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Beat Prod. By Sunny 13/12/2019 11:49
https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=8WsjzC 8paSM&list=UUWMZBUzpfnfRMlNjptiXaKQ   … Need Beats? Dm [email protected] +330652875290 #sendbeats #needbeats #beat #beats #beatmaker #beatforsale #beatsforsale #beat4sale #beats4sale #trap #trapbeat #trapbeats #instrumental #instrumentals #producer #firebeats #fyebeats #fireonly #sunny
You're more likely to hear a Skrillex breakbeat than an organ at the Revolution Church in Gary, Indiana. The pastor wears a fitted cap and sneakers as he leads his service at the speed of 140 beats ...
come my friends .this ride cruising at 125bpm and climbing up for the sunrise, majic poppet ridem https://www. pscp.tv/w/cMFc6jFlZGpu Z3ZNWHF6RW98MVlwS2tZdlFhUGRKagofCbbgnxw6rdHkXkTLB3VloCspSRb9gfO9XU6HfoU9   …
Rolling along at 125bpm, this is the beat against which the following cross-rhythmic parts will be juxtaposed. Step 2: For our first cross-rhythm, let’s bring a 3/4 percussion part into play. We start ...
tB 10/12/2019 05:51
Overload | Emotional #TypeBeat 125BPM by tB HealthySickness https:// soundclick.com/r/s8aphy   #dark #sad #emotional #deep #cinematic #dramatic #soft #eerie #soundclick
He tweeted: 'My heart rate monitor today. Lunchtime in the gym. This evening ... penalties!' Andrew Stuart's pulse reached 125bpm. He wrote: 'My heart rate, six weeks after heart valve surgery, during ...
LEE 09/12/2019 03:57
Come save me from a 125bpm set tomorrow by telling them to #FREELEE
Come save me from a 125bpm set tomorrow by telling them to #FREELEE<br>http://pic.twitter.com/A16vp1fvvD
When you’re at 170-175bpm everything’s going to occur over a short amount of time, whereas I’m operating at, like 125bpm, which gives the hits more space to breathe. So I’m using stuff that’s been ...
DJ Crosznet 09/12/2019 10:42
Now playing 125BPM - 04 Ole on #VirtualDJ #DjCrosznet #trance #trancefamily crosznet.com  
“The sky is falling baby/ Drop that ass ’fore it crash,” chants Vince Staples on the nagging Ascension, the first song on Gorillaz’s soundtrack for a party at the end of the world. Billed as a nonstop ...
125bpm tech house x Far https://www. pscp.tv/w/cL3bSTFlZGpu Z3ZNWHF6RW98MWVhSmJBdkRRRGFHWMl8FkjsqiXFixO9cv5qUfYLIgGGgeWFrXc12XlXQEnc   …
Mallory TalksTooMuch 07/12/2019 06:44
I find it funny because if "House" is on one side it could be read as a meta commentary on "what is house music?" now that genre terms have expanded and are heavily variable in tempo, style and other signifiers Is a donk remix of yakety sax at 125bpm house? It could be.
LEE 06/12/2019 04:30
Dec. 10th come out at #FREELEE from 125bpm! Tell them to #FREELEE at SWET in Deep Ellum!
Dec. 10th come out at #FREELEE from 125bpm! Tell them to #FREELEE at SWET in Deep Ellum!<br>http://pic.twitter.com/7hQSo65C2L
Feasy 06/12/2019 08:01
Just favorited "´..° _°..`30/10/2019´..*_ *.` - ´..`KLANGVERSCHIEB..." by Minimale Freaks (The Orginal) on Mixcloud https://www. mixcloud.com/MinimalFreaks/ _112018-_-freakcity-_/   …
oriana ♚ 06/12/2019 04:57
yall ever have a dream so scary you wake up trembling, sweating and with your heart going 125bpm ,,,,,,
Vybed Out Radio 06/12/2019 04:45
Listen to Trak Atiks Music, LLC - PEEPHOLE 125BPM SNIPPET - Trak Atiks Music, LLC - 424.242.2845 - [email protected] Now playing on vybedoutradio.com  
Brad 05/12/2019 05:19
Ironically I usually tend to play round the 125bpm mark https:// twitter.com/Jas_shaw/statu s/1202607484239826950   …
Game Music Reddit 04/12/2019 08:10
Shinobi (Arcade) - BGM 2 - 125bpm remix released bit.ly/2DNyDU6   #vgm #gamemusic
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