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Best tweets:

"Cummings sitting just off-screen,Boris’s eyes kept darting to the right desperate for help" & "The great populist who doesn't even realise he has long since lost the support of the people,a mini dictator surrounded by yes men locked inside a bunker" https://www. may/27/boris-johnson-showman-out-of-his-depth-john-crace   …
MPs break ranks to criticise PM’s chief of staff, with 44 calling for him to quit or be sacked ...
Ian Blackford 27/05/2020 09:07
It is clear that Dominic Cummings is damaging trust in public health messaging. @BorisJohnson must sack him. This is not going to go away. Each passing day leads to a further erosion in confidence in the need to stick to appropiate public behaviour. https:// us/1265700090070675459   …
Dominic Cummings, a senior adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is being accused of defying the U.K.'s nationwide coronavirus lockdown. Now, the public is calling on him to resign. CBS ...
Guardian news 27/05/2020 10:03
Tory anger at Dominic Cummings grows as 61 MPs defy Boris Johnson https://www. may/27/tory-anger-at-dominic-cummings-grows-as-dozens-of-mps-defy-boris-johnson?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_b-gdnnews&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1590616351   …
Dominic Cummings is accused of breaking lockdown rules by travelling from London to County Durham. The prime minister rejected claims he had damaged his own authority and the government's coronavirus ...
Jazza 27/05/2020 10:07
As each shambolic day rolls into another, things can only get worse. Floundering Boris leaves no doubt: our PM is a showman out of his depth https://www. may/27/boris-johnson-showman-out-of-his-depth-john-crace?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other   …
British lawmakers criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson on May 27 for failing to dismiss a top aide Dominic Cummings after accusations that he broke lockdown rules in March. Johnson said an inquiry ...
I Felt a Funeral in My Brain #Art by Boris Groh
I Felt a Funeral in My Brain  #Art by Boris Groh <br>
Clueless on health policy, clueless on benefits. Our prime minister is a showman out of his depth ...
Tim Walker 27/05/2020 10:34
Contrary to what the newly β€˜re-educated’ weaklings on Newsnight told us tonight, no one is any mood to throw in the towel. This is too fundamental. https://www. may/27/tory-anger-at-dominic-cummings-grows-as-dozens-of-mps-defy-boris-johnson?CMP=share_btn_tw   …
pedophiles on this website have started to communicate in code. the word "BORIS" is actually a very clever acronym that stands for "Boys, Only Really Interested in Small". if you see someone say "I support Boris!" or "I love Boris!", please be aware that they are a pedophile
tempermentalraccoon 27/05/2020 11:08
BIRIS BORIS BORIS BORIS OBIROS sorry for not p[osting i have fuckigng aRT BLOCK. Art ;;;;;;bkoc FUCK heengg
BIRIS BORIS BORIS BORIS OBIROS sorry for not p[osting i have fuckigng aRT BLOCK. Art ;;;;;;bkoc FUCK heengg <br>
  🚾 innit x 28/05/2020 12:11
Snap memories reminded me a year ago today I was having fun. OI BORIS, FREE ME BRO
Snap memories reminded me a year ago today I was having fun. OI BORIS, FREE ME BRO <br>
Natalie Rowe 27/05/2020 10:23
Many reasons for #Cummings to resign but the main one for me, is to see the complete disintegration and resignation of Boris Johnson because he really hasn’t a clue what the fuck he’s doing as a PM. #borismeltdown
Rebecca Smith 27/05/2020 11:28
To all the conservative voters I’d love to know if Boris has lived up to expectations. Because if one of them was to single handily murder 40,000 people, for underfunding the NHS and being an incompetent Buffoon. Than he’s certainly delivered. #borismeltdown
The BBC hate Brexit... fine The BBC hate Boris... fine The BBC hate the Conservatives... fine The BBC hate Dominic Cummings... fine Just don't go around claiming you're impartial, because you're not. It's about time we scrap the licence fee. #Newsnight
For fuck's sake plebs of the UK fucking WAKE UP!! You are being bribed and bullshitted by Boris the Bastard and Dom the Dickhead into moving on from cumgate by being offeted a "treat" that is likely to rssult in your death or that of a family member!! #cumgate #borismeltdown
Craig Murray 28/05/2020 01:18
Let’s Move On From Boris - Boris has a new slogan, "Move on", which he deployed repeatedly today in his appearance before the House of Commons Liaison Committee. Remembering short slogans is fairly well the extent of his political skills, and he contrived http://www. 05/lets-move-on-from-boris/   …
Dean Burnett 27/05/2020 09:07
Heard man reports that the govt. strategy for the #Cummings scandal now is to repeatedly insist that 'people want us to move on' I can't speak for all people, but @BorisJohnson, Cummings, and the rest of your sock puppet cabinet, here's why I absolutely won't be 'moving on' /1
Sean 27/05/2020 10:27
#Newsnight on The BBC finished off with a Boris and Dominic supporter and an ex-Boris adviser. So they have gone from telling the truth to spin for the PM and his mate. No unbias reporting there. Bring back truth, bring back Emily Maitlis & stop treating us all as fools
steve ellis 28/05/2020 01:25
Is this why the remoaners, the left and the msm are so keen to get boris to sack dc,it NOW makes total sense
Is this why the remoaners, the left and the msm are so keen to get boris to sack dc,it NOW makes total sense <br>
2018Veritas 27/05/2020 10:22
#borismeltdown Yvette Cooper had Johnson on the ropes, squirming like a toad . Yet again, he evaded the question and went into begging mode to move on. The only one wanting to move on, Boris, is you. You have seriously misjudged the mood of the nation. Youre a one trick pony.
aimee | BLM 28/05/2020 12:05
if you're racist, transphobic, homophobic, pro-life, support trump or boris johnson, misogynistic or against the acab movement then please unfollow me, thats all i ask
ashly 28/05/2020 12:57
tories finally realising boris johnson is an absolute dickhead now that their lives are in danger #borismeltdown
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