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adiam 23/02/2019 12:58
#rihannaBirthdayOutfit Nov 8th. #Rihanna is screaming Scorpio in this outfit
#rihannaBirthdayOutfit   Nov 8th.   #Rihanna is screaming Scorpio in this outfit<br>
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bri baby   ✨ 23/02/2019 12:50
how are you babyyyy
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Dos   ✨ 22/02/2019 11:14
Excuse me
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lupe   🌙 22/02/2019 09:05
Adiam 22/02/2019 09:02
Well well well. There goes your "anchwa of Nakfa" PFDJ/YPFDJ. https:// /status/1099017383312646144   …
Jamal wedi Massawa 22/02/2019 07:40
way u wont revelution eritrawi blad for a dectator say #eritrea #ethiopia 1 peple 1 cantry, u wont eritra ethiopia 1 cantry? way u sey this crezy things adiam.
Adiam 22/02/2019 05:51
They so and rhe sounders in Seattle have even more
Adiam 22/02/2019 05:42
We should have left them in Shire
Adiam 22/02/2019 05:36
Its 105m people what do you expect?
Adiam 22/02/2019 05:34
Sariah Adiam Samira 22/02/2019 05:34
When you become consistent with things it becomes nature and habit
Adiam 22/02/2019 05:31
Get your land back
Adiam 22/02/2019 08:41
All that mouth and can't fight for shit
Adiam 22/02/2019 08:18
A September 2018 account os that when u decided you had rights? Give Finfine back
Adiam 21/02/2019 05:30
Leave Badme
Adiam 21/02/2019 06:29
Y’all! I got a 92% on my final and I could cry right now.
Adiam 20/02/2019 07:54
I think she is a member of the "dysfunctional idiots association....a.k.a DIA"
Adiam 20/02/2019 02:41
Exactly. DIA clearly and loudly said, "we don't need borders" and the YPFDJ/PFDJ are using their "YPFDJ nonsense dictionary" to translate it, as usual.
Adiam 20/02/2019 09:29
Now, initially I wanted to say so much, but then again I thought YPFDJ/PFDJ should get a chance to explain . Yea, even you (ypfdj/pfdj) should be given the "benefit of the doubt" that you shamelessly deny and kill/abduct any Eritrean who asks for it. Now, please explain . https:// s/1098145676591071232   …
Dos   ✨ 20/02/2019 05:39
Yes y’all do. Miss you too sis, you’ve been mia!
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