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Juliana: “They asked me if I was a prostitute”. Michael: “We met at a celebrity yacht party in Croatia”. Us & US agent: #90DayFiance
Can this be love at first sight? See how smitten Mike is after seeing photos of Natalie for the first time in this exclusive sneak peek of "90 Day Fiance"! celebrity gossip. Check out the hottest ...
Shay 11/11/2019 03:02
You went on a whole cruise but your son doesn’t have a bed. Just throw the whole man away #90DayFiance
John Legend is Sexiest Man Alive for all of the obvious reasons (Those dimples! That voice! The integrity!) but there’s also some little-known, super hot reasons he’s earned top-billing this year. The ...
TLC really outdid themselves with this series. This is truly the shit show that just keeps on giving; and for that I am so thankful. #90DayFiance
Network president and general manager Howard Lee recalls Jon and Kate Gosselin's "very special" divorce episode and why "the best programming prompts extreme polar reactions." Howard Lee goes where he ...
Visagirl 11/11/2019 01:45
"Where the wind blows, there a man flies. His family will not keep him." #90dayfiance
Deavan Clegg is urging people to research before getting cosmetic procedures done after she experienced lip injections gone wrong. The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star revealed this week that a ...
JackieMac 11/11/2019 01:59
I’ll bet Larissa is looking at Juliana like “DAMN, why couldn’t I have met Michael and not Colt-E”. #90DayFiance
90 Day Fiance season 7 couple Anna and Mursel continued to face a language barrier and also a definite dealbreaker in their relationship on Sunday's episode. Anna and Mursel, both 38, met on Facebook ...
D.V 11/11/2019 01:45
Sasha’s ex has cleared up everything. So the truth is, he cheated on wife #1 with wife #2 and got her pregnant. He then cheated on wife #2 with soon-to-be wife #3 who is now pregnant. Yeah okay he seems like a great guy #90DayFiance
Stephanie Collins 11/11/2019 08:08
Mursel in every scene. #90DayFiance
Checkered Flagg 11/11/2019 03:54
Mursel can't speak English, hates pizza, wears a towel around his waist, her kids don't like him AND he hasn't told his parents that Anna has 3 children Anna: "He likes bees...we're a perfect match" #90DayFiance
Tor Tor 11/11/2019 02:07
Anny, after being alone with Bryson #90DayFiance
MR MONEY IN THE DANK 11/11/2019 01:48
when the edible hits #90dayfiance
KayyDott 11/11/2019 02:54
Imagine having to babysit Bryson and Drucilla at the same time. #90DayFiance
Sam 11/11/2019 01:46
Whenever Emily is put on the spot, she starts to feel ill. Hmm? #90DayFiance
maya 11/11/2019 01:55
“You’re a poor Brazilian girl when I’m not here and a rich American when I am” #90DayFiance
Truth 11/11/2019 02:07
I wonder if Anny knows Pedro? #90DayFiance
Bryson desperately wants a mom. Robert desperately wants a babysitter and Anny desperately wants an iPhone & a fuck! #90DayFiance
Syngin to Tania: I really want some alone time with you.... Tania’s friends: #90DayFiance
Lisa J 11/11/2019 02:03
My Husband: These Plathville folks are giving off a Flowers in the Attic vibe. #90DayFiance
Tony Bahama 11/11/2019 01:33
Littering in the name of love #90DayFiance
Littering in the name of love #90DayFiance <br>http://pic.twitter.com/bT5i6Sr04p
Tony Bahama 11/11/2019 04:24
Anna: Just be yourself. Mursel: #90DayFiance
lännette 11/11/2019 10:26
#90DayFiance if Juliana is so poor, why does she have so many stamps on her passport ? How did she get to a yacht party in Croatia? Answer: shes a call girl
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