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I was in Atlanta for the @CFAPeachBowl and this makes me feel better. #MarchMadness #Sweet16 #GOBLUE https:// tatus/1109599514539622400   โ€ฆ
Letโ€™s just say Dabo Swinney is better at coaching football than knowing how to stop himself from getting pranked. The Clemson football head coach, who in January led the Tigers to the teamโ€™s first ...
Penalty Talk 23/03/2019 11:31
Michigan avenges that @CFAPeachBowl loss to Florida by sending them home packing. #MarchMadness
UW wins bowl week belt, is bowl game next? Fri, 30 Dec 2016 06:26:00 GMT
Fun Fact: For the last six years, the team that has won Battle for Bowl Week has gone on to win the #CFAPeachBowl ๐Ÿ† ๐Ÿ‘€ โ€” ChickfilA Peach Bowl (@CFAPeachBowl) December 27, 2016 Washington had plenty ...
Angela Tegnelia 23/03/2019 11:31
So how 'bout that @CFAPeachBowl...
CoachDanMullen gets Dabo'd ๐Ÿ’ฅ โ€” #CFAPeachBowl (@CFAPeachBowl) May 1, 2018 Last year, @ClemsonFB HC Dabo Swinney got pranked at #CFAPBGolf...this year, he pranked it forward. ...
David James 23/03/2019 11:09
Funny coming from a UCF fan.
lap time of 41.35 secs to 41.76 secs.#CFAPeachBowl The winning team gets to take home the "Battle for Bowl Week" belt. Dante Pettis showing off the Battle for Bowl Week belt up for grabs. @UW_Football ...
Adam 23/03/2019 10:12
Too bad you don't know anything about a real playoff
He woke up to find he'd paid Uber $908 for the lift to his bed. Cousin left NYE @CFAPeachBowl party, got in @uber, woke up in Mississippi with a $900 tab. Accidentally entered home address and passed ...
#CFAPeachBowl 23/03/2019 10:00
...and these football teams know a thing or two about .
TheHale 23/03/2019 09:23
Great game!
Don Morin 23/03/2019 09:20
It's going to be a different result today
#CFAPeachBowl 23/03/2019 09:11
We know a thing or two about this matchup #MarchMadness
Bryan C. Bailey 23/03/2019 12:01
Pulling for your gators to beat Michigan! Would love to see my Red Raiders play your Gators!
James Gadsby 22/03/2019 11:46
Glad to get more good use out of this @ufalumni @CFAPeachBowl shirt. #GoGators #BEATMichigan #MarchMadness
Glad to get more good use out of this @ufalumni @CFAPeachBowl shirt. #GoGators #BEATMichigan #MarchMadness  <br>
Frank Cuce 22/03/2019 10:30
No better place for a college football game!!!!
#CFAPeachBowl 22/03/2019 09:23
We made a promise to bring elite football to Atlanta in 2018, and we delivered. #CFAPeachBowl
Ryan Newman 22/03/2019 04:42
I think still hurt feelings from the @CFAPeachBowl 41-15 whoopin by @GatorsFB
Insane Boise State fan 20/03/2019 11:47
Boise will always be in the discussion @Pac12Dave. One of the most consistent programs in the last 20 years. #FACTSMATTER
Colton Wood 20/03/2019 06:02
My bad. Thought they were your predictions haha
Loving Living Green 19/03/2019 12:37
Do you love Chick-Fil-A? Read on to see why our family believes in THIS fast food chain! #chickfilA #eatmorechicken #families #hellosingleladies #CFAPeachBowl #CFA #chicken
Michael 18/03/2019 04:55
Follow back please?
#CFAPeachBowl 18/03/2019 02:57
The countdown has begun... #CFAPeachBowl x #CFBPlayoff
Can you tell we are just a bit excited for this yearโ€™s @CFAPeachBowl? #ImARealFan
Can you tell we are just a bit excited for this yearโ€™s @CFAPeachBowl?     #ImARealFan<br>
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