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Otto English 24/05/2020 06:52
Let me explain. They lied about £350 Million for the NHS, they lied about taking back control. They said they were ending freedom of movement but failed to mention it was yours. They lied about "getting Brexit done" and now they're lying about Dom Cummings In short they're liars
Dominic Cummings, the mastermind of Brexit who openly scorned the British elite, is fighting for his job as Prime Minister Boris Johnson's senior adviser after claims he flouted the government's ...
James Melville 24/05/2020 06:07
The Tory government implemented 10 years of failed austerity, wasted over three years to deliver Brexit, and now their shambolic handling of the Coronavirus crisis has cost the lives of thousands of people. When is the penny going to drop that they simply aren’t up to the job?
Thinktank warns UK will need to extend the transition period in wake of coronavirus or risk very hard border ...
I think Johnson has had enough. He doesn't want to be at the helm when Brexit hits. He's sick of being blackmailed by various financiers of Brexit. He's just opened the door for the 1922 committee to do the work 4 him and force his hand, so he'll 'have no choice'
Prime Minister Boris Johnson's senior adviser Dominic Cummings, who faces calls to resign over a journey made during the coronavirus lockdown, was the architect of Brexit who has become one of the ...
The police have time to knock on Dominic Cummings' front door Yet they do nothing to disperse the pack of wolves (aka journalists) who are camped outside his door, shouting loudly in a quiet neighbourhood, and, worse of all, breaching #SocialDistancing rules
Reaction to Brexit plans on NI goods checks; A really simple guide to Brexit; In January, the prime minister was still giving "emphatic" assurances about unfettered trade in both ...
Iain 24/05/2020 08:42
If it’s true Dominic Cummins son is autistic and Cummins mother is a special needs teacher then this changes everything given the vulnerability of his child. Let’s just admit that this rage and hysteria stems from his role in brexit and be honest about it.
A report on the decline of Scottish Labour blames its position on independence and Brexit for the party’s ailing fortunes.The review, entitled Scottish Labour as a Case Study in Party Failure, was ...
ruth wishart 24/05/2020 08:20
The Scottish Tories who bayed for Calderwood's blood are apparently sanguine about Cummings. Their PM shirked his most basic responsibility. His cabinet proved spineless and clueless. And no deal Brexit beckons. What else does Scotland need to get out from under this shambles?
EniLorac 24/05/2020 09:55
A line was crossed today. I've never seen anger like this from the whole of the country aimed at the Government? Does anyone else remember anything this bad? https:// us/1264643815207559168   …
The revelation that Cummings' son is autistic is indeed an extenuating circumstance Why aren't the MSM journey disclosing this important information? Because to do so would undermine their campaign to ruin this prominent Brexiteer No wonder most Brits hold them in such contempt https:// /status/1264622878466748422   …
Paddletramp   🕷 24/05/2020 08:37
All those who voted for Brexit because they didn’t like being governed by unelected bureaucrats must be feeling a bit miff.
All those who voted for Brexit because they didn’t like being governed by unelected bureaucrats must be feeling a bit miff. <br>
Fred Sirieix 24/05/2020 07:05
What happened today though is no surprise. Both Cummings and Johnson deceived and lied to the UK to get #brexit done. Remember the £350 millions a week for the NHS? The only difference now is that the lies cost lives and happen in real time right in front of our faces.
Things that warrant an investigation: - An unauthorized tweet Things that don't: - Vote leave breaking the law/#brexit - The Russia report - Election fraud - An unelected bureaucrat breaking quarantine laws and jeopardising public health Cool cool cool https:// k/status/1264613950790008835   …
Huw Thomas 24/05/2020 05:09
We've ended up with exactly what Brexit was meant to rid us of: an unelected, unaccountable (& clearly unsackable) bureaucrat, who imposes rules on us whilst doing whatever he likes, all the while pocketing a massive salary at our expense. Both outrageous yet utterly unsurprising
BrexitDirectAction 24/05/2020 05:53
Mark Venning 24/05/2020 05:23
This basically sums up the scandal rocking Britain at the moment. Dominic Cummings - the Brexit advisor turned Prime Ministerial advisor played by Benedict Cumberbatch on HBO's "Brexit: The Uncivil War" - broke lockdown instructions, allegedly TWICE. #sackcummimgs #borisjohnson
Brexitshambles 24/05/2020 09:29
Labour Leader @Keir_Starmer: Boris Johnson is "treating the British public with contempt." "If I were Prime Minister, I would have sacked Cummings."
Lithgae 24/05/2020 05:42
Right, let’s get this done Scotland, I’m not up for being ruled by fools, liars and non elected advisors. Or Brexit against our will. Your move ⁦@NicolaSturgeon⁩
Right, let’s get this done Scotland, I’m not up for being ruled by fools, liars and non elected advisors. Or Brexit against our will.  Your move ⁦@NicolaSturgeon⁩<br>
"What shall I say to them, Dominic?" "Just say the most arrogant, dismissive, contemptuous thing that comes into your head. That should do it!" "Gotcha!"
I haven’t had this much interest in politics from completely non-political friends since the days of big Brexit votes. Except then they were asking what was going on. Now they know exactly what is going on. And they’re furious.
Martin Daubney 24/05/2020 05:25
I’m on #JeremyVine show tomorrow @JeremyVineOn5 when big topic of the day will be #dominiccummings A story that exposes double standards, media bias & bullying, stop Brexit, and everything else that’s revved up the Great British public for the past 4 years Tune in!
Chris Rose 24/05/2020 07:29
Whilst everyone was focused on whether Dominic Cummings should be sacked or not, the Conservatives secretly implemented no deal Brexit, built a 3rd runway at Heathrow airport, 4 extravagant garden bridges & deported Piers Morgan to Calais. Classic Dom!
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