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 Christchurch feedyeti.comp d  1200x750 feedyeti.comFlickr   Roger T Wong   20100130 07 Christchurch Cathedral Square panorama feedyeti.comchristchurch new zealand travel feedyeti.comCHRISTCHURCH 1 feedyeti.comChristchurch Cathedral Square feedyeti.com8 feedyeti.comChristchurch City Centre feedyeti.com1200px Christchurch Square %28Christchurch%2C New Zealand%29 feedyeti.com5791fab0ed6add1807e31fb9fdf8ba46 feedyeti.com1200px Christchurch Priory feedyeti.com126 green tram green trees feedyeti.comChurch 118kpcf feedyeti.comCathedral Square 2402 feedyeti.comdsc 0485 feedyeti.com1200px NZL christchurch peac f arts c feedyeti.com34 Christchurch

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Met PM @jacindaardern at the Beehive today for a followup discussion on the Christchurch call. Also my first time in New Zealand. Kind folks and beautiful environment.
Met PM @jacindaardern at the Beehive today for a followup discussion on the Christchurch call. Also my first time in New Zealand. Kind folks and beautiful environment. <br>
New Zealand lawmakers introduced a sweeping set of new gun control proposals into Parliament on Friday, six months after a mass shooting in Christchurch targeting Muslim worshipers killed more than 50 ...
Cricketopia 15/09/2019 06:32
Happy Birthday Nathan Astle Fastest Double Centurion in Tests (200 in 153 balls, 28 4s, 11 6s) v ENG at Christchurch, 2002) -For last wicket Astle added 118 runs with Cairns in just 65 balls (Cairns 23) -Astle progressed from 100 to 200 in only 39 balls.
CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — Huzef Vohra is haunted by flashbacks. The roar of a motorcycle, a loud bang, a whistle-like snore — they catapult the civil engineer back to March 15, to the bottom of a ...
Jonathan Green 08/09/2019 10:03
Everyone: there’s a pretty solid consensus that we shouldn’t name the Christchurch murderer: it’s just what he wants. @australian: full life story over three days! Graphic depiction of the killings! Names! Photos!
Sunday marks six months since the Christchurch mosque shootings. Commemorations will take place around the country, honouring the 51 people who lost their lives. Tributes will be on display at ...
Lizzie Dearden 10/09/2019 02:06
A white supremacist has been jailed for launching a far-right terror attack in the Surrey town of Stanwell, a day after the Christchurch shooting Vincent Fuller shouted that he wanted to kill Muslims during rampage armed with a knife and baseball bat https:// vincent-fuller-jailed-sentence-christchurch-mosque-shooting-prison-latest-a9099266.html   …
As Muslim worshippers gather for Friday prayers at Christchurch's Linwood Islamic Centre, there is a small sign – well, three of them – that the city's non-Muslim community still care. On the footpath ...
Jon Cooper 13/09/2019 12:12
Six months after a gunman killed 51 people at two Christchurch mosques, New Zealand’s government is planning further restrictions to gun ownership. A bill introduced to Parliament on Friday would create a register to track all the guns in the country. https://www. and-plans-further-restrictions-to-gun-ownership_n_5d7b5b11e4b077dcbd5c21ec   …
A man is dead after being stabbed in the Christchurch suburb of Riccarton last night. Police have launched a homicide investigation. The man, in his 40s, was involved in an altercation at a Wainui ...
RNZ 10/09/2019 02:15
The National Party leader says everyday New Zealanders don't care about the Christchurch Call and its attempt to eradicate extremism and terrorism online. https://www. /398483/simon-bridges-says-christchurch-call-was-a-big-talkfest-in-paris   …
shoe 11/09/2019 05:34
i think pewds feels guilty after christchurch & doesnt know what to do. im sure having a mass shooter give you a shoutout before he murdered 40 people fucks you up. even after donating to the families. i think its a clumsy attempt to fix things- not blackmail.
Compassion, kindness, and substance. This is why our Prime Minister is remarkable. https://www. 0681/tears-cheers-and-chills-at-prime-minister-jacinda-arderns-christchurch-school-visit   …
Syrian Girl   🇸🇾 13/09/2019 07:14
If Christchurch = donating to the ADL How many more mosques are going to get shot so the ADL can make money? #pewdiepieAdl FYI Pewdie isn’t dumb, he knew who the ADL were.
Led By Donkeys 10/09/2019 10:59
Nope @BorisJohnson, nobody voted for this. (Location: Christchurch)
The 222 vs Eng at Christchurch, courtesy @robelinda2
Martyn Bradbury 13/09/2019 07:05
I refuse point blank to believe a person with this level of empathy would cover up or lie about a sexual assault - @ me fuckers! https://www. 0681/tears-cheers-and-chills-at-prime-minister-jacinda-arderns-christchurch-school-visit   …
Today marks the 6 month anniversary of the Christchurch Mosque Attack. It provides a chance to commemorate the victims and survivors of the attacks in Christchurch and reflect on how we can create a more harmonious society.
Carrick Ryan 14/09/2019 10:38
Since leaving politics we are gaining a frightening insight into Abbott's true belief system. He is now praising a man many feel has killed democracy in Hungary, whilst promoting the same 'Great Replacement' theory that inspired the Christchurch Attack. https:// /2019/sep/13/tony-abbott-doubles-down-on-praise-for-hungarys-far-right-pm-viktor-orban?__twitter_impression=true   …
Tanya Fretz 14/09/2019 08:14
6 months since the Christchurch terror attacks. This. Is. STILL. Us.
6 months since the Christchurch terror attacks.  This. Is. STILL. Us. <br>
Ginger Gorman   🌈 13/09/2019 08:27
In case you don’t understand this. ‘Remove kebab’ is the song the Christchurch killer played right before he shot 51 people. It’s a Serb nationalist song celebrating the murderer Radovan Karadzic. If you think hate speech has no real life impact, think again https:// e/status/1172403727732363264   …
Javéd 10/09/2019 06:10
I can name 51 “everyday New Zealanders” that definitely care about terrorism online, you absolute fucking joke of a human being. https://www. /398483/simon-bridges-says-christchurch-call-was-a-big-talkfest-in-paris   …
EssenViews 14/09/2019 10:04
"Owning a firearm is a privilege not a right" - New Zealand Introduces Flurry of New Gun Restrictions Six Months After Christchurch https://www. n-restrictions-christchurch-1459281   …
Eli Matthewson 09/09/2019 07:42
At its core #MAFSNZ is a show where, each year, a gay man gets plucked from Christchurch and absolutely ruined by an Aucklander
SBS News 15/09/2019 11:30
‘When I was looking for my phone I was touching a pool of blood and the blood was warm. I can still feel it on my hands, even after six months’: Christchurch shooting survivors recount the horrific attack on Al Noor mosque.
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