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Republic 15/02/2020 12:12
Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz Gill's Swayamwar upsets fans as #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi trends https://www. news/television-news/bigg-boss-13-shehnaaz-gills-number-boycottshehnaazkishaadi.html   …
Maybe not. Fans of Shehnaaz have taken to social media to trend #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi as they feel that this is not fair to her and that she has been talked into doing it. Fans have been writing ...
Newsd 15/02/2020 06:41
Bigg Boss 13: Twitterati’s trend #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi as they don’t want Shehnaz to get married #ShehnaazGill #ParasChabra #BiggBoss13 https:// witteratis-trend-boycottshehnaazkishaadi-as-they-dont-want-shehnaz-to-get-married/   …
Maybe not. Fans of Shehnaaz took out their bandwagon by trending #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi as they feel that this is not fair to her and that she has been talked into doing this show. Fans are ...
Pinkvilla 15/02/2020 03:04
Bigg Boss 13: Fans trend #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi as they feel it is not fair to Shehnaaz Gill - https://www. news/bigg-boss-13-fans-trend-boycottshehnaazkishaadi-they-feel-it-not-fair-shehnaaz-gill-507966   … #BiggBoss13 #ShehnaazGill #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi
In the promotional video shared on Colors TVs official social media handle, Shehnaaz Gill and Paras Chhabra can be seen inviting fans to their wedding which begins from February 17. However, it seems ...
Bigg Boss 11 contestant Shilpa Shinde has come out in the open alleging that Bigg Boss 13 contestant Sidharth Shukla was in a relationship with her which she termed as "violent and aggressive ...
Khan Inna 018 19/02/2020 07:06
Feel very bad for Sana, she wanted to go to Goa with Sid. #Boycottshehnaazkishaadi
The finale, hosted by Salman Khan, is set to air at 9 PM on Saturday. READ:Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz Gill's Swayamwar Upsets Fans As 'Boycott Shehnaaz Ki Shaadi' Trends Get the latest entertainment news ...
Garima 16/02/2020 03:38
@lostboy54 can you help Sana in this situation ?? #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi #QueenOfHeartsShehnaaz
gautamankit 16/02/2020 03:27
#BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi @ColorsTV Please leave her alone
What the hell tell her parents to file a case against the channel bina format btaye ek show me andar rehte hue kaise sign krwa sakte hai show @MumbaiPolice take strict action against @ColorsTV makers they are forcing @Shehnazgill123 to do this crap show #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi
SidHeart and SidNaazian 16/02/2020 02:54
We can cross any limits for supporting our queen @Shehnazgill123 all the SidHearts ,SidNaazians and Shehnaazians are with you .We love you forever #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi
Sidnaaz Fan 16/02/2020 02:44
Confirmed Shehnaaz Does Not Want To Do The Show ‘Mujhe Shaadi Karoge’ But is getting pressurised and somehow threaten to be a part of it. @MumbaiPolice @ColorsTV @EndemolShineIND Please take strict action against this! And support @Shehnazgill123 #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi
Guys let’s show ur support for sana koi shehnaaz ko force nhi krskta #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi
#QueenOfHeartsShehnaaz @ColorsTV u did great job to defame our sana and also give bad impact on sana's votes hope karma hit you back #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi
Dr. Sakshi singla 16/02/2020 02:35
I reqst u @Sudhanshu_Vats @mnysha Plz don’t force her to do d show C will go mad locked in dat house N we fans won’t lyk her character being questioned bcz of this stupid format of d show @BeingSalmanKhan come to d rescue #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi #QueenOfHeartShehnaaz
#BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi Formet bataye bina kese sana show kr legi kutto sign krva liya Ab bol rahe he 3 months vaps home me locked hona Vo the fu**k @ColorsTV you are cheap
AISHA ARORA 16/02/2020 01:52
Why @ColorsTV still posting the promos ? Do they have any shame left ?? Can we plz start a trend for god sake #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi #ShehnaazGill
Guys issi trend ko million me kro...for Sana and her father...plzzz aaj sbhi Shehnaazians saath aao.. #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi
The concept The name of the show The involvement of paras These are clear indications of what the show will be.. We don't want such entertainment.. Its a bad show.. N dat to at the start of her no no @Shehnazgill123 please don't do this #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi
Exactly #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi https:// tatus/1228745115822243840   …
How many of u has filled this form.... BCCC par jakr complaint karo sare If nt thn go n do it #RealWinnerShehnaaz #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi
How many of u has filled this form....   BCCC par jakr complaint karo sare  If nt thn go n do it  #RealWinnerShehnaaz #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi <br>
Noman 15/02/2020 05:00
Indian Contract Act Rules and According to Broadcasting Act, You can't sign a contract who don't know what is happening in outside world.. Most Importantly without witnesses sign you can't sign any contract @ColorsTV @BiggBoss @EndemolShineIND #BoycottShehnaazKiShaadi Retweet
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