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The Tennessee Holler 08/11/2019 08:59
FLASHBACK: Feels like not enough people have heard WOODY GUTHRIE sing about Trump’s racist landlord father, so here you go. #AintMyHome (In 1973, when Donald was President of the company, they were taken to court by the DOJ for racist landlord practices)
He owns the trailer, but he was leaving it behind. "A home's a home ... it 'aint my home anymore, though," he said. At midnight, his home will become a box of tin and wood. The pieces will likely be ...
CallSaul 08/11/2019 09:57
BOGUS @POTUS was president of the company. #WoodyGuthrie wrote abt the Trumps' racism. Daddy Fred was the named landlord. Listen to #AintMyHome. #ImpeachTrumpPence #TrumpCrimeFamily goes way back. https:// atus/1192909508022022145   …
Check out @marcscibilia IG Live to catch him playing with @thadcockrell and singing #Cars #ThisDream + #AintMyHome
Check out @marcscibilia IG Live to catch him playing with @thadcockrell and singing #Cars #ThisDream + #AintMyHome  <br>
Dr. Dint 15/12/2018 07:14
Where TF is the shoehorn in this hotel room? #howmanysquarefeet #aintmyhome
tony nolan 25/01/2018 02:28
Christ’s Cross is so precious and powerful, when the devil offers Christians the world, we can passionately scream, “KEEP IT!” #alltoJesus #aintmyhome #keepit
Lavinia Curletta 12/06/2017 01:47
Lying on my back in the heat in the mountainous heart of the DR listening to @marcscibilia Good reminder that this #aintmyhome
Fatima 19/07/2016 07:10
http://www. 1BP0Q&sns=tw   … via @youtube @marcscibilia #AintMyHome Love this song !
Anijah Thornberry 10/06/2016 04:08
eh, it's just a lot of injustice, political unrest, and blergh everywhere like more than usual #aintmyhome
FCA Guy 22/03/2016 12:52
Trying not to get to comfortable in this world I'm passing thru...#aintmyhome #justpassingthrough
Jay Michaels 31/01/2016 03:43
Love this song by @marcscibilia oldie but greatness http://www. 1BP0Q&sns=tw   … #AintMyHome #TrueArtist check it out!
Mara 16/09/2015 03:53
Eating ukrainian style potatoes and listening to @marcscibilia. Nothing could be better. #howbadweneedeachother #aintmyhome
Raina Verhey 24/03/2014 03:39
Civil Twilight is pretty darn legit.
Lena M Young 22/03/2014 05:58
@aintmyhome You know what's up.
Raina Verhey 22/03/2014 05:01
@lenamad99 Tuesday.
Lena M Young 22/03/2014 01:16
@aintmyhome Yeah. That's right.
Raina Verhey 22/03/2014 01:12
@lenamad99 well then.
Lena M Young 22/03/2014 01:03
@aintmyhome rude.
L'amour de miel   🍯 26/02/2014 10:19
And we're all just passing by. #AintMyHome
∞  ♥ 16/10/2012 10:46
I Swear To God, Imma Be Audi 5000 Inna Few Months #FuckThisPlace #AintMyHome
Nine Local 07/10/2012 06:00
@marcscibilia tonight at @eddiesattic with @ImAngelSnow! Tickets: spx   … #AintMyHome http://www. 1BP0Q   …
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