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Smitty 04/07/2020 06:14
Fingers crossed for #BigLittleLies Season 3. I sometimes wonder which character I’d most want to play. I’d probably choose Madeline. https://www. n-still-has-hope-for-big-little-lies-season-3-28784900/amp   …
Spoilers for Big Little Lies season 2 ahead. © HBO With the Monterey Five finally freed from their huge lie, the Big Little Lies story seemed to be at its end. But is a ...
Nikki Modesto 04/07/2020 05:05
I have never related to a character more than I do Madeline. #BigLittleLies
Is it just us, or does it feel like a million years have passed since Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep graced our screens in HBO’s Big Little Lies? In real-time, it’s been one incredibly long year — but ...
joyce clementine 04/07/2020 05:05
sofrendo aqui— S02E05 of Big Little Lies! #biglittlelies #tvtime https://
sofrendo aqui— S02E05 of Big Little Lies! #biglittlelies  #tvtime  https://     <br>
Although it was certainly a major get, casting director David Rubin reveals it wasn’t difficult convincing Meryl Streep to join the second season of “Big Little Lies.” He says, “She was a huge fan of ...
Reese Witherspoon’s character in #LittleFiresEverywhere is literally her same character from #BigLittleLies but the 90’s version and more conservative.
Russell Crowe came to prestige television for the first time this season with “The Loudest Voice,” a limited series about the life of Fox News creator Roger Ailes. No stranger to the medium is his ...
Black. 04/07/2020 04:13
Perry was a sick bastard #BigLittleLies
Nicole Kidman appeared on my Deadline video series, The Actor’s Side. Among other things we talked about her limited series, Big Little Lies. It was primarily about acting, ...
I'll be waiting right over here for #BigLittleLiesSe3 Yes yes plz, because we can not just leave it where they left off walking into the the police station altogether like that can we, NO!. I wanna see more from these amazing actresses #BigLittleLies https:// g-33-big-little-lies-season-3-nicole-kidman-reese-witherspoon-with-your-other-favourite-actresses-is-returning/   …
Entertainment Weekly 04/07/2020 02:29
Nicole Kidman talks about how she prepared to slap Meryl Streep, whether #BigLittleLies will have a season 3, and her upcoming HBO series 'The Undoing' on EW's The Awardist podcast. https:// wardist-podcast-nicole-kidman-big-little-lies/?utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_entertainmentweekly&utm_content=recent&utm_medium=social&   …
blm or unfollow 03/07/2020 11:45
Watching tv shows where the actors/actresses can actually sing thank you #Pose #BigLittleLies I don’t think I have fully moved on from what you put me through
başak 03/07/2020 10:19
Here’s a song for you… Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka https:// fsW4H9cG0FFE0Z?si=nvvXHHZrRjq-L2-zPlnoVg   … #BigLittleLies
Teemo 02/07/2020 09:09
Court room scene #BigLittleLies Season 2 Nicole Kidman vs Meryl Streep #Emmys2020 @TelevisionAcad
Educationally Educated 01/07/2020 04:17
I’ve watched season 1 of #BigLittleLies and am 5 episodes into season 2. I want to make it very clear that Chloe has the best musical taste of any child character, ever. Maddie and/or did an excellent job of passing on great music!
Variety 01/07/2020 03:45
Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep kept their distance while filming #BigLittleLies Season 2: "We were very much in our characters. We didn't blur it"
MoAiAd  ⚓️ 30/06/2020 09:46
I said thank u. #BigLittleLies
Alex 30/06/2020 06:33
God bless Laura Dern. Sometimes you just need to kick them out of your car for a minute. #BigLittleLies – a Dorit's Buddha Lounge
The most iconic scene of 2019 @LauraDern gives me life! #BigLittleLies
Molls 29/06/2020 03:29
The music on #BigLittleLies is spot on
The last 10 minutes of the season one finale.. literally shakes me to the core #BigLittleLies
Khetskinging 28/06/2020 02:56
Destroy it all Renata! Fuck the toy house up! #BigLittleLies
Khetskinging 28/06/2020 10:04
Renata’s money . #BigLittleLies
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