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Best tweets:

#PipelineWriters This week has been an absolute shitshow. So let's boost good news. So far, my new pilot is getting insanely great feedback. Which is... not what I expected lol. How about everyone else?
In a season shortened by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Veen batted .500 with 15 runs scored and 10 RBIs, helping the Hawks to a 10-1 record.
#PipelineWriters Today I found out a really great writer and even better person got a room gig with someone I admire down to the CORE and I’m just really damn excited for this person. Both, really. So, tell me more good news! Can be “I sold a script” or “I got out of bed!”
MLB Pipeline writers Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo both pegged Veen to be selected fifth overall by the Toronto Blue Jays in their recent mock drafts. “Zac is hands down the most driven student ...
Michelle Domanowski 30/05/2020 12:24
#pipelinewriters I've been debating with myself over whether to apply for competitions. I have a lot of 1st draft work, so I've been holding off applying until I can get at least one project to a strong place. What is your philosophy on submitting to competitions?
MLB Pipeline writers Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo both pegged Veen to be selected fifth overall by the Toronto Blue Jays in their recent mock drafts. "Zac is hands down the most driven student ...
Kevin Ryan 23/05/2020 12:22
My fiancee has made the point that the comedy I'm writing featuring my parents as main characters can never be made or else I'm out of the family. So, anyone else write characters heavily based off of someone they know? #pipelinewriters
Carley Aggromito 30/05/2020 12:35
#PipelineWriters what are your thoughts on regional slang in your scripts? Do you think it makes it harder to sell? Or should you write a "universal language" version? Asking as an Aussie living in Canada
Melissa Turkington 23/05/2020 12:48
Hey @DanielJSeco, thanks for your time tonight. When you first sit down with a potential client, what is the thing that usually makes you say "I NEED to work with that person"?#pipelinewriters
Dana Braziel 23/05/2020 12:05
Hey, #PipelineWriters! Tell me your successes for this week, goals for next week, and something helpful you learned.
Adam Ward 30/05/2020 01:55
#PipelineWriters I am new to this. Any help and advice is much appreciated. Even if you just want to talk life beyond writing(yeah right).
PRINCESS   👑 FIONA 30/05/2020 01:29
Especially when every contest has different value systems. Are they judging for producers, literary agents, technical perfection, commercial potential? I honestly don't know and I don't know where to begin to find out. #pipelinewriters
PRINCESS   👑 FIONA 30/05/2020 01:27
What are they looking for? A faultless (boring) script with perfectly executed structure? A good story? A riproaring emotional experience for a successful movie even if the structure's a bit unconventional? How can a writer align with values of contest judges? #pipelinewriters
PRINCESS   👑 FIONA 30/05/2020 01:23
I'm torn at the moment. I like them for my shorts, because reaction/feedback is useful and manageable. You can test the market for your work. Features? Pilots? When is your script in a "strong" place? One producer's "strong" is another's disappointment. /cont #pipelinewriters
Nick Coffman 30/05/2020 04:13
#pipelinewriters Last one is in. Time for a long nap.
#pipelinewriters  Last one is in. Time for a long nap. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/h2wTlIATVz
Dan Healey 30/05/2020 02:30
Outline = finished. I'll tweak this weekend, then start that 1st draft Monday. As always #pipelinewriters, this was a pleasure and a highlight in a week filled with very few. Have a great night everyone!
CHRIS SUMLIN 30/05/2020 01:20
Y’all stop calling yourself ‘an aspiring writer’ If you’ve ever written ANYTHING (regardless of it selling or being produced) you ARE a writer. Let’s start speaking our dreams into existence moving forward, okay? #pipelinewriters
Ashleigh Nielsen Davidson 30/05/2020 01:19
Hanging out in the #PipelineWriters tag tonight as I work on finishing an outline. This week has been A LOT (to put it mildly), and I'm glad to be here with you all in such a supportive place.
David Wappel 30/05/2020 01:05
#PipelineWriters Who is your favorite supporting Shakespeare character, and why is it the Porter from Macbeth? Seriously though, who do you like? (I'm trying to find my people.)
Kenn H 30/05/2020 01:05
Happy #pipelinewriters day Love n light to all the black and other poc writers who are suffering from writers block due to the current events that's going on this week. Solidarity for all
Elizabeth Ditty 30/05/2020 12:27
If you have the budget, I think they can be helpful, especially the more reputable/notable ones. You can sink a ton of money into them fast though, so I do try to make sure I'm submitting scripts I consider "ready" (or at least "ready for now"). #PipelineWriters
Dana Braziel 30/05/2020 12:15
Happy Friday, #PipelineWriters! Show me your WIP protagonist's dream car.
Happy Friday, #PipelineWriters!  Show me your WIP protagonist's dream car. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/XfHcbeP8Gx
Guy who writes 30/05/2020 12:09
#PipelineWriters It's a messed up time, but I wanted to drop in and wave at everyone.
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