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JON 28/05/2020 02:18
Many people are saying Zuckerberg and @Facebook were accomplices to @realDonaldTrump in the murder of #CarolynGombell. When will there be #JusticeForCarolyn https:// n-gombell/obituary/   …
Many people are saying Zuckerberg and @Facebook were accomplices to @realDonaldTrump in the murder of #CarolynGombell. When will there be #JusticeForCarolyn    https:// n-gombell/obituary/   … <br>
Before we start pulling apart this set of claims, let’s make something clear: Donald Trump did not murder a woman named Carolyn Gombell in 2000. Carolyn Gombell never existed. This thread was ...
Why is Donald #Trump silent about the #cold #blooded #murder of #CarolynGombell in 2000? Does her life not matter to Donnie because it doesn’t fit his I don't hate women now narrative about the election 2020?!?
"Donald Trump killed his personal assistant, Carolyn Gombell, in October 2000," a "God" account wrote. "He strangled her because he'd gotten her pregnant and was threatening to tell the press.
ZoeyFields 14/06/2020 12:29
Those tiny hands strangled #CarolynGombell! #LawAndOrder #ArrestTrump
  🌵 Patti STAY HOME 27/05/2020 10:18
Yes @TheTweetOfGod Thank You.. #CarolynGombell #omniscience
Yes @TheTweetOfGod  Thank You.. #CarolynGombell  #omniscience<br>
Steve Garland 01/07/2020 11:25
Many people say Trump strangled his personal assistant #CarolynGombell in October 2000 because he’d gotten her pregnant and she was threatening to tell the press, and then he bribed NYPD Police Chief Bernie Kierik to cover that murder up. Do you think it’s time to investigate?
David Dennison 26/06/2020 07:12
another @realDonaldTrump friend is a pedophile, you know some people are saying @POTUS himself likes young ladies, like real young girls. i've heard his old assistant #CarolynGombell got too old for him and that's why she was killed. https://www. itics/george-nader-prison-sentence-mueller/index.html   …
Gill 25/06/2020 03:26
Reality Winner? Michael Flynn admitted he betrayed the country "treason" and he lied to President Trump.... Trump does not like people who lie... Kayleigh is a fraud. #carolyngombell we will never forget.
Dave DeRose 23/06/2020 05:19
What’s up with those eyebrows?! Yikes! #CarolynGombell #holdtrumpaccountable #ImpeachedPresidentTrump https:// atus/1275477552522395648   …
Stuff About Hockey™ 10/06/2020 06:46
If we're just asking questions, maybe we need to ask more questions about #carolynGombell ? https:// status/1265347622660739072?s=19   …
DONALD J. TRUMPier 10/06/2020 05:05
Can’t believe #RonaldReagan was so NASTY to attack me like this! He’s such a WEAK liberal, he’s probably been hanging out with my other ex-friends like #FrederickDouglass & #JeffreyEpstein & #CarolynGombell! SAD! I’m throwing him OUT of the #Republican Party! #TrumpDictatorship https:// atus/1270027217985089537   …
Lynn Latchmansingh 01/06/2020 11:17
Just declared war on American citizens and then walks across to a church and holds up a book.... no proof its even a bible. My God this man has to be demented.
vonté 01/06/2020 02:39
SO, IT WAS PREMEDITATED #GeorgeFloydProtests #CarolynGombell
SO, IT WAS PREMEDITATED #GeorgeFloydProtests #CarolynGombell <br>
Carol Allred 29/05/2020 01:17
IKR? This is going to get good. It's the Facebook edition of #CarolynGombell #JusticeForCarolyn
DONALD J. TRUMPier 29/05/2020 01:02
I COMMAND #Twitter to ALLOW my false accusations of murder against Joe Scarborough but REMOVE accusations that I murdered #CarolynGombell for refusing to get an ABORTION! I have no MEMORY of her, probably due to my DEMENTIA, although it sure SOUNDS like something I’d do. #Trump
Missy Sayers 28/05/2020 11:45
[email protected] I am starting to think Mark Zuckerberg knows some things about #CarolynGombell
A lot of people are saying he’s sleeping with her. Investigate? He killed #CarolynGombell , OAN reporter next?
Is there any updates on the murder of #CarolynGombell?
Susie Bradford 28/05/2020 02:50
So basically if im reading this right, i can call @realDonaldTrump a murderer, rapist, pedophile & motherf*cking grifter and nobody can do anything about it huh? #JusticeForCarolyn #MurdererInChief #DonaldTheReaper Many ppl are saying he murdered #CarolynGombell
when_i_pour_i_reign 28/05/2020 01:11
Lots of people are saying trump had something to do with #CarolynGombell Many people are’s common knowledge he did something to her It could have been a murder, who knows.... He might have done it That’s what most people think
KT Counter Intelligence 28/05/2020 12:38
Many people, only the best people, are saying @realDonaldTrump murdered his assistant #CarolynGombell How about an investigation @FBI? https:// tatus/1265664589821284354   …
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