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BrexitWatch   💎 18/07/2019 01:04
With the #BennAmendment passing by a large margin today, it is looking increasingly likely the 2016 #EUreferendum will go down as the only democratic vote in British history not to be honoured. #brexit
A strategy of running out the clock isn't going to fly past UK parliament. The Benn amendment will require parliament to be recalled in Sept and Oct. Boris Johnson's camp had floated a strategy of ...
Crushing defeat for the Government. MPs vote by a majority of 41 in favour of preventing the full suspension of Parliament #BennAmendment shows no majority in this Parliament for a no deal #Brexit
Crushing defeat for the Government. MPs vote by a majority of 41 in favour of preventing the full suspension of Parliament #BennAmendment shows no majority in this Parliament for a no deal #Brexit<br>
Another Anti-Brexit Plot! Sat, 20 Jul 2019 06:03:00 GMT
PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: Not content with the Hilary Benn amendment going through yesterday to stop the Queen proroguing parliament during the run-up to a no deal Brexit, we now have another plot ...
Anna Soubry MP 22/03/2019 08:13
If PMs #WithdrawalAgreement fails again I’m supporting #BennAmendment. But indicative votes MUST address the withdrawal agreement not just the non binding political declaration. So, not surprised millions are signing the petition #RevokeArt50Now https:// 84   …
A band of Theresa May’s cabinet ministers were still hoping last night that she would delay tomorrow’s vote despite a renewed pledge that it was going ahead. Stephen Barclay, the Brexit secretary, was ...
Paul Snowdon 14/03/2019 06:20
The Labour MPs who voted against the Benn Amendment need to have the Whip withdrawn immediately: Sir Kevin Barron, Kate Hoey, Ronnie Campbell, Stephen Hepburn, John Mann and Graham Stringer. #Brexit #BennAmendment
The Benn amendment is the latest to be voted out in Parliament, as MPs continue to deliberate how the UK exits the EU later this year. This is the third day of voting and has seen Parliament reject ...
Elizabeth Freedman #FBPE 14/03/2019 06:18
As the #bennAmendment was defeated, it’s more important than ever to ask [email protected] [email protected] to rule against debating and voting on #TheresaMay’s #MeaningfulVote yet again: it’s against the rules and it’s unfair. RT @RemainerNow @myeuuk
Even Theresa May had a win: she managed to see off those backbenchers seeking to wrest control of the mess back to Parliament, defeating the Benn amendment by two. But little, if anything, has changed ...
Mrs M  🌱 14/03/2019 06:01
I'm sick to the back teeth of Westminster. We have a total bunch of arse wipes sitting in parliament who are just happy to play games with people's lives and futures for their own gain. Shame on all of them, from all sides. #bennamendment #brexit
Any of our members or followers who live in #Montgomeryshire, please read and consider signing this open letter to MP Glyn Davies urging him to back the #BennAmendment to avoid a #NoDealBrexit https:// /status/1069247039869984768   …
Johanne Bland 30/11/2018 05:41
MPs wanting #PeoplesVote will be called upon to be incredibly courageous, beyond anything they have known before. May will use every kind of dirty tactic. MPs have to hold their nerve and defy their party leadership as needed every step of the way. This is too big. #BennAmendment
@hilarybennmp this is the sort of thoughtful pragmatic approach that we have a right to expect from every MP, it puts the fanatical and hysterical behaviour from government in the shade. #BennAmendment #PeoplesVote #StopBrexitSaveBritain https:// tatus/1068209119683928067   …
Beatrice Bass 30/11/2018 01:45
Are Brighton and Hove MPs @CarolineLucas @peterkyle and @lloyd_rm supporting the #BennAmendment?
I've seen an alternative plan - its called membership of the European Union and it would be the easiest negotiation ever to do. #DontBackTheBrexitDeal #BennAmendment #PeoplesVote #FinalSay #StopBrexit
Sorry but we need more than the same old Labour nonsense so lets have the #BennAmendment #DontBackTheBrexitDeal followed by a cross party effort to do the right thing for the UK #PeoplesVote #FinalSay #StopBrexit
Roy Motteram 30/11/2018 08:49
ICYMI @JHowellUK Why do you think that LD got such a large swing John? Your constituents do not want this #BrexitShambles. Please vote for the #BennAmendment https:// tatus/1068381149821571072   …
Future Nation 30/11/2018 08:27
1/ Let's avoid a no deal - the #BennAmendment offers a way through. We are in a mess that was brewing due #inequality, a lack of #representation (that's why we need a voting system where every voice (vote) counts -#ProportionalRepresentation) and political system stuck in the... https:// atus/1068387298117656576   …
MaryShelley 30/11/2018 08:20
#bennamendment offers the Commons the opportunity to reject May’s deal, avoid no deal, and real debate on further steps including #PeoplesVote[email protected] knows a hen from a handsaw. Now MPs should support. https:// /status/1068401585728966656   …
Here is the #BennAmendment that Twitter is talking about this morning - it aims to prevent No Deal. Look at the signatories, too. https:// /status/1068401585728966656   …
#BennAmendment needs to go viral #fbpe #PeoplesVote Please Retweet
We need cross party cooperation now. Pleased you are supporting the #BennAmendment and #PeoplesVote. The PM appears increasingly ‘confused’ as to some of the implications of her agreement. She is not putting the country before her ambition.
Elizabeth Freedman #FBPE 30/11/2018 07:47
Ex-govt Trade advisor #ShankerSingham on @BBCr4today contradicting @LiamFox’s line on May’s Deal which Singham claims is:- binding permanent a big mistake. This #WithdrawalAgreement has NO EXIT CLAUSE. Tell MPs to #VoteDownTheDeal #BennAmendment @peoplesvote_uk #writetothem
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