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So, Buhari appointed a woman with whom he is romantically involved as a Minister? Corruption! Abuse of office! #BuhariMustGo
Buhari must go in 2019 – Atiku Thu, 06 Dec 2018 19:32:00 GMT
“Buhari must go, lie lie must go. My fellow brothers and sisters from the South West, in the next two months you will be required to make history in this country.” Oluseye Ojo, Ibadan Presidential ...
That's it...lol #xenophobia came and dusted. Nigerians be suffering from amnesia since 1948
The chant, ‘Buhari must go’, reigned supreme on Atiku Abubakar Way in Jimeta, Yola, weekend, when the Adamawa Central Senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mohammed Murtala ...
I really love this #buhariMustGo https:// twitter.com/BOGbadamosi/st atus/1182349472073994242   …
Buhari Must Go, Atiku Declares in Abia Sat, 02 Feb 2019 21:01:00 GMT
declaring “Buhari Must Go”. Atiku made the call during his presidential campaign rally at the Umuahia Township Stadium, where he addressed a big crowd of party faithful and supporters. “APC government ...
Slave trade ended on these shores in the 19th Century. It has resurrected again, on Buhari's watch. #BuhariMustGo
Buhari must go, Atiku tells Igbo leaders Wed, 14 Nov 2018 08:42:00 GMT
He came with a message “Whether I am president or not, Buhari must go in 2019. Our economy must be fixed.” He arrived in a large entourage that was led by the national chairman of the party, Uche ...
  ♈ 11/09/2019 10:43
If #Atiku wins today, would give everyone 5k that Retweeted this .... RT For Atiku Like For Buhari #AtikuBusted #BuhariMustGo #Buhari #September11 #Tinubu #Burna #PEPTSAVENIGERIA #Atiku #AtikuIsHere #WednesdayThoughts
If #Atiku wins today, would give everyone 5k that Retweeted this ....  RT  For Atiku  Like  For Buhari   #AtikuBusted #BuhariMustGo #Buhari #September11 #Tinubu #Burna #PEPTSAVENIGERIA #Atiku #AtikuIsHere #WednesdayThoughts<br>http://pic.twitter.com/6uRe2DliKq
President Buhari Prophet Nwoko says Buhari does not stand a chance in 2019 elections. In his words, “The heavens have taken a decision that Buhari must go in 2019. He does possess the spiritual ...
#SackBuhari #BuhariMustGo #PEPTsackBuhari As we await the judgement **Remember that Section 138(1) of Electoral Act state that any candidate who submitted false information to INEC would have their candidacy nullified. Get ready to welcome #BetterJob and #BetterLifeIsComing
To restore the Dignity & Pride of being Nigerian #SackBuhariNow #BuhariMustGo
Somto Onuchukwu 31/07/2019 03:51
At this point we have to sound it clearly to the Supreme Court; HEAVEN WILL NOT FALL if the judiciary removes Buhari from Asorock. Nigerians are behind HE Atiku Abubakar; he is the man we voted for! #AtikuIsComing #BuhariMustGo https:// twitter.com/channelstv/sta tus/1156564997419540481   …
Adamu Hayatu™ 26/06/2019 08:48
Sadly, the DG of the Commission appointed by @MBuhari is from Sokoto State, so he always ensures that rainfall are more prevalent in Lagos, Portharcourt and other economic cities in the South thereby reducing productivity & causing more poverty. #BuhariMustGo https:// twitter.com/Omojuwa/status /1143787742226210817   …
Eunice Atuejide 07/03/2019 07:54
I don't believe in partisan politics per se so I support candidates across all party lines. Yet, this picture was too sweet to pass up - particularly in relation to the just concluded Presidential election.... #BuhariMustGo And get your copy of my book - #TheGirlWhoSaidICan
Somto Onuchukwu 02/03/2019 09:24
If Buhari is sworn in again on May 29, this will no longer be a democracy. We can’t have someone that stole our mandate leading us to poverty and destruction. Covering their tracks won’t help them. #NigeriaDecides2019 #StolenMandate #BuhariMustGo https:// twitter.com/ShehuSani/stat us/1101750749825040384   …
Abdool Moh  26/02/2019 03:33
Prince Dokubo 26/02/2019 07:24
Thank God am not the only one seeing the numbers.... #BuhariMustGo
peterugha 26/02/2019 02:26
9ja stand and defend your voice! Fight with fire! #BuhariMustGo
segilola 25/02/2019 07:52
Where are those #buharimustgo wailers?
They are sharing 2015 results oh Someone just sent these to me on WhatsApp After going through it i discovered it was 2015 results APC is so desperate But their defeat is inevitable #AtikuIsWinning #AtikuStillWinning #BuhariMustGo #DauraByRoad
They are sharing 2015 results oh  Someone just sent these to me on WhatsApp  After going through it i discovered it was 2015 results  APC is so desperate  But their defeat is inevitable  #AtikuIsWinning  #AtikuStillWinning  #BuhariMustGo  #DauraByRoad<br>http://pic.twitter.com/ArE67S28FS
Watch & see how the police & military dealt ruthlessly with these APC thugs who organised a coup against the votes of Nigerians (akin to Gen. Buhari's coup in 1983) at a polling unit in Lagos in accordance with the directive of Gen. Buhari. #BuhariMustGo #NigeriaDecides2019
friarsomadina 23/02/2019 11:27
Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) announces that Atiku is winning in the majority of the over 120, 000 polling units in the country. Calls for vigilance and vote protection. #NigeriaDecides2019 #BuhariMustGo
What it took Y'all 4years to see My mum said these words to me in 2015 Even at Goodluck's worse Buhari can never be an alternative #BuhariMustGo
pizzylee 23/02/2019 04:52
Corper crying in fear of her life ,God please just protect all there innocent corp members #NigeriaDecides2019 #ElectionNotWar #ElectionDay #NigeriaDecides #Lagos #igbo #Tinubu #PDP #APC #INEC #BuhariMustGo #AtikuObi2019 #VoteNotFight #DefendYourVote #Violence
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