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Bored as shit yo
In 2007, following Venezuela's expropriation of billions of dollars of assets from U.S. companies like ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips, I suggested a potential remedy. Since Venezuela's state-owned oil ...
DreamyTunez 17/08/2018 11:54
[Mixtape] J.R. Donato - Citgo @RealJRDonato @DJLouieStyles @DJKrunch @DreamyTunez @Spinrilla Β»  
The city’s landmark Citgo sign is here to stay, but the future of the surrounding buildings remains in question. Developer Related Beal on Tuesday went before the Boston Civic Design Commission to sub...
If ya feet ugly stay away
Venezuela’s state oil company plans to appeal a U.S. ruling that would allow one of the country’s creditors to seize a major source of dollarsβ€”Citgo Petroleum. The outcome of the legal battle is expec...
Bipped Up @_Jrock1
Bonds from Venezuela’s state oil company backed by a stake in Citgo Holding Inc. dropped after a U.S. court ruled that a Canadian mining company can seize shares of the U.S. company that controls Citg...
Aint nothing wrong with sucking toes tho
Aug 15 (Reuters) - A unit of Citgo Petroleum in September plans to resume long-delayed work to refurbish an idled, 235,000-barrel-per-day (bpd) oil refinery on Aruba, the Caribbean island’s government ...
When will niggas realize that flashing money is weak
Wanna lay up
Need some good head and a back rub
These Speed & Red Light Cameras is O FUCKING D YO
Ducked low fr this time
Everything temporary so dont get comfortable in ya spot
A whole lot up on my mind can i vent sometime?
I gotta get myself mentally & financially ready before i try a serious relationship
Yo I really hate fussing with a female i will β€œok & ard” tf out you
”BIG64” 13/08/2018 08:07
β€œCitgo” Shot By @reggie_reggg Prod By @AyeeCheecho – a Citgo Gas Station
citgo 13/08/2018 05:18
doing submissions dm fye only
Citgo is a curious, adult Hotot/Dwarf mix from #Appleton, WI. http://www. 2459   …
Citgo is a curious, adult Hotot/Dwarf mix from #Appleton, WI.  http://www. 2459   … <br>
If I didn’t have bills i would be so up rn
Be wishing i had someone to sleep with
Bitches be cute and broke
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