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Steven Aldridge 17/01/2019 03:46
Don't apologize for feeling the way you do Ann! That BITCH got exactly what she deserves!
Facing the prospect of his own brother testifying against him, a man pleaded guilty Tuesday to the fatal shooting of a mother of four as she pushed her newborn daughter in a stroller on Chicago’s Sout...
mimo sa 17/01/2019 03:44
Alan Aldridge Art The Who - A Quick One - Album Cover
Alan Aldridge Art   The Who - A Quick One - Album Cover <br>
CHICAGO (AP) — One of two brothers charged in the Chicago fatal shooting of Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade’s cousin has pleaded guilty to murder. The Chicago Sun-Times reports Derren Sorrells entered the ...
Paolo Cereno 17/01/2019 03:43
SAS with 6 players in double digit scoring that doesn’t include Aldridge.
Teacher Sean Aldridge faces child sex charges Wed, 16 Jan 2019 01:26:00 GMT
A school teacher has been charged with historical child sex offences. Sean Aldridge, 36, is charged with 15 offences including sexual activity with a child and abusing his position of trust to engage ...
Shahmir Khan 17/01/2019 03:42
Mavs' refs need to get fired ASAP...4 fouls on Aldridge in 15 minutes? That's some serious
Two top N.B.A. teams battling into double overtime. Memorable individual performances. And points, points, points. Thursday night’s game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder set ...
peyton aldridge 17/01/2019 03:42
The only difference between me and this guy. I wouldn’t have missed a shot at all
After only a month or so of the NBA season, we in the media like to jump to big-time conclusions about teams. It's what we do. Of course, those conclusions are sometimes right, sometimes not. So what ...
Bryon Haywood 17/01/2019 03:40
Pounding the Rock 17/01/2019 03:40
Holy smokes, Aldridge put that in through sheer force of will
GonnaDuncanYou 🅥 17/01/2019 03:34
Beautiful dish by @DeMar_DeRozan with a nice finish by @aldridge_12! #GoSpursGo
Mark Oliveras 17/01/2019 03:33
LaMonster Aldridge just SMASHED that ball with tremendous force
Bruno Passos 17/01/2019 03:32
Back to back Aldridge-DeRozan pick and rolls. Back to back DeRozan pull-ups.
Pounding the Rock 17/01/2019 03:32
Aldridge pointed to DeMar at the beginning of the possession, and White gave it up so he could ISO. Another bucket. They know what’s going on
Glen Powell Jr. 17/01/2019 03:23
Mavs blew a 19 point lead. Not surprised. The sad part about it, DeRozan and Aldridge are struggling.
Barrett   ♌️ 17/01/2019 03:14
Let me retweet this bitch
Bruno Passos 17/01/2019 03:08
Aldridge and DeRozan now at 10 points combined. Spurs fortunate to still be in this one really.
Steven Aldridge 17/01/2019 03:04
I have nothing but EXTREME HATRED for people who BRUTALIZES women, children, senior citizens and animals! #InPursuit
Tom Petrini 17/01/2019 03:00
LaMarcus Aldridge has 4 fouls early in the third quarter. Two were clean blocks and another was a stationary screen. Explain this @NBAOfficial
Jesse Mendoza 17/01/2019 03:00
These referees got to be kidding me with these calls against @aldridge_12 #fakYou
AnnElise Aldridge 17/01/2019 03:00
Serious question. What's the environmental impact of tossing them in the trash? #iwanttolearn
  ➕ Faded 17/01/2019 02:54
3 is a serving size
Kim Aldridge 17/01/2019 02:48
That is so awesome #Timeless #SaveTimeIess https:// tatus/1085670389429096448   …
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