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Karin Hannukainen 25/05/2020 07:18
How dogs can be trained to sniff #COVID2019 @Vic_Gill https://www. -news/the-finnish-covid-dogs-nose-knows   … @amchelsinki @helsinkiuni
How dogs can be trained to sniff #COVID2019 @Vic_Gill   https://www. -news/the-finnish-covid-dogs-nose-knows   …  @amchelsinki @helsinkiuni<br>
More than 101,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus infection were registered worldwide on May 24, with the overall number of such cases exceeding 5.2 million, the World Health Organization ...
Parth Vedant 25/05/2020 07:16
Good progress #COVID2019 https:// atus/1261896816028778497   …
Food Corporation 25/05/2020 07:06
Procurement of wheat by the government agencies surpassed last year’s figures of 341.31 Lakh Metric Tonnes (LMT) to touch 341.56LMT on 24.05.2020, surmounting all impediments created due to the spread of #COVID2019. @cabsect_india @fooddeptgoi @irvpaswan https:// ailm.aspx?PRID=1626703#.XstqTv0S_k8.twitter   …
Whether the return to norms in the military industry will boost the rest of China’s economy has yet to be seen. Here's What You Need To Remember: It suggests that China’s military industry ...
Rodrigo Peniche 24/05/2020 05:26
Time flows water-like in #COVID2019 time. #DrawingTogetherGM #GraphicMedicine
Time flows water-like in #COVID2019 time. #DrawingTogetherGM #GraphicMedicine<br>
As a result of the Covid-2019 crisis, many are using their phones to connect with family, friends and colleagues for work - with a WhatsApp reporting a 51% increase . Increased screen time could lead ...
Sandra Barr 25/05/2020 07:04
Playing victim doesn't hold water any longer @realDonaldTrump. The real victims have died or are sick with #COVID2019. Imagine what one more day might mean to a deceased victim who loved playing golf. "-Once even teeing off after 100,000 Americans lost their lives to #COVID2019".
07 May, 2020 - 09:15 PM IST | By Team MUMBAI: Helo a social networking app, recently partnered with Bollywood Music Project (BMP) to create virtual content for their app. BMP ...
Bruce Duck 25/05/2020 03:26
1) Trump 2) Bolisnaro 3) Putin 4) Johnson. Putin and his Three Stooges, leading the world in coronavirus cases. #COVID2019
Babjipv 25/05/2020 02:55
#Covid2019 Frontline warriors and Unsung heros farmer's are facing huge problems while selling their crops bcz climate and middle man creating huge problems to them even though they are working 24/7 produce food to globe. Can we help them by taking central govt schemes to them
Playboy Tokyo 25/05/2020 02:52
#Covid2019 Going to Vegas will never be the same again
#Covid2019 Going to Vegas will never be the same again  <br>
The Truth 24/05/2020 04:04
What are people who aren't in favor of reopening thinking? Are we just supposed to sit at home for months and years hoping for a vaccine? Are we going to keep the youth of this country in isolation until a vaccine magically appears? That's no way to live. #CoronaUpdate #COVID2019
libijian 24/05/2020 03:51
This is the most inspiring and courageous statement in the time of fighting against #COVID2019 https:// N/status/1264537465089675267   …
Here's a thread on the current information regarding shipping mail outside the PH (International orders)
Byron Kaye 22/05/2020 03:53
I'm one of the few people whose cooking during lockdown got worse. #COVID2019 #coronavirus #COVID19Aus
John D Kelly IV, MD 22/05/2020 01:46
: “It is not your business to succeed, but to do right; when you have done so, the rest lies with God.” CS Lewis Docs don’t cut corners with COVID! #COVID2019
Joseph Frascati 21/05/2020 10:47
Chili, NY....... farm work still on going trying to take advantage of this beautiful dry weather pattern in upstate NY. The goal is to get a good harvest to feed humanity in this year of #COVID2019 . We can only hope for the best weather during the growing season.
James Anderson 21/05/2020 05:10
Awesome to have the one-and-only Dr. Anthony Fauci join today’s virtual session with hundreds of mayors and city leaders. #COVID2019
Awesome to have the one-and-only Dr. Anthony Fauci join today’s virtual session with hundreds of mayors and city leaders. #COVID2019 <br>
IYC Telangana 21/05/2020 11:02
We will rise together as a nation & defeat COVID2019 IYC brings Nyay for a day We demand centre to bring Nyay for 6 months #6MahineKaNyayDoModiJi
Ann Nadar #WithCongress 21/05/2020 05:45
The fool who doesn’t have any strategy to fight #COVID2019 has left us at the mercy of the virus by easing lockdown and asking us to become आत्मनिर्भर
There are no equal opportunities without childcare. Faculty cannot homeschool and run a lab effectively when experiments accelerate. Graduate students and postdocs cannot do experiments if kids are at home. #COVID2019 #covidproblems
Sven Groter_3 20/05/2020 06:49
#COVID2019 Businessmodel
#COVID2019 Businessmodel  <br>
Doc Sportello 20/05/2020 06:15
Hey Cory, who is in charge of the Senate? Colorado: if you agree with Cory that the Senate needs to do more to help people struggling due to #COVID2019, the people to blame are Mitch McConnell and…Cory Gardner! Replace Cory, get a Senate that actually wants to help people.
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