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The Canary 26/04/2019 08:30
Bernie Sanders calls the Israeli government 'racist' on live TV - to rapturous applause By @Bryan_Wall https://www. 04/25/bernie-sanders-calls-the-israeli-government-racist-on-live-tv-to-rapturous-applause/   … #BernieSanders #BernieTownhall
On Monday night, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders joined Fox News’ Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum for a televised town hall. Much of the conversation revolved around Sanders’s recent ...
[email protected] is a frontrunner for the presidency and instead of playing it safe, he unabashedly stands up for the rights of some of the most despised people in our society. I will canvass for this dude until my feet bleed, this is leadership #BernieTownHall #Bernie2020
President Donald Trump tore into Fox News on Tuesday for its town hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). In a morning tweet, the president weighed in on the hourlong town hall with Sanders, which aired ...
This is for those alarmed by @BernieSanders defending the #VotingRights of ALL Americans, including those incarcerated. The ability to vote is one of our most basic & fundamental rights. It should NEVER be taken away! #Bernie2020 #BernieTownHall #CNNTownHall #NotMeUs
This is for those alarmed by @BernieSanders defending the #VotingRights of ALL Americans, including those incarcerated.   The ability to vote is one of our most basic & fundamental rights.  It should NEVER be taken away!  #Bernie2020 #BernieTownHall #CNNTownHall #NotMeUs<br>
CNN host Chris Cuomo blasted President Donald Trump on Tuesday for acting “like he was cheated on” after Fox News hosted a town hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders. “Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ...
Bad John Brown 23/04/2019 04:09
In honor of Bernie's awesome Town Hall performance on @CNN last night, I'm giving away Bernie Lights today! • Reply or RT to enter • Winners picked throughout today! • USA only • Free Shipping, 2 for $15 @   Go #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #BernieTownHall
Trump Hits Fox Over Bernie Town Hall Wed, 17 Apr 2019 09:31:00 GMT
Howie discusses President Trump's 'Twitter storm' on the Bernie Sanders Town Hall and the anticipated release of the Mueller report, Notre Dame fire overreaction and more confusion over the Jussie ...
So I’m pretty sure BOSTON BOMBER BERNIE just ended his campaign Seriously how stupid can you be? #FeelTheBern #BernieBros #BernieSanders #BernieTownhall #BostonBomberBernie https:// tatus/1120499225442299904   …
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada state Democrats say presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will to take part in a town hall event in Las Vegas on Feb. 18, two days before the state party ...
@SenSanders just said he believes “Even 'terrible people' have the right to vote’” LIKE #BostonBomber & #OklahomaBomberMcVey & all Felons So that’s how #DemocRats get votes, F* the #RuleOfLaw #BernieTownhall #FFS #VictimsVoteDemocrats #KAG2020 https://www. s/2019/04/23/felony-voting-rights-bernie-sanders-town-hall-bts-vpx.cnn   …
I can tell just by scanning the Twitter comments about #BernieTownHall that @CNN's attempt to slander Bernie with plants in the audience totally backfired. People see right through their BS. #SandersTownHall #CNNTownHall (tweeting again with additional hashtags...)
The Bern Identity 23/04/2019 02:03
True CNN can't hide their bias against Bernie Sanders. Yet, as hard as they try to get him with a gotcha moment, Bernie continues to demonstrate what a master he is. But also, hard to trap someone who's been authentic and consistent for decades. #Bernie2020 #BernieTownhall https:// o/status/1120498745072861186   …
The Bern Identity 23/04/2019 01:55
Climate change is a moral issue. A Sanders POTUS will: Take on the Fossil Fuel industry Transition coal workers to other jobs Create millions of clean energy jobs Invest in wind + solar Lead the world in #ClimateAction #Bernie2020 #BernieTownhall #CNNTownHall
Jordan 23/04/2019 01:51
Actually he did answer were busy Vox-plaining this tweet. He answered that the communist Soviet Union she was referencing her family fleeing is NOT AT ALL LIKE the Democratic socialism he proposes. Try listening! #BernieTownHall https:// us/1120500593615888384?s=21   …
The Bern Identity 23/04/2019 01:49
Have you noticed Bernie always says, "our campaign." He never says, "my campaign" for POTUS. He's really about #NotMeUs. One of the biggest differences between Bernie and other candidates is that he has a grassroots movement with him. #Bernie2020 #BernieTownhall #CNNTownHall
The student who asked him about whether he would give the Boston Marathon Bomber the right to vote clearly has a poster of Neera Tanden on her dorm room wall. #bernietownhall #CNNTownHall
aaron 23/04/2019 01:38
Clip of the night! #BernieTownhall Bernie parried the red scare attempt with an awesome policy response. Funniest moment of the night!
Amene 23/04/2019 01:37
Bernie Sanders is such a non option to me, that this townhall is on and I havent paid one minute of attention to it. I heard it all in 2016. #BernieTownhall
Well, I think the question from a Harvard grad who doesn't know difference between democratic socialism and authoritarian communism tells you all you need to know about the "education" our Ivy League is giving its attendees #BernieTownHall #SandersTownHall
BlindedbyLight  ♻️ 23/04/2019 01:24
#CNNTownHall way harsher on Bernie Sanders than the Fox News town hall Softball questions to klobuchar and Warren Fireballs to Bernie Sanders #BernieTownhall
TrekkerTeach 23/04/2019 01:17
Watching #BernieSanders defend his belief that voting rights should not be denied to those in jail/prison makes me proud to support him for POTUS. It takes real political courage to stand up for what is right, educate, and build consensus around bold ideas. #BernieTownHall https:// /status/1112060662069362688   …
Briahna Joy Gray 23/04/2019 01:10
Bernie standing by his belief that incarcerated Americans should be allowed to vote is what political courage looks like, what leadership looks like, and why I'm proud to be part of this campaign. #BernieTownhall #CNNTownHall
Jordan 23/04/2019 01:08
I’m sorry but this questioner on prisoners being allowed to vote visibly has disdain for @BernieSanders. Seems like a plant. #BernieTownHall
Is it just us, or does Bernie Sanders have some extra swagger tonight? He looks and sounds like the frontrunner. Love the confidence. #BernieTownHall #Bernie2020
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