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  🔥 Aiden Wolfe 02/06/2020 02:17
I've rolled a joint with Bible paper. I've used the Bible as a door stop. One time, at band camp, I had my bare ass paddled by a Bible. But I've never done anything nearly as blasphemous as Trump fondling an upside down Bible like a pre-pubescent Ivanka.
Herman: A sad Sunday morning on Sixth Street Sun, 31 May 2020 11:44:00 GMT
It was Sunday, around 9 a.m., and I figured this might be the calm between the storms in downtown Austin. It was fairly deserted, save for some folks ...
BlasphemousSex 28/05/2020 11:44
I know your wife is nothing compared to me. Blasphemous hijabi muslim.
Best price for Blasphemous on Xbox One Fri, 22 May 2020 17:00:00 GMT
Blasphemous is a punishing action-platformer that combines the fast-paced, skilled combat of a hack-n-slash game with a deep and evocative narrative core, delivered through exploration of a huge ...
Question* Why did the chicken cross the road? Answer * To pose for a blasphemous photo op at St. John's Episcopal Church
Today, when we say “Jesus nut”, we’re not referring to the people who spend their days proselytizing down at the mall. The term, likely spawned in the Vietnam war, refers to the main nut ...
European Groyper 04/06/2020 05:35
Shut the fuck up you blasphemous cunts. https:// us/1268282565246492674   …
Chris Okotie, the pastor of the Household of God Church, says the proposed guidelines by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for reopening churches ...
Tom Perriello 03/06/2020 11:10
R.E. Lee was a traitor to his country at Secession and again in Reconstruction. A defender of human slavery & the blasphemous form of Christianity that defended it. He was overrated as a General who struggled to win when he lacked home field advantage. #RealHistory https:// s/1268294027096530944   …
8&d 9 of the ATA 1997 against the accused for sharing blasphemous content over social media. ISLAMABAD: An Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) will resume the hearing of a case pertaining to sharing online ...
t 03/06/2020 03:48
i never thought i'm living in a country where the government is a greedy monster for power and wealth. where the president is racist and blasphemous. where the people are blind and deaf for apathy and ignorance. where our freedom is about to be taken from us. yes, it's Pinas.
Now what in the caucasity is this blasphemous ass hashtag y’all truly are miserable huh? #WhiteLivesMatter
Vin Mcfly 02/06/2020 09:10
Reading these posts; I’m so genuinely sorry for what women have had to go through in this world. The strongest entities on this planet. We literally could not be conceived without a woman yet we degrade them in every culture and society. Blasphemous.
Who knew gassing priests to co-opt their church for a blasphemous photo shoot wasn't looked upon kindly?
SAM6 02/06/2020 07:58
Imagine being so scared of a mean tweet by Trump that you’ll bury your head and say you didn’t see peaceful protesters attacked so Trump could take a blasphemous photo op and it was wrong. Ron Johnson is up for reelection in 2022 in Wisconsin.
Jim Wallis 02/06/2020 05:30
Donald Trump’s behavior and message at St. John’s Episcopal Church were blasphemous. The definition of blasphemy is "impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things."
Wash Your Damn Hands 02/06/2020 12:22
It is still astounding that Trump didn't burst into flames or get struck by lightning for his blasphemous stunt.
Bobby McDonagh 02/06/2020 06:59
This pretence at being a Christian is shockingly blasphemous. https:// status/1267630231055204355   …
Nathan 02/06/2020 02:50
As a Catholic, I find you, Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, anything but an Excellency, certainly not Pontifical, a disgrace to the Catholic Faith and a disgrace to anything resembling that which is Holy! @bishopwiltonsch @USCCB @CatholicBishops - Defrock this Blasphemous Clown
Massimo Faggioli 02/06/2020 12:21
This is blasphemous and I think all church leaders that are minimally serious should say something
This is blasphemous and I think all church leaders that are minimally serious should say something <br>
Windsor Mann 01/06/2020 11:21
From the Book of Revelation: “The beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for 42 months.” FYI: 42 months is six months shy of a full presidential term.
Aros 01/06/2020 07:59
God’s grace and mercies for these people making blasphemous comments
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