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Pradeep Sethi 24/01/2020 08:43
If "Fixed Deposit" Is Wrong Then "Teri Jaisi Ladki" was WORST. There is big list of Sid, he can't give lecture. #BB13
In the BB family episode, Mahira Sharma's mother entered the house and met everybody including Mahira. Describing her feelings and experience she shared in the house, Mahira's mother spoke ...
Arshi ke tweets retweet math karo, She is using bhalu's hash tag, Rashamians ko pagal bana rahi hai woh, Just comment their for rashami Don't like it and retweet it. #RashamiDesai
However, in response to this, Asim did not make any such lewd comments. BB13: Vishal is the most confused operator in history, punishment will be given for cheating On Twitter, it has been seen ...
#RashamiDesai is LOVE! #bb13
#RashamiDesai is LOVE!  #bb13 <br>
Bigg Boss 13 saw some high octane drama taking place between the contestants in the last week. Here are some of the main highlights from the last week. Bigg Boss 13 has taken an interesting turn as ...
Rashamians how many of you are active today for tomorrow trend?? Let you give me a glimpse of tomorrow's excitement for the trend "JUST RT IT AND SAY YES I AM IN" Please do this, it is for awareness #RashamiDesai #BB13 #SupportRashamiDesai
Aarti loses her temper and tells Shehnaaz never to speak again. BB13: Vishal is the most confused operator in history, punishment will be given for cheating ...
Flipper pratik 24/01/2020 08:14
Sidnaazian who still believe in reunion plz #boycottbb13 for 1 week bahut hua inka drama #SidNaazIsEmotion #SidNaazIsEmotion #SidNaazIsEmotion if it will not happen boycott bb13 completely @ColorsTV @EndemolShineIND @BeingSalmanKhan https:// atus/1220617278376402944   โ€ฆ
Strong. Loving. Caring. Leader. Helpful on time. Smart and always right!" "BB13 is all about lots of shades of Sana. #BossLadyShehnaaz," tweeted one user.
Now new MUDDHA will be made to target #RashamiDesai All are jeleous n insecure abt her personality n popularity! Chipkali n ghadhi jadiwala can't bear her good things! Insecure weak personalities! Stay Strong @TheRashamiDesai God knows now what is going to happen! #BB13
D.....   ๐Ÿ’ฅ 24/01/2020 07:28
AbduIIa Aarti didn't speak for #RashamiDesai when Chukla spoke about Rashami's character by saying "AISI LADKI","MAINE GHAR PE LENA BAND KAR DIYA." She never spoke for any woman whenever Chukla bullied those women. Isko "fixed deposit" se rona aya @BiggBoss @ColorsTV #BB13
Muzammil Barbo 24/01/2020 07:14
Chufali's unnecessary poking is being appreciated These chaatus are actually supporting her for being a GUNDI #AsimRiaz aisa kuchh kar de to inki G me deggi Mirch ka tadka lag jata hai @TheKaranPatel achha hua nahi ki shaadi #ParagTyagiNallaHai #BB13
No one like #RashamiDesai @ColorsTV admitted it Bcos No one was targeted the was #Rashami was No one was hurt (physically,mentally) like she was No one's personal matter was discussed on platform No one's journey was so difficult, apne he uske khilaf thet She's Winner #BB13
Rithvik  ๐Ÿ‘ป 24/01/2020 03:14
Rashami slaying it in this look She looks so pretty @TheRashamiDesai #RashamiDesai #BB13 #BiggBoss13
Rashami slaying it in this look  She looks so pretty @TheRashamiDesai  #RashamiDesai #BB13  #BiggBoss13<br>
  ๐Ÿ‚ 24/01/2020 03:19
Mahira is obsessed with @TheRashamiDesai tho she keeps on telling "hai kaun yeh" She keeps on instigating her and yesterday told Vishal "jaa rashami mummy ke paas jaa" when she was not even involved in the fight. Low life! #Bb13 #BiggBoss13 #RashamiDesai
Bhumika โœท 24/01/2020 06:58
This Fraud @imArhaanKhan is the biggest panoti in #RashamiDesai's life. He ruined her game in #BB13 Ruined her personal life and now uske bole gaye shabdo par Rashu ko drag kiya jaayega I don't know what this FD is but Rashu better be on the right side here. #BiggBoss13
TREND ALERT DATE~25th January,20 TIME~12PM Tag~Will be announced soon Make 4-5 backup IDs Save 1000 drafts No emojis/multiple hashtags Tag @ColorsTV @BiggBoss Any queries DM me or comment below. #BB13 #RashamiDesai
OMG! See her hand gestures!. @BeingSalmanKhan, how mean of Shefali to think of such cruel strategy, she wants to take advantage of #RashamiDesai fractured finger...Spiteful n cruel... @TheRashamiDesai #BB13
Trideep Banik 24/01/2020 04:19
I solemnly promise that I will address @imParagTyagi sir with utter respect & call him a naIIa from this moment whenever I'll talk about him #ParagTyagiNallaHai #BB13
Baby Driver 24/01/2020 09:05
#Bhalu: โ€œOMG Arti! Do u even know how dirty this โ€˜fixed depositโ€™ word isโ€ Meanwhile #HawasKaPujari Bhalu himself #BB13 #BiggBoss13
Asim ~ NALLE ko maine koe duty di ni,isne lete rhna hai bed pe Here Assim himslf saying NAALA to Sid,Sid didn't made any issue,nw whn Sid said he strted barking like Mad Assim kre to Raslela,#SidharthShukla kre to Charctr Dhela ! #BiggBoss13 #BB13
shaveta 24/01/2020 08:53
#bb13 is a game of patience. Rashami asim are winners. @ColorsTV face shukla [email protected] Face paras has already lost respect. Doormats and bullies mahira zariwala and aarti can't be winner. Vishal isn't so strong . So #AsimRiazForTheWin #PeoplesChoiceRashami
Arvind Srivastava 24/01/2020 08:51
Lo apko khul k hasha diya Is he kehte hai entertainment Na ki sirf bhok bhok Chal hat Chal bhag And many more Take care of your health Love you Sid One man Army in BB13 #TheRiseOfSidharth #Nalla #SidharthShukla
Zara Ahmad khan 24/01/2020 08:42
My Hero My Idol @sidhart_shukla #BB13 k Jaan Sidhearts k Idol #BBHeroSid We Love You
My Hero My Idol @sidhart_shukla #BB13 k Jaan Sidhearts k Idol #BBHeroSid We Love You<br>
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