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☻ 24/08/2019 12:16
Hanbin’s past life: Jobless, homeless but FREE. #131YoungWildFree
#R9|Hanbin stan 24/08/2019 01:01
He was so happy! #131YoungWildFree
Kanita   πŸ₯ 24/08/2019 07:49
I just compiled a few quotes of Hanbin based on what he has said and some of his song lyrics. Every word has meaning which means and to be strength for me always waiting for him @ikon_shxxbi #131YoungWildFree
Ω§ 24/08/2019 12:17
Day46 with this video and 74 days have passed since the start of this fucking nightmare i don’t know how many times i’ve been saying that but i rlly miss u so bad #131YoungWildFree
☻ 24/08/2019 01:14
I remember Hanbin was just busy doing his YOUNG, WILD and FREE sign to an iKONIC in the crowd before he was announced as MMA 2018’s Best Songwriter #131YoungWildFree
This is what i called young wild and free. Or lost their braincell? #131YoungWildFree
벨✿ 24/08/2019 12:58
He will come back stronger! @ikon_shxxbi #131YoungWildFree
kai 24/08/2019 12:14
my sunshine i miss you #131YoungWildFree
"The iKON that I imagine is always going to be young, wild and free." - Kim Hanbin #131YoungWildFree
  πŸ”œ BH 24/08/2019 12:03
Hanbin: iKON gonna have another comeback YG:NO H: makes iKON's comeback H:creates Love Scenario and sends it to YG YG:rejects the song H: releases it and wins BEST SONGWRITER, SOTY,AOTY H: *notices ikonics want ikon tv* YG:No H: makes ikontv happen -Always #131YoungWildFree
I hope that one day you can truly be young, wild, and free and do whatever the fuck you want without having a company hold u down...I love & miss you Hanbin #131YoungWildFree
#R9|Hanbin stan 24/08/2019 12:35
Look at how he was feeling himself #131YoungWildFree
γ„· 24/08/2019 01:09
seeing him smile just effortlessly warms my heart #131YoungWildFree
THE GLOW UP !!! #131YoungWildFree
THE GLOW UP !!!   #131YoungWildFree <br>http://pic.twitter.com/XMQ7IdQzpF
  πŸ”œ BH 23/08/2019 11:19
the way hanbin is young wild & free to slap jinhwan's butt whenever he wants even when they had won an award and jinhwan giving the speech! jinhwan felt kinda shy and embarrassed telling hanbin to stop but hanbin went harder #binhwan #131YoungWildFree
FAyi_xxbi 24/08/2019 01:19
When Hanbin change his rep part. Young Wild Free, yes you are, precious boys β™‘ γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ #131YoungWildFree
The way Hanbin sneezes with his entire body. #131YoungWildFree
I want this beautiful smile back .. be well and see you soon Hanbinah #131YoungWildFree @ikon_shxxbi
☻ 24/08/2019 12:10
Mic check 1, 2 Hanbinie imnida.. My dear iKONIC, Thank you for coming and I hope I can see you for long. Stay HEALTHY, YOUNG, WILD AND FREE as always. Love. #131YoungWildFree
  πŸ”œ Mayar 24/08/2019 06:41
Let's shut the acc down report @.namjoonjuice Retweet please #131YoungWildFree
Let's shut the acc down   report @.namjoonjuice   Retweet please  #131YoungWildFree <br>http://pic.twitter.com/E30VcCelZ1
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