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Austin 17/10/2019 03:04
Richard Ramirez and Mr. Jingles leaving camp redwood #AHS1984
Richard Ramirez and Mr. Jingles leaving camp redwood #AHS1984  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/ubvlvgcNPK
While the Camp Redwood counselors delve further into the bloody mystery of their summer camp, these AHS: 1984 group costumes for Halloween 2019 are the perfect way to rock some '80s style this ...
WAIT, they’re going to LA, you know what else is in LA? #AHS1984
WAIT, they’re going to LA, you know what else is in LA? #AHS1984  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/qn9HDXmYM8
Related: AHS 1984 finally revealed the big twist, but are there more twists coming? Although no doubt disappointing for fans, Paulson's work schedule is pretty hectic as it is. Reflecting on how the ...
payton 17/10/2019 03:12
so if everyone is coming back, where are ALL the campers that margaret killed in the 70s? #AHS1984
so if everyone is coming back, where are ALL the campers that margaret killed in the 70s? #AHS1984  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/CBcNcnxA9e
One episode could be a pulse-pounding stunner that sets the season on a path to greatness, while the next could take a doomed turn into unwatchable trash. And for as much as “AHS: 1984” wants to break ...
Margaret thinking of how she’s gonna blame Brooke for all the murders while they were arresting her #AHS1984
It’s a little bit hard to believe that we’re at the halfway point of “AHS: 1984” — hard to believe because after five episodes we still have no real idea where they’re going with this whole thing. And ...
ThunderGodKiyro770 17/10/2019 03:11
Me trying to figure out where the fuck this season is going after that episode #AHS1984
Or will his focus remaining on taking out Margaret? And is it as simple as unfinished business for both men? There are still five episodes left, so we imagine there are more twists to come, and ...
q2950 17/10/2019 02:44
Everytime i see them trusting Margaret & trying to help her #AHS1984
The kids watching Brooke kill Montana #AHS1984
The kids watching Brooke kill Montana #AHS1984  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/7ul7qSzgZj
payton 17/10/2019 02:54
CAMP REDWOOD IS ANOTHER MURDER HOUSE #AHS1984  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/jY85fFE5HN
RCE 17/10/2019 02:34
Brooke really got her coochie popped by dead man dick LMFAOOOO #AHS1984
a fan or whateva 17/10/2019 02:43
margaret hun that’s not jesus or the lord speaking to you that’s schizophrenia #ahs1984
NewGirlRae 17/10/2019 02:07
So everyone a murder except Mr. Jingles?? #AHS1984
SICK SAD WORLD  👁 17/10/2019 02:23
You mean to tell me Chet’s Olympic muscle ass couldn’t out beat Margaret’s 5’4 short ass & he died like that??? #AHS1984
priscilla fugitt 17/10/2019 02:32
Oh so we just gonna hook up in the dead ass middle of a murder fest? That’s what we doing? #ahs1984
fran • ahs1984 18/10/2019 02:03
demi lovato smiling appreciation tweet
demi lovato smiling appreciation tweet<br>http://pic.twitter.com/JtRsByTgC5
AmericanHorrorStory 17/10/2019 05:43
Don't get too excited… #AHS1984
AmericanHorrorStory 17/10/2019 02:50
Welcome to Camp Redwood? #AHS1984
AHS 1984 18/10/2019 08:21
Dylan McDermott has officially joined the cast of "American Horror Story: 1984 #AHS1984
AmericanHorrorStory 19/10/2019 04:00
Donna picked the wrong place to hide. #AHS1984
AmericanHorrorStory 17/10/2019 02:44
We're back again to check on Xavier fans out there. Y'okay? #AHS1984
AmericanHorrorStory 17/10/2019 02:55
At least she didn't lose her sense of humor. #AHS1984
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