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Cody Johnston 18/09/2019 09:23
All anyone needs to know about Ben Shapiro is that he once called a bot stupid and poor.
All anyone needs to know about Ben Shapiro is that he once called a bot stupid and poor. <br>
Editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and talk radio host Ben Shapiro weighs in on 'Fox & Friends.' ...
Parker Molloy 18/09/2019 08:49
Ben Shapiro is an idiot.
Ben Shapiro is an idiot. <br>
Ben Shapiro dropped an absolute shocker earlier this week that surprised no one. On the latest episode of The Ben Shapiro Show, the titular political commentator attempted to convince independent ...
Michael Knowles 20/09/2019 03:48
[email protected], this Area 51 raid may be the most important news event of our lifetimes. The truth is out there—we need to cover it! #StormingArea51
Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, said 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden's blunders on the campaign trail may not hurt him in the long run, and his overall demeanor could help him in a ...
Billy 18/09/2019 06:46
Ben Shapiro using singular they on Twitter.
Ben Shapiro using singular they on Twitter. <br>
The Merriam-Webster dictionary has hit back at critics like Ben Shapiro who are upset about the recognition of the pronoun ‘they’ for non-binary people. The decision naturally sparked a backlash from ... 18/09/2019 06:30
They're doing everything they can to make the event impossible. https://  
Fans of conservative mouthpiece Ben Shapiro seem to be exploiting Twitter’s rules to banish their political opponents from the platform. They and other conservatives have made a habit of mass ...
Ben Shapiro 20/09/2019 05:17
2. There are degrees of racist activity. All are bad. Not all are equivalent. This is not Al Jolson-style blackface, but it’s not good.
Ben Shapiro 20/09/2019 10:07
I actually rather agree with Nancy Pelosi. Impeachment has become an unused tool, and Congress continues to delegate all power to the executive branch.
Ben Shapiro 20/09/2019 05:17
3. Intent is not required to participate in a racist act. But intent is required to call someone a racist. I don’t see evidence Trudeau is a racist over the course of his life and career, and incidents rooted in ignorance don’t change that.
JMFL 20/09/2019 06:27
Ummm and there’s this..
Ben Shapiro 20/09/2019 05:17
5. Just because Trudeau’s fall is ironic doesn’t mean this narrative improves the culture. In fact, it makes it worse.
ZUBY: 19/09/2019 11:37
Explaining to @benshapiro why I dislike the term People of Colour / PoC... From The Sunday Special Ep. 68 https://www. ujM-k   …
Democrats: we want healthcare for everyone. The U. S. ranks 27th in the world in healthcare among industrialized nations. Republicans: the U.S. ranks first, if you don’t count all the sick people!* *yes, Ben Shapiro actually made that rationalization
Marc 21/09/2019 01:54
Also, forget porn for a hot minute: do you know how easily and quickly kids get exposed to right-wing extremists and racists online? My kid goes to school with a bunch of 14 year-olds who think Ben Shapiro is a reasonable truth teller. That’s a way, WAY bigger problem than porn. https:// tus/1175194233034162176   …
Ben Shapiro 19/09/2019 11:12
Quick everyone, let’s freak out that one of America’s top CEOs met with the President of the United States https:// us/1174820308785778689   …
Ben Shapiro 20/09/2019 05:16
5. This story may end up harming Biden more than Trump. Trump’s the sitting president. If Biden is roped into discussion of Ukrainian government manipulation, Warren can easily claim to be the anti-corruption candidate in the race.
YAF 20/09/2019 02:34
Boston University is limiting the audience size for Ben Shapiro's lecture due to "potential disruption."
Boston University is limiting the audience size for Ben Shapiro's lecture due to "potential disruption." <br>
Tony Posnanski 18/09/2019 06:36
So here is how much weight I have lost... here is a video before of me doing an impression of Ben Shapiro..
Law Boy, Esq. 19/09/2019 08:26
I will debate Ben Shapiro on one topic and one topic only: who is taller, me or Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro 20/09/2019 03:12
Taylor Swift is Conner4Real singing “Equal Rights” in “Pop Star” https://www. taylor-swift-denounces-white-supremacy-reveals-shes-obsessed-with-learning-more-about-politics.amp   …
Beau LaFave 19/09/2019 01:06
The Governor has unilaterally banned flavored e-Cigs in Michigan. Today I introduced a bill to stop the Governor and the feds from this foolish ban. #vaping #VapeBan https://www. aFave-Unwise-unilateral-executive-action-must-be-stopped-560717911.html   … @benshapiro @michaeljknowles @andrewklavan @realDailyWire
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