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caleb 23/08/2019 09:38
The worlds lung is burnin for the last three weeks, remember it produces 20% of the oxygen we breath by year and we are still here, plz save AMAZON RAIN FOREST
caleb 23/08/2019 09:25
The world needs more people like you thx
caleb 23/08/2019 08:15
i am following you from Kigali, Rwanda. via tunein, my best radio station in Uganda. thx DeejMats
caleb 23/08/2019 08:06
Thats true
caleb 22/08/2019 02:15
its pity
@CalebForKY is running for Senate in #Kentucky as a write in candidate. #Caleb2020
@CalebForKY is running for Senate in #Kentucky as a write in candidate.   #Caleb2020 <br>
caleb 21/08/2019 11:45
I didn't know that EQUITY bank plc can fail pay custom duties. @rrainfo @CentralBankRw @equity bank rwanda
caleb 21/08/2019 08:24
There are only two rules. 1. A customer is ever right. 2. if you don't think so, reread rule number 1
#Caleb2020 20/08/2019 09:36
Unions. #Caleb2020 https://www. ts/925568477787542?__tn__=K-R   …
#Caleb2020 20/08/2019 03:52
Religion. #Caleb2020 https://www. 8/posts/925180794492977/   …
caleb 20/08/2019 03:45
I was designed to climp upwards but not downwards as cat's claws
caleb 20/08/2019 02:30
whatever you do, do it with love
Rwanda Red Cross 14/08/2019 05:50
The visit is free of charge thank you
#Caleb2020 14/08/2019 05:05
Immigration. #Caleb2020 https://www. ts/921174558226934?__tn__=K-R   …
caleb 13/08/2019 03:33
how much is it?
Rwanda Red Cross 13/08/2019 01:00
Hello Caleb, thank you for your interest, you can visit it at Rwanda Red Cross HQs Kacyiru
caleb 13/08/2019 12:57
where is the library in Kigali?
Rwanda Red Cross 13/08/2019 07:36
Hello Caleb, thank you for your interest, kindly share through DM your details including ID and location we will link you to Rwanda Red Cross nearest branch for follow up #RwandaHumanity | #RwOT
caleb 13/08/2019 07:22
what would happen if some people are willing to join Red cross Rwanda(volunteer)?
#Caleb2020 12/08/2019 10:44
My post about education. #Caleb2020 https://www. ts/920364014974655?__tn__=K-R   …
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