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AllSaintsConsidered.com 01/08/2018 05:22
We are 39 days away from Saints football. For #100DaysOfHighlights, let's show some love to Can't Guard Mike. The play action gets the corner to bite, and Michael Thomas is open! MT makes a quick move on the defender for a Saints touchdown! Siiilllky!
NFC South Division Preview Sat, 11 Aug 2018 07:54:00 GMT
We are 70 days away from Saints vs Bucs. Let’s take a look back at the 3 game sweep of the Panthers for #100DaysOfHighlights. Michael Thomas jukes the socks off the defense which sets up the Josh HIll ...
AllSaintsConsidered.com 29/07/2018 10:37
We are 42 days away from Saints football. For #100DaysOfHighlights, lets appreciate the GOAT. Remember that time Drew Brees threw for over 500 yards and had seven touchdowns? We do! That was one of the craziest games I've ever seen! Drew Brees is so special.
Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin said a new pedestrian bridge over the Fox River will be built in the city in 2018. That news came at an event Friday at Aurora University's Crimi Auditorium, where Irvin dis...
AllSaintsConsidered.com 28/07/2018 09:41
We are 43 days away from Saints kickoff. For #100DaysOfHighlights, let's look back to last season. In our favorite game of the season, Mark Ingram jukes the socks off the defender for the 36 yard touchdown! Look at that man dance too!!
The 2013-14 college basketball season is still over 100 days from starting. Rather than waiting until mid-October to get in the mood for another awesome year of buzzer beaters and surprising upsets, t...
Leigh Steinberg 24/07/2018 05:16
The second essential rule of negotiation is to learn all you can about the other party. Analyzing their track record could give you a big advantage in understanding their mindset. To learn more about negotiation, please check out the link in my bio. #100DaysOfHighlights #nfl #nba
The Toronto Raptors soundly defeated the Wizards Tuesday night in Game 2, just as Drake predicted they would, and after the game Kyle Lowry was more concerned with his star teammate’s choice of words ...
AllSaintsConsidered.com 19/07/2018 06:15
We are 52 days away from Saints football. Let's appreciate some Michael Thomas & Brandon Coleman for #100DaysOfHighlights. Drew Brees finds Michael Thomas for a huge gain, then finds Brandon Coleman for the touchdown! That pump fake is a thing of beauty.
Our rights portfolio, underpinned by the London Olympics and the next two World Cups, is in remarkably good health - despite vigorous competition over the years from terrestrial rivals and from pay TV ...
AllSaintsConsidered.com 18/07/2018 07:32
We are 53 days away from Saints football. For #100DaysOfHighlights, we have a 53 yard pick six. 2007. Mike McKenzie drops back and coverage AND IT'S INTERCEPTED! McKenzie takes the pick to the house! That was the Saints 2nd pick six of the game.
AllSaintsConsidered.com 17/07/2018 07:13
We are 54 days away from Saints football. So, we have a 54 yard touchdown for #100DaysOfHighlights. Ted Ginn forgets he's supposed to age and absolutely burns Desmond Trufant for a Saints touchdown! That's how you end a half!
AllSaintsConsidered.com 06/07/2018 06:43
We are 65 days away from Saints vs Bucs. For #100DaysOfHighlights, lets send it back to 2015. Falcons line up to punt, and ITS BLOCKED! Michael Mauti blocks the punt and brings it in for a touchdown! Remind you of anything, @TeamGleason?
AllSaintsConsidered.com 05/07/2018 06:27
We are 66 days from Saints vs Bucs. For #100DaysofHighlights, we have a little throwback. October 12,1975. Archie Manning leads a comeback from an early 16-0 deficit. The flashy passing game set up a game winning FG! This was the #Saints very first win inside the Superdome!
SAINTS (1-0)  ⚜️ 28/06/2018 07:27
Not a soul blocked Aaron Donald RT @AllSaintsBlog: We are 73 days away from Saints vs Bucs. However, for #100DaysOfHighlights, we're looking at another 74 yard touchdown. Alvin Kamara pulls off a season-long touchdown run against the Rams.
AllSaintsConsidered.com 22/06/2018 05:51
We are 79 days away from Saints vs Bucs. For #100DaysOfHighlights, let's take it back, all the way to the 70s. It was the Saints first victory over the Lions on November 8, 1970. The game ended with Tom Dempsey's record 63 yard field goal. Yes, 63 yards, and a Saints win!
C.B. NICK 21/06/2018 06:56
Was hoping Jimmy G. would come back to @Saints. I do wish him well in Green Bay. #100DaysOfHighlights
a frugal individual 19/06/2018 10:23
RT @AllSaintsBlog: We are 82 days from Saints vs Bucs. That means we are 82 days from a season full of sacking Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, and Jameis Winston. Just like that time Von Bell had a game winning sack vs the Panthers. #100DaysOfHighlights
RT @AllSaintsBlog: We are 88 days away from Saints vs Bucs. For #100DaysOfHighlights, let's throwback to old Saints number 88. Superbowl XLIV, the Saints trail. Drew Brees to Jeremy Shockey on the slant AND IT'S A TOUCHDOWN!!!!
AllSaintsConsidered.com 12/06/2018 01:28
We are 89 days away from Saints vs Bucs, yes 89. Today, we have a little 2010 thanksgiving thriller throwback for #100DaysOfHighlights. Remember when Malcom Jenkins had a CLUTCH strip to set up the Lance Moore touchdown? We do.
AllSaintsConsidered.com 11/06/2018 01:25
We are 90 days away from Saints vs Bucs. For #100DaysOfHighlights, let's look at the GOAT. Brees breaks the NFL record for passing yards in a season, one that Dan Marino had held for 27 years. The #Saints clinched the NFC South title with a victory over the Falcons on MNF.
AllSaintsConsidered.com 10/06/2018 02:44
We are 91 days away from Saints vs Bucs. Today on #100DaysOfHighlights, we honor a great man, Will Smith. Will Smith made an impact on many peoples lives. He was a kind and compassionate person. Thank you, Will Smith, for a historic career and all that you did for the world.
C.B. NICK 05/06/2018 03:46
Y'all.....that NEVER GETS OLD. #100DaysOfHighlights #Hartley
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