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MediaReactionary 12/03/2019 02:27
Sunday Ratings Demo Adjustments: #ArethaAGrammyCelebration down 0.1. #WorldOfDance down 0.1. No change in show status. While #WorldOfDance is doing OK, it's evidence that NBC can't extend overextend their reality profile and does better concentrated on scripted.
Booking anyone at all to appear in an Aretha Franklin tribute is an act of nerve, since she was arguably the one performer in pop music history who can be said to have had no real peers as a singer, ...
With all the adulation legitimately directed toward Aretha Franklin since her death last year at 76, it’s easy to forget that there were low points in her extraordinary career, even though they were ...
The King Deon 11/03/2019 08:27
Who tf do I have to cuss out to figure out why my good cousin @TasiasWord only sung 2 songs -in which she SHARED - but Hollering Hudson opened the show and got to sing 4 whole songs??? #ArethaAGrammyCelebration #ArethaTribute
Aretha! A GRAMMY Celebration is coming to CBS on Sunday, March 10th at 9:00 PM ET/PT. This two hour tribute special will cover the life and career of the Queen of Soul. Special performances of ...
MAJOR. 11/03/2019 05:49
@bebewinans singing one of favorite hymns of ALL TIME... “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” y’all gotta go and google those lyrics. It’ll quickly have you shifting your stress to peace of mind. #ArethaAGrammyCelebration
Chuck Barney’s TV and streaming picks for March 10-16 DON’T MISS: “Aretha! A Grammy Celebration for the Queen of Soul” — A star-studded lineup of artists gathers to pay r-e-s-p-e-c-t to the legendary ...
Bailee 11/03/2019 05:36
Aretha Franklin looking at Patti Labelle performing at her tribute. #ArethaAGrammyCelebration
alleya   👽 11/03/2019 05:30
I’m over here at work, on my break watching Celine sing “A Change is Gonna Come”. Y’all, I felt this in my soul. I’m sobbing. music is too powerful man.... #ArethaAGrammyCelebration
Faith M. Jackson 11/03/2019 05:24
First hearing this album I knew that no one could ever...never make her songs their own. #ArethaAGrammyCelebration
First hearing this album I knew that no one could ever...never make her songs their own. #ArethaAGrammyCelebration <br>
Troy Goodman 11/03/2019 05:00
If @johnlegend ‘s cover of #BridgeOverTroubledWater didn’t get u fired up u better go to a clinic @ get your checked #arethafranklintribute #ArethaAGrammyCelebration
MAJOR. 11/03/2019 04:54
Ok so... now @johnlegend takes us even higher!?! This entire #ArethaAGrammyCelebration is exceptionally executed. I’m confident the Queen is smiling up there in Heaven. #ArethaFranklinTribute
Joi B 11/03/2019 04:51
Okayyy I have to give @johnlegend his props... he’s very talented #ArethaAGrammyCelebration
Robert Daies 11/03/2019 04:21
@AmericanIdol for without you, we wouldn't have Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson or the incomparable Fantasia Barrino! Whew! The idol girls held it down tonight at the. Fantasia is beyond amazing and soulful. #ArethaAGrammyCelebration @kelly_clarkson @IAMJHUD @TasiasWord
Robert Daies 11/03/2019 04:18
I don't care , I don't care.. after tonight's performance do y'all need more confirmation that Fantasia is the CORRECT HEIR to Aretha's Throne!PERIOD! FIGHT ME!!! #isaidwhatisaid #ArethaAGrammyCelebration #ArethaFranklinTribute @CliveDavis Fantasia is a National treasure.
Kevin Facey 11/03/2019 03:13
@RecordingAcad I hope that there is a DVD of this #ArethaTribute. #ArethaAGrammyCelebration
Deborah Ann Lucas 11/03/2019 03:09
The great #PattiLaBelle singing for #ArethaAGrammyCelebration
The great #PattiLaBelle singing for #ArethaAGrammyCelebration <br>
Marcos Luis™ 11/03/2019 03:04
For All “Natural Women” We love You! @brandicarlile @TasiasWord @alessiacara @AndraDayMusic #ArethaAGrammyCelebration #ArethaFranklinTribute #ARETHA
Mickie Sherwood 11/03/2019 03:03
#ArethaTribute #ArethaAGrammyCelebration #GRAMMYsAretha I want to thank the ones who came up with this idea for the #Grammys
Brenda's Lunch 11/03/2019 03:02
Absolutely loved the #GRAMMYsAretha #ArethaFranklin #ArethaTribute #Aretha #ArethaAGrammyCelebration ! Especially gratifying to see the next generation of young artists paying respect & honor to Aretha's legacy!
A Girl Has No Chill 11/03/2019 03:01
They coulda left that to Andra Day and Fantasia tbh, but I thought the Gospel trip did a great job of closing the show #ArethaAGrammyCelebration #ArethaTribute
Sheena Harper 11/03/2019 02:59
Fantasia is underrated. Just a reminder. #ArethaAGrammyCelebration
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