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Jimmy Garg 24/01/2020 09:12
#AsimNeedsYouSalman Real hero of biggboss13.......#AsimRiaz #AsimFandomHits6M #AsimRiazForTheWin
Bigg Boss 13: Actors Bipasha Basu and Kishwer Merchant have showered praises on Arti Singh for playing the game in the perfect spirit.
Mohita Sirswal 24/01/2020 03:34
#BiggBoss13 you break sidnaaz #bbmakersbrokesidnaazfortrp #WeDemandSidNaaz
Exclusive - Ex winner Shilpa Shinde on Bigg Boss 13's Sidharth Shukla: He wanted to keep Asim under his control Bigg Boss 13: Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Meera wants Salman to see Sidharth’s dirty remark ...
. 23/01/2020 02:12
Thanks for the link sir ! Kar diya vote. #BiggBoss13 #BB13
Thanks for the link sir ! Kar diya vote.  #BiggBoss13 #BB13<br>
Bigg Boss 13: Parag Tyagi has reacted to the ugly fight between his wife Shefali Jariwala and Asim Riaz inside the house and said that he would set him right.
mid-day 24/01/2020 05:19
#BiggBoss13: #RashamiDesai's Fans Label #MahhiVij A 'Fake Friend' https://www. boss-13-rashami-desais-fans-label-mahhi-vij-a-fake-friend/22484177   …
Bigg Boss 13 contestants Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill’s relationship has hit the rock bottom. Even after a lot of convincing, Sidharth is in no mood to keep any connection with a Punjabi girl ...
Tausif 24/01/2020 08:36
Winner's of Bigg boss. Gautam - fan following. Shilpa shinde - will power & patience. Prince - aggression with never give up attitude. Manveer - focus & temperament. Gauhar - intelligence. Asim Riaz :- Gifted with all these qualities. #AsimNeedsYouSalman #BiggBoss13
Bigg Boss 13: Shefali advises Paras to come out of his toxic relationship with gf Akanksha Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla compares his attachment with Shehnaz Gill to a cigarette Exclusive - Ex winner ...
When shukla called Rashami 'aisi ladki', he was not even bashed 1% by salman. This is the same Salman, who badly thrashed both kushal and priyank on such matters. And now Arti being called FD is a very big issue. Like seriously? Salman has sold his soul for money. #BiggBoss13
Anushka Mishra 23/01/2020 07:36
He fall. He break. But then, He rise. He heal. He overcome. #TheRiseOfSidharth @SiddharthShukla #BiggBoss13
Barsha  💫 24/01/2020 08:04
Guys go and watch @Shehnazgill123 New song #SIDEWALK We have to make it 5 MILLION before her birthday . #ShehnaazGill #BiggBoss13 #ShehnazGill #StopTargetingAsim #StayStrongShehnaaz #SanaSabseBestHai https://  
Baby Driver 24/01/2020 06:03
Lollllll What all NAUTANKI he has to do to ensure his USELESS non existent, sidekick of Mahira n Paras, wife doesn’t get evicted this WKV! It’s all abt tht only guys! #BB13 #BiggBoss13
Nasir Malik 24/01/2020 08:59
King of Bigg boss 13 Asim Riaz #StopTargetingAsim
King of Bigg boss 13 Asim Riaz   #StopTargetingAsim<br>
Rithvik  👻 24/01/2020 02:18
Paras to Rashami: Kaunsa theen din se khana bana rahe ho See this is why Rashami fought in the previous episode to cook food even though Mahira told her not to do so because #RashamiDesai isn’t dumb she knows how the minds of these people work #BB13 #BiggBoss13
Priyanka Bhatia 23/01/2020 06:51
Please big boss take this @ShefaliZariwala out of this game! How can someone says @imrealasim is scared of her! Died laughing after hearing this.#BiggBoss13 https:// status/1220416013206007808   …
Will @BeingSalmanKhan ever question this man like ever? Or are the #BiggBoss13 fans fo_ls? #ShameOnYouAsimRiaz #SidharthShukla #AartiSingh https:// /1220629292129767424   …
Baby Driver 24/01/2020 09:05
#Bhalu: “OMG Arti! Do u even know how dirty this ‘fixed deposit’ word is” Meanwhile #HawasKaPujari Bhalu himself #BB13 #BiggBoss13
Rithvik  👻 24/01/2020 03:14
Rashami slaying it in this look She looks so pretty @TheRashamiDesai #RashamiDesai #BB13 #BiggBoss13
Rashami slaying it in this look  She looks so pretty @TheRashamiDesai  #RashamiDesai #BB13  #BiggBoss13 <br>
  🍂 24/01/2020 03:19
Mahira is obsessed with @TheRashamiDesai tho she keeps on telling "hai kaun yeh" She keeps on instigating her and yesterday told Vishal "jaa rashami mummy ke paas jaa" when she was not even involved in the fight. Low life! #Bb13 #BiggBoss13 #RashamiDesai
ayra 24/01/2020 08:54
asim's team saved sana and it maybe out of strategy or out of sympathy but sana clearly said that she'll pay back for that and that's exactly what she was doing yesterday. #ShehnaazGill #BiggBoss13
Asim ~ NALLE ko maine koe duty di ni,isne lete rhna hai bed pe Here Assim himslf saying NAALA to Sid,Sid didn't made any issue,nw whn Sid said he strted barking like Mad Assim kre to Raslela,#SidharthShukla kre to Charctr Dhela ! #BiggBoss13 #BB13
Mohd Uzhar Shoaib 24/01/2020 08:39
BiggBoss13 summary:: ~Survive by being Freind's to Sid, ~Survive by being enemy to Sid. Whole show revolves around just one man #SidharthShukla #BBHeroSid
Can I seriously just break that fucking doormat Arti's ugly face. U know I'll be more angry n disappointed from @TheRashamiDesai If she continues her friendship wid that bitch outside d house. #RashamiDesai #BB13 #BiggBoss13
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