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Best tweets:

Iced 17/05/2020 04:06
It’s ok, your bullied. You’ll get through this, bts is not The way
BHM Indivisible 25/05/2020 12:40
Please consider donating to the #DougJones2020 campaign. Even a few dollars will make a difference if enough of us do it! #ALSen #alpolitics https:// omepage1   …
Iced 18/05/2020 04:24
Listen your gay I’m sorry but it’s the truth gay boy
Chris Lee 25/05/2020 01:08
Another day, another piece of legislation introduced by @SenDougJones (D-AL). Jones filed a bill that “would create tax deductions for businesses to repurpose existing facilities or build new ones, so Alabama workers could make those items.” #ALSen https:// ews/sen-doug-jones-introduces-legislation-to-bring-medical-manufacturing-jobs-to-alabama/   …
beverly. 22/05/2020 09:17
im not baby, alsen
tigergrad 17/05/2020 08:42
Hey Alabama! Don’t let @jeffsessions back in government! Vote @TTuberville #TeamTub #ALSen
BeyondTheMargin 25/05/2020 01:24
#ALSEN - we NEED Jeff Sessions back in the Senate https:// us/1264726538307530752   …
Chris Lee 25/05/2020 01:20
While some #ALSen candidates who shall not be named are engaging in petulant, self-aggrandizing arguments on Twitter, Senator Jones is working around the clock to protect Alabama jobs.
Brian E. Logan 25/05/2020 01:06
Ann Coulter is angry because she knows that Tommy Tuberville has tons of skeletons in his closet and might lose against @DougJones! #ALSen #ALPolitics
Lizzie Grams 25/05/2020 12:38
Putting Alabamians' health and safety first Championing health care manufacturing Working for #OneAlabama Our campaign might look different right now, but we're incredibly proud to be on Team Doug @DougJonesHQ #ALpolitics #ALsen https://www. d-the-pandemic-a-campaign-in-hibernation/   …
Im a Linda too 24/05/2020 06:30
But you can't provide any real reporting from him directly stating what you claim, just fake memes that don't even say what you're trying to infer. You know what that makes you, right? #TommyForAlaBAMA #ALSen
Im a Linda too 24/05/2020 06:06
How about some reality. 1st, he was not in politics AS MOST with a brain know to be pushing cheap labor policy. 2nd, Answering the call to serve, his policy positions are as follows. NOPE, don't see NeoCon talking points, for cheap labor here. https://   #ALSen
Im a Linda too 24/05/2020 06:02
How do I feel about your lies? Hmmm Please provide something FROM TOMMY TUBERVILE that states he supports shipping in foreign cheap labor over Americans. I'll wait. #ALSen
Elizabeth l Maness 24/05/2020 03:13
Wait but @TTuberville the @realDonaldTrump anointed Republican choice for #alsen race says it’s no big deal and we shouldn’t worry about China? #Vote @jeffsessions https:// us/1264350309599465473   …
James Crane 24/05/2020 01:57
Say whatever you want about @jeffsessions but the fact remains true. Jeff Sessions has a record that shows he is strong on immigration! #ALSen
BSCBell 24/05/2020 01:15
Number 1, I had to unblock to see this trash tweet from the current White House occupant. Number 2, actually glad for the opportunity to point out that ol’ Tommy is completely wrong for the US Senate - so unqualified & unprepared that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know #ALSen
Andy Forbes 24/05/2020 03:09
The Twitter fight between @jeffsessions and @realDonaldTrump is really something to behold. Guess Sessions realizes he’s a goner. Bring on the popcorn! #ALSen
Im a Linda too 24/05/2020 12:23
#ALSen Send a FIGHTER for the people and the rule of laws, SEND TOMMY TUBERVILLE! https:// atus/1264345649547325441   …
John Sharp 23/05/2020 11:23
Saturday Night's Main Event #alpolitics #ALSen https:// p/status/1264328744682078208   …
Raw Story 23/05/2020 11:03
Trump tells Jeff Sessions to 'drop out' of Alabama Senate race: 'Hopefully this slime will pay a big price' #ALsen https://www. tells-jeff-sessions-to-drop-out-of-alabama-senate-race-hopefully-this-slime-will-pay-a-big-price/   …
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