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Norbert Elekes 20/04/2019 01:08
Most valuable nation brands 10. South Korea 9. India (-1) 8. Italy (+1) 7. Canada 6. France 5. Japan (-1) 4. UK (+1) 3. Germany 2. China 1. US (BrandFinance) #3usiness #Brand
Despite market uncertainty, business spend sentiment is increasing in aggregate across industries and within retail and financial services SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 25, 2019 ...
Norbert Elekes 15/04/2019 03:04
Most relevant brands in Germany 10. WhatsApp 9. PayPal 8. Miele 7. PlayStation 6. Spotify 5. Lego 4. Android 3. Google 2. Amazon 1. Apple (Prophet) #3usiness #Germany
Mark Zuckerberg gave a few more details on his plan to split Facebook in two during the company's earning call on Wednesday. Zuckerberg first laid out his radical plan to split Facebook's product in a ...
Norbert Elekes 13/04/2019 02:05
Most valuable fast food brands 10. Chipotle 9. Taco Bell 8. Burger King 7. Tim Hortons 6. Pizza Hut 5. Domino’s Pizza 4. KFC 3. Subway 2. Starbucks 1. McDonald’s (Kantar) #3usiness #Food
(Bloomberg) -- Orders placed with U.S. factories for business equipment rose by the most in eight months in March as a broader measure also saw surprising strength, signs corporate investment is ...
thedurham 25/03/2019 03:30
Top 10 tech cities to live and work 10. Paris 9. Montreal 8. Amsterdam 7. Los Angeles 6. Tel Aviv 5. Boston 4. San Francisco 3. Toronto 2. Austin 1. Berlin (ExpertMarket) #3usiness #Tech
Cable giant Comcast missed first quarter revenue estimates but showed strong growth across several lines of business. In the first quarter, Comcast reported net income of $3.18 billion, or 66 cents a ...
Shan  ✌ 24/03/2019 10:38
Attitude > Talent (talent can always be taught but attitude you cannot) #3usiness https:// twitter.com/scottbelsky/st atus/1109816151524012033   …
Orders placed with U.S. factories for business equipment rose by the most in eight months in March as a broader measure also saw surprising strength, signs corporate investment is regaining its ...
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Earthly Review   🌍 14/03/2019 05:36
Companies founded by college students 1923, Briton Hadden & Henry Luce: Time 1971, Frederick Smith: FedEx 1975, Bill Gates & Paul Allen: Microsoft 1984, Michael Dell: Dell 1998, Larry Page & Sergey Brin: Google 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook #3usiness #Entrepreneur #ceo
Abhishek Mathur 12/03/2019 06:08
Most valuable brand in each country Mexico: Pemex Italy: Eni Australia: Telstra Canada: RBC UK: BP France: Orange Germany: Mercedes-Benz China: ICBC US: Amazon (BrandFinance) #3usiness #Branding
CEO names inspired by President Trump Tim Apple Satya Microsoft Elon Spacex Susan Youtube Daniel Alibaba Ginni Ibm Jack Square Ramon Pepsico Safra Oracle Jim Caterpillar Can you add more? #CEO #3usiness
Domain Magazine 04/03/2019 05:51
RT thedomains: RT NorbertElekes: SpaceX’s valuation 2002: $27 million (funding: $12 million) 2010: $1 billion 2019: $30 billion (PitchBook) #3usiness #Space
Once again! The rapid growth of Apple is something worth watching people! It’s remarkable to see how booming was Apple’s rank jumping in just 2 years. #businessgrowth #BrandAmbassador #3usiness #biztips https:// twitter.com/ianbremmer/sta tus/1098664826598027266   …
Astonishing! Top 15 brands that rule the business realm in last two decades. ⁦The rapid growth of Apple around 2012-2013 is something that you’ve never seen before. #3usiness #business #biztips #inspiring #brandmanagement https://www. linkedin.com/feed/update/ur n:li:activity:6504354893556379648   …
Onlineaccountfiling 21/02/2019 03:49
Such a remarkable clip! Drastic growth of Apple and Google in the last decade is absolutely worth to watch! #business #growth #apple #innovation #socialmedia #biztips #inspire #believe #motivate #3usiness #LinkedIn https://www. linkedin.com/feed/update/ur n:li:activity:6504353811782463488   …
WordPress Expert 20/02/2019 09:46
I deliver high converting modern website that not only looks good also perform at the heights. Check my gig on fiverr and Get your website done: https:// goo.gl/nLgAno   #WebsiteDesign #WebsiteRedesign #WordPressWebsite #HighConverting #3usiness #Website #CEO https:// twitter.com/NorbertElekes/ status/1095037489969090567   …
EYT Ahmet M. 13/02/2019 05:26
World's most powerful CEOs 9. Elon Musk, Tesla 8. Tim Cook, Apple 7. Doug McMillon, Walmart 6. Jack Ma, Alibaba exec 5. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan 4. Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway 3. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook 2. Larry Page, Alphabet 1. Jeff Bezos, Amazon (Forbes) #3usiness #CEO
Biggest auto companies by market cap Honda: $50 billion BMW: $53 billion Tesla: $53 billion GM: $55 billion SAIC: $56 billion Daimler: $60 billion VW: $83 billion Toyota: $195 billion (Jan ’19) #3usiness #Automotive
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