day that #TraitorTrumpIsTheEnemyOfThePeople and that a #ComplicitGOP supports him silently or actively. #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020
AKnProud 23/09/2019 01:35
We nees to also put pressure on the @HouseGOP , they should not be getting a pass just bc we know thet are #ComplicitGOP https:// status/1175946144280481792   …
Phyliss Dixon 22/09/2019 10:54
And just what are you and your Republican colleagues doing about the continuing drip, drip of more thumbing the nose of the rule of law by the president? NOTHING! You are guilty of being complicit. Stop talking and do something! #ComplicitGOP
pistolwhipped66 22/09/2019 10:44
Yes, @tedlieu, we need to anticipate and strategize and be prepared to deal with their ruthless disregard of the rule of law. It’s been clear that the #TrumpAdministration and the #ComplicitGOP intend to change America to benefit them and them alone. https:// /1175867847991414784   …
Donald Steven House 22/09/2019 10:44
If. If. If. He forgot to wipe tRumps crap off his face. #ComplicitGOP #TraitorTrump
A.Marie 22/09/2019 08:49
What’s your definition of troubling? #ComplicitGOP https:// tus/1175840899135352832   …
Kim Amos 22/09/2019 07:46
“IF”??? “Troubling”??? Lol. Where have you been hiding? How about you find your spine and stand up for democracy? How about you put country over politics? How about you stand up for the rule of law? ... too much to ask for? #ComplicitGOP #DoSomething
jb 22/09/2019 07:13
Oooh “troubling” how bold and patriotic of you. #ComplicitGOP #gfy
Elizabeth Smith 22/09/2019 06:57
END GUN VIOLENCE 22/09/2019 06:48
OOOOH "Troubling" Where have I heard that BS before?? #ComplicitGOP https:// tus/1175840899135352832   …
I agree BUT cannot forget the #ComplicitGOP who also have a duty and have chosen to look the other way. Fair is fair, it’s not all on your party’s lap though I suspect this tweet wants to push them to stronger action. Accuracy is better for credibility #imho
Joe Blow 22/09/2019 04:38
You and the #complicitGOP repeatedly protect and make excuses for the most mendacious president in US history, so how can we take seriously anything coming out of your hole, Sir?
and yet the #ComplicitGOP remain silent
Dr. Dena Grayson 22/09/2019 01:50
Nope. The @GOP will continue to fiddle while America burns. #ComplicitGOP https:// status/1175749190741372928   …
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