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Marina Hyde 07/12/2019 07:13
Brilliant by @JohnJCrace https://www. dec/06/lying-liar-lies-some-more-as-boris-johnson-braves-bbc-studio-for-debate   …
A Chinese-American man detained in Iran and later charged for spying is to be freed in an apparent exchange for the release of an Iranian scientist held by the US. Xiyue Wang was jailed in Iran in ...
JewishVoiceForLabour 07/12/2019 09:31
Jews, antisemitism and Labour – a letter to the BBC about the systematic bias in their reporting of this issue and their continued pattern of accepting assertion as fact and not allowing contrary opinions a hearing opinion. https://www. -antisemitism-and-labour-a-letter-to-the-bbc   …
In my work as a journalist I am lucky enough to meet some brilliant people and learn about exciting advances in technology - along with a few duds. But every now and then I come across something that ...
Evolve Politics 07/12/2019 10:35
This morning it was revealed that: - A Tory Candidate endorsed Nazi slogans and shared an antisemitic video - Another Tory Candidate is member of antisemitic Facebook group - Another Tory candidate asked if a Jewish journalist was more loyal to Israel than the UK BBC silent.
Manchester United make the 4.4-mile journey to face local rivals Manchester City on Saturday evening. There have been some fantastic derbies over the last decade, but the one that lives on in many ...
Diane Abbott 07/12/2019 07:59
BBC News - General election 2019: Labour 'beats other parties on climate change' https://www. 2019-50692435   …
Iraq has seen one of the worst flare-ups in weeks of anti-government protests, with gunmen killing at least 20 people in Baghdad early on Saturday. The unknown attackers raided key protest sites in ...
Thomas James 07/12/2019 07:47
My God. After 44 mins, a Labour Russian smear and a Labour antisemitism smear, BBC R4 Today finally gets around to the news, namely, a top diplomat has resigned because this Tory Government is continually asking her to lie. Simply astonishing.
"He's humbled now. It will either make him a better individual, a better fighter, a better person, or it might just destroy him." Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is in no doubt about how ...
Craig Murray 07/12/2019 11:04
As happens at the crunch point of any election, YouGove in full on push-polling mode again. Last night we had their "Johnson won the Debate" poll against all other evidence. Today the best unionist result in 6 years, against all other evidence. YouGove. As credible as the BBC https:// status/1203252183774498816   …
I debated whether or not to share this email, received from the BBC in response to my application to be a BAME voter on their #GE2019 results programme. I’ve now decided it’s in the public interest, & IF there is an opposite email, sharing mine might bring it to light. #BBCBias
I debated whether or not to share this email, received from the BBC in response to my application to be a BAME voter on their #GE2019  results programme.  I’ve now decided it’s in the public interest, & IF there is an opposite email, sharing mine might bring it to light. #BBCBias<br>
Evolve Politics 07/12/2019 10:02
Why aren’t the BBC or Laura Kuenssberg reporting this? https:// tus/1203250361890422784   …
BBC Radio 4 07/12/2019 08:42
Since 2001 the UK has lost a quarter of its pubs but the micropub and the community-owned pub are bucking the trend. https://  
Thomas James 07/12/2019 11:19
The Tories are ripping the heart out of this country. They are destroying everything that requires public money. Another five years and we'll be a wasteland. And the fucking BBC is helping them - until the end game when the Tories finally destroy the BBC. https:// tus/1201995079684149248   …
nemo thinks sleigh 07/12/2019 10:52
tinashe sues mbk for plagiarism > bbc sues tinashe back for plagiarism > they win > give half of the money to mbk > loona and dia collab > aids and orbits become best friends
Peter Oborne 07/12/2019 12:48
Conservative activists booed Sky News' Beth Rigby. No rebuke from Johnson. Labour supporters jeered the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg. Corbyn immediately told the audience: “We don’t do that. All journalists will be heard with respect.” My new column for MEE https://www. johnson-may-win-election-rest-us-will-lose   …
Marcus Chown 07/12/2019 11:31
BBC quoted Tax Payers' Alliance today again. Didn't mention that it is a right-wing thinktank which wants to abolish the NHS and is partly funded by the tobacco industry. This is why people are losing faith in BBC reporting.
robert jeffery 07/12/2019 09:57
I am sorry but why the hell is this nowhere on both BBC and Guardian national websites currently?!!! There has already been 2 Tory candidates suspended for anti-semitism in Luton and Aberdeen South only 3 weeks ago and it was inexpclicably downplayed by BBC,Sky+ITV. Now 5! https:// tus/1203250361890422784   …
If you haven’t signed up to my OnlyFans yet, wtf are you waiting for? So much hot content, you’ll be stroking that clitty forever over me https://   Findom Femdom Domination Tease Denial SPH BBC BodyWorship Smoking Spit Feet Kinks Fetish EbonyDomme
CNN news talking about NG ,BBC talking about Nigeria news. UK lawmakers, US lawmakers all condamed buharis action to re-arrest Sowore. The main opposition and other parties in NG are not taking advantage of this , all they are waiting for is 2023 to start campaining again.
The Telegraph 07/12/2019 06:30
'Twas the last TV election debate before Christmas and Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn came bearing gifts https://www. 12/06/won-bbc-leaders-election-debate-verdict-johnson-v-corbyn/?WT.mc_id=tmgoff_hootsuite&utm_source=tmgoff_socialteam&utm_medium=twitter&utm_content=e08d36ea-916a-486a-ac62-3ae85668cf52&utm_campaign=telegraph   …
Jerry Hicks 07/12/2019 12:49
Check out this queue to see Jeremy Corbyn today in Swansea. You won't see this on the BBC, so retweet While Boris Johnson hides from the voters and runs away from interviews #GeneralElection2019 #JC4PM #BorisTheCoward #GTTO #VoteLabour2019 #Leadersdebate
Roger Gall #VoteLabour 07/12/2019 12:37
As no one is disputing that these are - HM Government Documents - shouldn't the BBC be more concerned about telling us about the implications of what they contain - rather that where they came from?
LIDDYCOMIDEE 07/12/2019 07:57
#PedoGuy To rub salt into wounds, Elon musk left court in a cyber truck prototype with personalised number plate P360GUY [BBC NEWS]
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