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ST 19/01/2020 09:20
Alita Battle Angel 29 times in theater #AlitaSequel
But as more and more people have discovered the movie, hope for a sequel has continued to rise and now, #AlitaSequel is trending on Twitter. As of this writing, there were 15 thousand tweets and ...
ST 19/01/2020 09:12
Does it bother you, I’m not completely human? #AlitaSequel
Does it bother you, I’m not completely human? #AlitaSequel <br>
Robert Rodriguez’s “Alita: Battle Angel” surprised the box office earlier this year with a $404 million worldwide gross. The 20th Century Fox manga adaptation turned out not to be the massive box ...
Daniel Autry 19/01/2020 08:46
Sooo just an update troops, for Katsucon 2021 I'm going to be doing a gender bent Alita/Gally, anyone who goes buzz me and let's get in gear to keep pushing for a sequel. #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel
Even though he was not committing about developing the Alita sequel on such platforms, the possibility of this happen in the future is high. After all, the movie did pretty well at the box-office, ...
MAR1NO 12 19/01/2020 07:26
Yeah, let's thank and keep on thanking even now as those bots after a year are still hanging, bots that actually dedicate their time and effort relentlessly for a whole year, makes me want to be an ultra not after all this #AlitaSequel
The first major blockbuster of 2019 came in the form of Alita: Battle Angel – the James Cameron-produced, Robert Rodriguez-directed adaptation of a classic cyborg manga. With some lush world-building, ...
All Alita, all the time. #Alitasequel Images by JC
All Alita, all the time. #Alitasequel   Images by JC <br>
The funding campaign, which just opened its doors yesterday, intended to make the modest sum of $1,810 to fly a banner over the 92nd Academy Awards with “#AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel” written on it. That ...
DeeLitePony 19/01/2020 02:57
Loved it,. Sequel please. Hugh, loved your words. It has touched a lot of people. Alita is a fighter and I will be one too. #Alita #alitasequel https:// /status/1202763105828294657   …
Ed 19/01/2020 01:07
Training for my #AlitaSequel , #AlitaArmy
Training for my #AlitaSequel  , #AlitaArmy<br>
Spencer Stabio 19/01/2020 10:33
I remember watching the anime adaptation for the first time. I was really overwhelmed! #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel
Battleangel26651 19/01/2020 10:32
My new work in progress drawing it has taken roughly 3hr30min so far #alitaarmy #AlitaSequel
My new work in progress drawing it has taken roughly 3hr30min so far #alitaarmy #AlitaSequel <br>
#AlitaSequel who should play Lou Collins?
#AlitaSequel who should play Lou Collins? <br>
Make a sequel to #AlitaBattleAngel and I'll buy four tickets. #AlitaSequel
Good work #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel Keep voting...
Good work #AlitaArmy  #AlitaSequel  Keep voting... <br>
Spencer Stabio 18/01/2020 06:45
You look lovely today! #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel
Ed 18/01/2020 05:37
keep up the fight #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel
keep up the fight #AlitaArmy   #AlitaSequel <br>
More Alita love from Rosa. #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel
More Alita love from Rosa.  #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel <br>
Wish all a beautiful weekend What would you say to Alita in this situation? #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel #AlitaBattleAngel
Gary Norck 17/01/2020 05:29
Hey #AlitaArmy we should adopt prosthetics as our official charity, keep the donations going, and fly a banner every year! #AlitaSequel
Matt Merin 16/01/2020 07:51
Rosa is damn cute. #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy
Rosa is damn cute.  #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy<br>
Spencer Stabio 16/01/2020 02:45
I don't know what goes on in the academy, these details are amazing! #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel
Matt Merin 16/01/2020 01:15
The Award belongs to me. Belongs to me. Fuck the Haters! #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy
The Award belongs to me. Belongs to me. Fuck the Haters!  #AlitaSequel  #AlitaArmy <br>
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