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Ai 15/09/2019 09:40
What is he doing......
With the AI revolution solidly underway, tech’s top 5 companies are investing huge amounts of money into AI development and AI engineering talent. Meanwhile, VC investments in AI startups are at ...
Ai 15/09/2019 09:05
All the members introduced themselves in english. I know it's super short but the mere fact that they all used english, so a lot could understand them even without the translator is very much appreciated.
Climate change and artificial intelligence will reshape the future of investing, according to an analysis that indicates that much of the asset management industry is badly prepared for these twin ...
Ai issa clown   🤡 15/09/2019 03:31
The power of Hirai Momo
The power of Hirai Momo<br>
There is a scene in Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence where the robot character played by Haley Joel Osment meets the other versions of himself. This robot who wants nothing more than to ...
Ai 15/09/2019 07:41
Siwoo is obviously a Byun. He really looks like his uncle Baekhyun. Cuuute!! (Baekbeom posted this himself so I guess it's fine to post it here. )
Siwoo is obviously a Byun. He really looks like his uncle Baekhyun. Cuuute!!   (Baekbeom posted this himself so I guess it's fine to post it here. )<br>
While tech giants like Google and Amazon build and invest in a multitude of artificial intelligence applications to grow their businesses, a startup has raised a big round of funding to help those ...
Welcome Back: Half Album Welcome Back: Full Album New Kids: Begin New Kids: Return New Kids: Continue New Kids: The Final The New Kids (Repackaged Album) Japan Albums Thanks To the iKON's Albums producer: Kim Hanbin / B.I #GratefulToKimHanbin #비아이
BOT or NOT? This special series explores the evolving relationship between humans and machines, examining the ways that robots, artificial intelligence and automation are impacting our work and lives.
  💜 ai 15/09/2019 05:53
Ai 15/09/2019 08:45
Baekhyun's "I love you" at the end of UN Village perf. I love him! Must be protected!!
ai ♛ 15/09/2019 01:25
Flexing my gurL
ai~sha  🥀 15/09/2019 08:18
Don’t know about any other relation but NO bhaiiii behen k liye i can VOUCH for Ohhh madam ji main tera bhai nahi h #AditiRathore #ZainImam #Naamkarann
ai • on7off 15/09/2019 04:56
Someone recognized Minseok and saw him with his mother at a cinema yesterday Glad to hear that he looks healthy.
ai ꈍᴗꈍ 15/09/2019 03:11
the father of my kids
OnePlus India 15/09/2019 12:42
With an increased focus on AI, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 adapts to the way you use your phone. Play bigger games with better graphics and get more performance than ever before Experience it on the OnePlus 7 Pro -
“ ‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.” —Alice Walker 4 Years already, n still Thank You Kim Hanbin You worked hard and did A LOT already. still #GratefulToKimHanbin #비아이
zerohedge 15/09/2019 02:00
Mind-Reading AI Could Mean The End Of Humanity https://www. d-reading-ai-could-mean-end-humanity   …
ai 15/09/2019 11:47
ai ☆ ☾ ia :( 15/09/2019 10:01
y’all rlly thought u wouldn’t see this vid in ur tl again
:) 15/09/2019 09:41
Salut, J’ai envie de refaire ma tl donc rt si t’aime les animes et je te follow ! Naruto Kuroko no basket Tokyo ghoul Sword Art Online Assassination classroom Dragon ball Bunny Girls senpai Your lie in April Inazuma eleven Darling in the franxx Erased Fma Snk (No Flop svp)
Mischa (Muyra) 15/09/2019 08:50
Elon Musk's plan to replicate the human brain with AI just received $1bn from Microsoft https://www. gets-and-tech/news/elon-musk-ai-openai-microsoft-artificial-intelligence-funding-a9016736.html   …
AA™ 15/09/2019 09:43
#HomoSexualRamCharan Come on ecfs
S? | كود نون ADLU 15/09/2019 01:38
Just Cristiano
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