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Im pissed i had to use my 3usiness page to do this 3ut this scary fake ass niGCa 3loCc us he dont want no smoke was just shook in Philly on my kids he was...now surf home u gangsta huh?? Cool keep that energy https:// twitter.com/RelaxwellpourS /status/1162812283518705664   …
Walmart may have decided to keep guns on its shelves following the massacre that left 22 dead in one of its El Paso locations earlier this month, but not all firearm retailers are standing pat in ...
Aithusa Bˢᵛ $Mike 05/08/2019 07:30
You wouldn't get it. Hodl your BTC, lambros. It's just weather data amirite? $BSV #Bitcoin #Fintech #3usiness
A new digital currency based on a global basket of goods would provide equilibrium, says Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, Carney also said the trade war is dampening business confidence around ...
Holla at em and C where his head at wit that chit ccuz...I had love for ccuz...me Rex and Bad1 made it our 3usiness to reach out to him when he got shot fool and make sure he was straight 3ut he made his choice fool and came at Rex too smh no they turned there 3aCc on em smh
A crowd of nearly 300 people came out on Aug. 22 to recognize 33 health care industry workers and volunteers at the Phoenix Business Journal's Health Care Heroes event. The annual awards celebration, ...
А.Балжинням 16/07/2019 03:25
~ Route from millionaire to billionaire George Lucas: 22 years Richard Branson: 18 years Oprah Winfrey: 17 years Elon Musk: 14 years Sara Blakely: 12 years Mark Cuban: 8 years Bill Gates: 5 years Jeff Bezos: 2 years Mark Zuckerberg: 1 year #3usiness #Entrepreneurship #Vision
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana's governor is joining state business executives on a weeklong trip to Japan and South Korea next month, followed by a two-week trip to China and India. The Indiana Economic ...
Norbert Elekes 30/04/2019 04:40
Largest hotel companies by market cap Great Eagle: $3bn Wyndham: $4bn Hyatt Hotels: $8bn OCT: $10bn InterContinental: $12bn Accor: $12bn Hilton: $26bn Oriental: $38bn Marriott: $46bn (Apr ’19) #3usiness #Tourism
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Chamber of Commerce rebuffed President Donald Trump’s call Friday that U.S. businesses begin immediately looking for alternatives for operations in China after China ...
Norbert Elekes 29/04/2019 01:50
Most relevant brands in the US 10. Samsung 9. Disney 8. Pixar 7. Spotify 6. Android 5. Pinterest 4. Netflix 3. Amazon 2. Google 1. Apple (Prophet) #3usiness #Tech
Norbert Elekes 28/04/2019 03:49
Most valuable personal care companies Henkel: $42bn Kimberly-Clark: $43bn Reckitt Benckiser: $57bn Colgate-Palmolive: $61bn Estee Lauder: $62bn L'Oreal: $159bn Unilever: $191bn P&G: $266bn (Apr ’19) #3usiness #Health
Saudi   🕊 13/04/2019 07:34
mix that thang w some pussy & you in 3usiness
Mark McDonnell 07/04/2019 05:39
Annual #research & #development spending Microsoft + Alphabet $29 billion Amazon: $23 billion Facebook: $8 billion (only) lacking #AI (Bloomberg) #3usiness #Research
Annual #research & #development spending Microsoft + Alphabet $29 billion  Amazon:   $23 billion  Facebook:  $8 billion (only) lacking #AI  (Bloomberg) #3usiness #Research<br>http://pic.twitter.com/LPWwfFsHDi
thedurham 25/03/2019 03:30
Top 10 tech cities to live and work 10. Paris 9. Montreal 8. Amsterdam 7. Los Angeles 6. Tel Aviv 5. Boston 4. San Francisco 3. Toronto 2. Austin 1. Berlin (ExpertMarket) #3usiness #Tech
Shan  ✌ 24/03/2019 10:38
Attitude > Talent (talent can always be taught but attitude you cannot) #3usiness https:// twitter.com/scottbelsky/st atus/1109816151524012033   …
Aithusa Bˢᵛ $Mike 21/03/2019 11:01
DO YOU SEE THE ECOSYSTEM YET?! Don't worry, you ain't seen nothin' yet! #Bitcoin $BSV #METANET #BringTheOasis #Developers #Business #3usiness #BitcoinSV #cryptocurrency #blockchain The #4thIndustrialRevolution will be #ONchain https:// twitter.com/FivebucksC/sta tus/1108723623165128709   …
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Companies founded by college students 1923, Briton Hadden & Henry Luce: Time 1971, Frederick Smith: FedEx 1975, Bill Gates & Paul Allen: Microsoft 1984, Michael Dell: Dell 1998, Larry Page & Sergey Brin: Google 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook #3usiness #Entrepreneur #ceo
Abhishek Mathur 12/03/2019 06:08
Most valuable brand in each country Mexico: Pemex Italy: Eni Australia: Telstra Canada: RBC UK: BP France: Orange Germany: Mercedes-Benz China: ICBC US: Amazon (BrandFinance) #3usiness #Branding
CEO names inspired by President Trump Tim Apple Satya Microsoft Elon Spacex Susan Youtube Daniel Alibaba Ginni Ibm Jack Square Ramon Pepsico Safra Oracle Jim Caterpillar Can you add more? #CEO #3usiness
Domain Magazine 04/03/2019 05:51
RT thedomains: RT NorbertElekes: SpaceX’s valuation 2002: $27 million (funding: $12 million) 2010: $1 billion 2019: $30 billion (PitchBook) #3usiness #Space
Aithusa Bˢᵛ $Mike 25/02/2019 12:32
Sooner or later, everyone comes back to ₿itcoin (₿SV). It's just business. #Bitcoin #BSV #Business #3usiness #Tech #Build #blockchain #cryptocurrency
Online Account Filing 21/02/2019 03:49
Such a remarkable clip! Drastic growth of Apple and Google in the last decade is absolutely worth to watch! #business #growth #apple #innovation #socialmedia #biztips #inspire #believe #motivate #3usiness #LinkedIn https://www. linkedin.com/feed/update/ur n:li:activity:6504353811782463488   …
WordPress Expert 20/02/2019 09:46
I deliver high converting modern website that not only looks good also perform at the heights. Check my gig on fiverr and Get your website done: https:// goo.gl/nLgAno   #WebsiteDesign #WebsiteRedesign #WordPressWebsite #HighConverting #3usiness #Website #CEO https:// twitter.com/NorbertElekes/ status/1095037489969090567   …
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