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Current Situation #clapbackseason
Current Situation #clapbackseason <br>
Stay in your own lane and run your own race cuz!! Do you even lift !? #clapbackseason.” Sorrentino, who has dropped 35 pounds, detailed his prison regimen during an interview with Entertainment ...
I’m thinking I’m back!! We have a Situation #clapbackseason
I’m thinking I’m back!! We have a Situation  #clapbackseason <br>
Power star Omari Hardwick has no time for trolls. An Instagram troll left a comment on Hardwick's recent post and the actor clapped back on Thursday. Hardwick posted an image of himself sitting ...
We Coming for You 2020 #clapbackseason
N.Y. “This is what it looks like when you turn a negative Situation into a Positive Situation #clapbackseason,” the entertainer said on Instagram, posting a photo of himself at the gym on Friday.
Everyday is Arm day #clapbackseason
Getting After it for 2020 #clapbackseason
Lenty 09/11/2019 05:28
Well @JamesArthur23 is having fun in Germany. #Clapbackseason vs irrelevant YouTubers and random haters... Meanwhile getting ready for TV performance that will be watched by millions of people. Tomorrow! Tune in to SAT1. Find streams on internet.
The Comeback is always Greater than the Setback @JerseyShore #clapbackseason
The Comeback is always Greater than the Setback  @JerseyShore #clapbackseason <br>
Rox’s Bar 27/11/2019 01:44
Tomorrow’s the infamous Thanksgiving Eve... We do it because it’s more interesting to answer your divorced aunt’s judgemental life questions on Thanksgiving if you’re still drunk... #clapbackseason
SirAlexFerg38 24/02/2020 02:19
So happy @RealJamesWoods is back on Twitter!!! #clapbackseason
Trellz 24/02/2020 01:26
Not this family ya heard. #clapbackseason https:// 1231636981324619781   …
IG:Dancerdreams_12 23/02/2020 03:42
IT BE THE ONES WHO NEVER HAD YOU RUNNING AROUND CALLING YOU A HOE , whole time they wanna be a hoe but nobody really wants them just using you for money and a place to lay their heads & you still can’t manage to be the hoe you dream to be #CLAPBACKSEASON
EmoneiBaggs_ 22/02/2020 02:56
Bruhhh you’re HILARIOUS @Chaantellie . #CLAPBACKSEASON
Bran Bran   👶🏽 20/02/2020 04:31
Mood for the debate #clapbackseason
The Confident Woman Brand 20/02/2020 01:24
Listen, Rule number one ALWAYS BELIEVE in yourself and become your own cheerleader! #cheerleader #clap #clapbackseason #tshirt #Brand #special #believe #believeinyourself https://www. ?igshid=9i18ocywk3zk   …
Ashlee Powers 18/02/2020 10:23
Sweet and salty. I say it how it is #clapbackseason
Sweet and salty. I say it how it is #clapbackseason <br>
Kevin Frazier 17/02/2020 03:53
Woke up and realized it was #clapbackseason ... I hope @therachlindsay makes a mint working as a reporter in this genre. We are good as gravy. And btw my black mama, my black ex wife, my black current wife and all… https://www. ?igshid=1iese7nkqf789   …
Angry Leprechaun 14/01/2020 11:38
And just like that 10lbs gone. #clapbackseason
Enlightening Results 08/01/2020 06:39
2020 is the year patients CLAP BACK. @UnblockHealth is arming #patients & #carepartners where they are to report #DataBlocking in their local communities. We are ready for the #InformationBlockingRule to hit the ground running. #ClapBackSeason #PatientAdvocacy #Transparency
Haaris 01/01/2020 03:47
big tings a gwan in 2020 iA #clapbackseason
Allan Guce 31/12/2019 04:43
Other than marrying the love of my life, 2019 has been a prettyyear for me overall. Decade started w/ 1 of the worst yrs of my life & has had more downs than ups so I’m glad to put it in my rearview. But to quote my man @ItsTheSituation 2020 bouta be #clapbackseason 4real lol
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