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Elie Honig 15/07/2019 04:32
Anyone who wonders why Acosta intentionally failed to notify victims of his non-prosecution deal with Epstein: here’s why. https:// tatus/1150803184979468288   …
Embattled Secretary of Labor R. Alexander Acosta announced his resignation Friday amid mounting criticism of a lenient plea deal he struck with a now-convicted sex offender while Acosta was a federal ...
Evan Loukadakis 15/07/2019 02:21
Don Draper: If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation. Now the media attention isn’t on Epstein and Labor Secretary Acosta. He’s very good at redirecting focus. https:// p/status/1150766494697107456   …
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta says he will resign amid controversy over the way he handled a sex crimes case against wealthy businessman Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago when Acosta was U.S. attorney for ...
Kyle Griffin 15/07/2019 11:30
"Trump has lost more of his Cabinet secretaries to corruption and other ethics concerns in his first term than any other president in U.S. history." https://www. binet-ethics-cloud_n_5d28d5f9e4b02a5a5d5a793f   …
President Trump said Alexander Acosta was “a fantastic” secretary of labor. The former federal prosecutor resigned after coming under fire for his role in a years-old sexual-abuse case against ...
Loud And Clear 15/07/2019 11:01
Alexa, set an alarm to remind everyone that @realDonaldTrump hired Alex Acosta, who shielded admitted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein from punishment. and a 2nd alarm for @realDonaldTrump to remind him that he has a lawsuit for RAPING a 13 yo still pending.
Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, facing new scrutiny for his handling of a federal sex abuse investigation against wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago, is leaving President Donald Trump’s ...
Wajahat Ali 15/07/2019 05:22
Reminder: Acosta, Epstein, kids detained and separated from their parents, Citizenship question, Trump is open to taking info from foreign governments, Mueller Report, obstruction of justice, massive corruption, rape allegation, #ICEraids and the racism.
Acosta’s 72-hour failure to win back Trump Fri, 12 Jul 2019 19:32:00 GMT
Alexander Acosta’s last-ditch effort to save his job as labor secretary started in a Trumpian way — with a tweet thread defending his lenient plea deal with wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein more ...
Richard W. Painter 15/07/2019 04:17
So what's going on with the U.S. Attorney's office in Florida? Do they have another Acosta in charge down there who won't help SDNY get the evidence in Palm Beach?
Lisa Lipscomb 15/07/2019 02:30
Trump is trying to distract from Alex Acosta and Jeffrey Epstein. He is involved. It will come out. Barr will cover it up. Don't fall for his daily racist rants. Stay on topic!
Mark Dice 15/07/2019 02:10
Meeting Jim Acosta at the White House. Full video on my YouTube channel Monday morning at 7:00AM Central.
Joy Reid 14/07/2019 11:31
He also gratuitously and nonsequitorially pointed out Alexander Acosta's ethnicity when Acosta resigned. It's like a tic.
Renato Mariotti 14/07/2019 09:45
Will the deal that Jeffrey Epstein struck with former Trump Labor Secretary Alex Acosta help him fight the recent federal indictment? Will Acosta face consequences? MSNBC Legal Analyst @Mimirocah1 and I answered these questions and more on the new episode of my #OnTopic podcast!
Will the deal that Jeffrey Epstein struck with former Trump Labor Secretary Alex Acosta help him fight the recent federal indictment? Will Acosta face consequences?  MSNBC Legal Analyst @Mimirocah1 and I answered these questions and more on the new episode of my #OnTopic podcast!<br>
Austen Fletcher 14/07/2019 09:39
Just met @andersoncooper, @donlemon, and @Acosta! So cool!!
Dmin 14/07/2019 05:42
Hey ICE, I hate to be that person that rats other people out but credible sources tell me there is a immigrant living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Apparently she's mid forties, brunette and scammed the immigration system by claiming to be a genius. Just saying.
Peter Daou 14/07/2019 05:11
Kudos @Acosta for tweeting a headline that doesn't dance around the truth. https:// 1150435160174866432   …
Jim Acosta 14/07/2019 04:01
Trump tweets racist attacks at progressive congresswomen - CNNPolitics https://www. itics/donald-trump-tweets-democratic-congresswomen-race-nationalities/index.html   …
Elie Honig 14/07/2019 03:55
Epstein will try to get his case thrown out because of the deal he struck with Acosta years ago. In response, SDNY cites a mafia murder trial that I did where Court held that a plea deal with one district does not bar another district from prosecuting: https://www. /united-states-v-prisco/   …
Ana Cabrera 14/07/2019 03:45
#BREAKING: A senior administration official tells @Acosta that ICE deportation raids are under way.
Latin and American 14/07/2019 02:17
Yes it is bad...but we have to remember he is distracting from the connection with pedophile Epstein. His labor secretary, Acosta, quit because its about to get worse. Eyes on the price.
Richard W. Painter 14/07/2019 01:28
Ken Starr spent millions going after Clinton for having sex with a 21 year old woman, defended Epstein who had sex with multiple 15 year old girls and now calls Acosta's sweetheart deal for Epstein "tough." So, how's Baylor football these days? https://   #FoxNews
Glenn Kirschner 14/07/2019 12:44
10. Acosta’s conduct is unethical not to mention arrogant, demeaning and disrespectful of the dozens of Epstein’s young sexual assault victims. Acosta is the antithesis of what a prosecutor should be. Acosta must be held accountable for this staggering misconduct. Full stop.
Glenn Kirschner 14/07/2019 12:44
9. While hiding it from the victims Acosta was deciding that he would get lawyers for the victims - and that Epstein could decide who those lawyers would be AND Epstein would pay for those lawyers. This is what we call A CONFLICT OF INTEREST! This is not how things work!
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