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Taylor Swift 23/12/2019 02:07
The Making of #ChristmasTreeFarm • 24 hours and a lot of xmas spirit  https:// eeFarm   …
Taylor Swift unveiled a video diary documenting the creation of her new holiday song, “Christmas Tree Farm.” Swift released “Christmas Tree Farm” on December 6th, just five days after coming up with ...
billboard 22/12/2019 05:00
Sing along to #TaylorSwift's #ChristmasTreeFarm https://  
The singer said of her festive track,“It’s about how you’re in the city and you’re stressed out and your life is feeling really low, but in your heart is a Christmas tree farm.” Taylor Swift has ...
billboard 23/12/2019 04:45
[email protected] gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of #ChristmasTreeFarm https://  
Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm” dropped as a surprise single at midnight on December 6. Swift announced the release of the song and accompanying music video just a day before ...
MTV 24/12/2019 05:00
Take a trip inside @taylorswift13's creative process for #ChristmasTreeFarm: https://
Take a trip inside @taylorswift13's creative process for #ChristmasTreeFarm:  https://      <br>
The singer just released the track and a music video for "Christmas Tree Farm," an infectious and personal pop holiday track. The music video accompanying it is a pretty intimate glimpse of her ...
Universal Music Singapore 02/01/2020 08:00
Watching it all come together @taylorswift13 #ChristmasTreeFarm https://
Neither caught on.) But the Swift of 2019 is a lot different than the Swift of 2007, and here she comes a-new with a holiday original track called “Christmas Tree Farm.” In a video that she ...
billboard 26/12/2019 04:00
Here's five times #TaylorSwift "pined" for the #ChristmasTreeFarm of her childhood https://  
Robbie Leatherbarrow 22/01/2020 11:57
If @taylorswift13 don’t change the words to #christmastreefarm to worthy farm when she plays Glastonbury I would be most disappointed #Glastonbury
Same same #snowysisters #christmastreefarm
Same same #snowysisters #christmastreefarm <br>
ricardo 19/01/2020 04:37
It’s January but it’s a great song #christmastreefarm #TaylorSwift @taylorswift13
It’s January but it’s a great song #christmastreefarm #TaylorSwift @taylorswift13<br>
Conrad Rohman 18/01/2020 12:08
It’s January 17th, and if you think I’m not still listening to #ChristmasTreeFarm constantly...
Me getting a little bit too excited over my #Christmastreefarm merch! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13
Me getting a little bit too excited over my #Christmastreefarm merch! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13<br>
Michael Harootunian 16/01/2020 08:27
@taylorswift13 I think I just walked onto a #christmastreefarm and got! #omg #callmemaybe
A little #tbt to the tree season! We love giving our customers the freshest cut on every tree! #christmas #christmas2019 #christmastree #christmastreefarm #veteran #veteranowned #veteranownedbusiness #chainsaw… https://www. ?igshid=kjgyl8ejrrw9   …
Hey @taylornation13 is still socially acceptable to listen to #christmastreefarm in January? Asking for a friend
Hey @taylornation13 is still socially acceptable to listen to #christmastreefarm in January? Asking for a friend <br>
Dude. What a freakin bop "ChristmasTreeFarm is.
Hey everyone thanks for following us on our tree farm journey, we are excited to provide updates here on Twitter, stay tuned for more! #Christmas #Christmas2019 #christmastree #christmastreefarm #veteran #veteranoened
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made 2019 a great year! Can’t wait to see you guys again this upcoming Christmas! #christmas #trees #farm #christmastree #christmas2019 #christmastreefarm #christmastime… https://www. ?igshid=xyu2ppj51kml   …
Taylor Swift News 02/01/2020 11:17
| #ChristmasTreeFarm has now reached over 10 MILLION views on YouTube https://
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