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Fouqia Wajid 20/05/2020 12:07
Finished listening to The Twice-Born by Aatish Taseer. https://www. audible.in/pd/1684571995? source_code=APITMANDROIDAPP0824160004   …
How the Buddha Got His Face Mon, 11 May 2020 06:06:00 GMT
His image is so commonplace that you could believe it must always have existed — yet for six centuries after his death, he was never once depicted in human form.
Panchanan 25/05/2020 03:12
A must read for hardcore fundamentalists from RoP @Javedakhtarjadu @khanumarfa @asadowaisi @jaavedjaaferi @_sabanaqvi @RanaAyyub @tehseenp @AzmiShabana @SalmanNizami_ @aamir_khan @ImranKhanPTI @shahid_siddiqui @tufailelif @SadiqKhan @AatishTaseer @BDUTT https://www. nayaindia.com/main-stories/d id-emperor-akbar-leave-islam-74469.html   …
A brave new world Sat, 09 May 2020 06:41:00 GMT
1. Aatish Taseer, author New York distorts time and space anyway — it’s an island, very compressed but at the same time, there are tremendous layers to it. Contrary to what people may believe, there ...
Sounds like every Hindu mythology one can think of
Central Asia was once home to several bustling trade cities. Today, traveling through them reawakens a distant, though not forgotten, past.
We're Kushans not introduced to Jain? Curious as to if there was a reason they preferred Buddhism vs Jainism? Or that Jainism was more or less still Hinduism in another form?
And that's got Aatish Taseer thinking about how much the royal family has and hasn't changed. He's a novelist who had a view into their world in his 20s when he dated the daughter of the prince ...
Raj Thakur 25/05/2020 12:48
Give a little time to your country Terroristan. Otherwise, China will make you clean their toilets after 10 years.
The last time Aatish Taseer saw his father was on December 27, 2007, the night that Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. It was a shattering moment for Salmaan Taseer, 66, the governor of the Punjab ...
ارطغرل‎ 24/05/2020 10:56
@AatishTaseer did you ever tried to count Ur number of fathers?
Naukar Shah I.A.S. 24/05/2020 05:13
Please Ignore the stupid comments by Pakistani Jihadi @AatishTaseer & Canadian dolt Fake economist @rupasubramanya
Naukar Shah I.A.S. 24/05/2020 04:34
Also read about her crooked Pakistani Son @AatishTaseer who plied UK Queen's niece with drugs & later tried to trap her into marriage... but came out as Gay & ended becoming the wife of @PRyanDavis ! https:// m.telegraphindia.com/india/backlash -after-royal-kiss-and-tell/cid/1343537   …
Amrit lal 24/05/2020 03:33
Can you imagine???? a mosque without prayer a fast without Iftar a Iftar without family.... A family without food.... Ramdan without giving... Lets give something....Lets make difference #EidUlFitr @harish_jakhar_0 @b_jakhar007 @AatishTaseer
Mukesh Kumar Singh 24/05/2020 04:19
Aatish Taseer suspension of Indian citizenship on ground of concealing truth, I consider good reason to celebrate. Until now privileged class could do anything - way above the law! Thank you Modi Ji for kicking this duplicate man out! @tavleen_singh https:// twitter.com/dhume/status/1 264363557015207936   …
Victor 24/05/2020 01:40
Just in case you were wondering - I am a Sudra.
Victor 24/05/2020 01:31
I entirely agree with Huxley's amused description of one form of modern Hindu folly. I am proud of Hindu civilization and determined to SMASH TO ATOMS any damned Muslim or Christian who criticises it unfairly - but am entirely happy with justified criticisms.
Kramer 24/05/2020 01:24
@AatishTaseer OCI card fir v nahi milega
sc st person 23/05/2020 03:27
Tell me one thing gay guy if camel dung is also halal for u like #camelurine ? Cc @tavleen_singh
Omkar Ray 22/05/2020 08:25
Indian ho ya test tube baby ho be
Sakshi 22/05/2020 01:17
5 of 5 stars to The Way Things Were by Aatish Taseer https:// goodreads.com/review/show/32 94461804   …
ash317 22/05/2020 08:32
Even his Mummy disses him
ash317 22/05/2020 08:30
Your Mummy wants some kickbacks from the bids???
Suren Kumar 21/05/2020 11:39
Anish Kapoor lost his marbles long time ago.
Victor 21/05/2020 03:46
Bosh. To write good history and political analysis you have to be honest. But to write good fiction all it takes is talent. Many great writers - like Dostoyevsky - were dishonest from beginning to end; in his case a vicious anti-Semite gibbering about Christian compassion.
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