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#TuckFrump 07/07/2020 12:10
Carl Bernstein: Trump Is Willing to See the Country “Go Up in Flames” to Win Reelection https://www. l-bernstein-trump-is-willing-to-see-the-country-go-up-in-flames-to-win-reelection.html   …
On Tuesday’s edition of “Good Morning Britain,” Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein laid into President Donald Trump, warning that he would let the country burn to save his political fortunes. “Donald ...
Steve Silberman 01/07/2020 09:41
This devastating expose by Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein did not get nearly enough attention. Trump is the greatest threat to national security in US history. https://www. itics/trump-phone-calls-national-security-concerns/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3kNwgaJIOm5l5g3gavbkvnMFKTeqKs7Hgtb5aXQHIrMt7GXDTWlIaHfB0   …
Amid the latest criticism of President Trump’s handling of the Russia Taliban allegations – the veteran Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein has delivered what could be the most damning indictment yet of ...
Alex 07/07/2020 03:40
Watch Carl Bernstein: Trump will let America ‘go up in flames’ if he thinks it will win the election https://www. ein-trump-will-let-america-go-up-in-flames-if-he-thinks-it-will-win-the-election-carl-bernstein/   …
Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein reported there is no evidence that President Trump discussed supposed Russian bounties to kill U.S. troops in classified phone calls with Russian President Vladimir ...
SusanPepperdine 09/07/2020 04:58
[email protected] @carlbernstein @maddow @gtconway3d @DavidCornDC @paulkrugman Nixon said: “People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook.” Nixon was. Trump is. #TrumpIsACrook
Carl Bernstein joined Jake Tapper Tuesday to talk about his new report that former White House officials like John Kelly and John Bolton concluded that President Donald Trump was not only "delusi ...
Alex 08/07/2020 03:46
.... As Carl Bernstein said, "he will set America in flames, if the result will be in his re-election" #BREAKING: Trump threatens to cut federal funding for schools that don't reopen in fall  
Trump’s odds of re-election this November are probably better than opinion polls currently suggest, despite his catastrophic handling of coronavirus ...
Darin Larson 07/07/2020 03:09
“Half witting” impressed by @carlbernstein subtlety in calling @realDonaldTrump a half wit. https:// us/1280494884378591239   …
Andy 07/07/2020 06:06
Best advice for young journalists is DON’T make up fake news and put people’s lives in danger @DailyMirror
Best advice for young journalists is DON’T make up fake news and put people’s lives in danger @DailyMirror<br>
Ian Appadurai 07/07/2020 06:03
Carl Bernstein: “Seek the best obtainable version of the truth”. (Not just facts but facts + context).
KitKat 07/07/2020 05:56
Carl Bernstein telling #Piersmorgan on @GMB this morning, journalism is being about a great listener. You can't argue with that. But it was Morgan's sincerity when he agreed with him. I almost wet myself laughing. He was so serious! #worldsbiggesthypocrite
Good Morning Britain 07/07/2020 05:55
'This is unique in our history.' Watergate journalist @carlbernstein says the President's own former National Security Advisors, former Secretary of State, former White House Chiefs of Staff all concluded that 'Donald Trump is a danger to the national security of the USA.'
Michael Laudrum 07/07/2020 05:47
Did you hear that @piersmorgan? Carl Bernstein thinks the best thing a journalist can do is LISTEN.
Carl Bernstein ripping Trump here..... A man with vast experience of political corruption. How is Trump hoping to get away with this and how low has America sunk, that they aren't holding their president to account. The worst American president ever. #Nixon @GMB
chillout 07/07/2020 05:33
Carl Bernstein is after president Trump now , he took down Nixon and peirs Morgan has him as a guest on breakfast TV , with a smirl on his face , especially after peirs saying yesterday DJT was on flight logs @realDonaldTrump @Inevitable_ET @ipotuk1111 @divmillar @mr_squeege
jerry zwecher 07/07/2020 05:01
@carlbernstein to gov} pretend like we had world war 3 and the only government remaining is all the governors& this is what must be done.with no real president all our backs are to the wall governors should ratify a plan and everyone stick to itso we can all get out of deep hole
S B Hammel   🤔 05/07/2020 09:50
Carl Bernstein days there are people in the White House who say Trump would welcome violence between left and right for what it would do for his re-election. The behavior is exactly what it seems to be v
Channel 4 News 03/07/2020 12:55
“He [Trump] was abusive and as one source said to me, near sadistic with both Theresa May and Angela Merkel.” Veteran Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein says according to his sources President Trump was misogynistic towards female leaders. (edited)
We need you Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward
We need you Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward <br>
Jason Scullin 02/07/2020 01:01
Lot of hot takes about Carl Bernstein’s 109-word lead. Here’s mine (as a chief sub): it’s not ‘bad’ writing, it’s easy to follow, and breaking it into smaller sentences would reduce its punch and rhythm. That’s an opinion shared by four of my colleagues, all professional writers
LiA 01/07/2020 03:24
On the phone with foreign leaders, Trump is "delusional" and "uninformed": Who'd a thunk it? Carl Bernstein's reporting for CNN is no huge surprise — but it's finally shaking Trump's Republican enablers https://www. the-phone-with-foreign-leaders-trump-is-delusional-and-uninformed-whod-a-thunk-it/   …
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