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karolyn   ☃️ 18/12/2018 10:31
#iispoilers dan really didn’t know that what phil had bought his mum for mother's day in like 2006 was the little monkey trapped in a cage which was literally in phil's first vid so i guess dan ain’t a real one smh
lena ⋆ 18/12/2018 03:33
#iispoilers the ii song made me tear up i miss it so much wtf :(((
lena ⋆ 18/12/2018 01:34
#iispoilers they just talked about ii berlin YEE
Naya 17/12/2018 09:16
#iispoilers the commentary was so funny, wholesome and brilliant, I had a great time listening to it and I'm so glad they did it. I can half imagine what a podcast with them would be like and I'm already yearning for it.
Naya 17/12/2018 08:59
#iispoilers dans so supportive of phils singing and timing, hes such a softie
Naya 17/12/2018 08:57
#iispoilers “this is genuinely art, phil is incredible” okay dan, can you be less loud?
Naya 17/12/2018 08:48
#iispoilers “we should start a dab crew” and other things phil says
Naya 17/12/2018 08:37
#iispoilers “phil lester we are geniuses” i will drown in tears
Naya 17/12/2018 08:37
#iispoilers “look at it, it’s so genuine, like people are really here, they are really in this moment and that’s why I love our audience so much we’re all in this together”
Naya 17/12/2018 08:33
#iispoilers “you’re all weirdos, there’s someone out there watching this directors commentary for you out there, you’re not alone” i
Naya 17/12/2018 07:55
#iispoilers it was not a good idea for me to take a sip of water just as dan uses a quieter voice to announce he dreamed about phil
Naya 17/12/2018 07:54
#iispoilers they need to be proud of themselves more often
Naya 17/12/2018 07:26
#iispoilers i lost it at dan saying ‘i am not wearing a nearly enough fancy outfit to be a magicians assistant’
#iispoilers???????? My mom was gonna buy me tickets for july 23rd but I said no because I saw a video of Phil saying the word bitch and I was so anxious about her seeing that so I didn't go. Worst decision I've ever made
angela   🖤 ⍟ia⎊ 13/12/2018 10:53
!!!!PSA!!!! !!!!for any international pre-orders of the ii dvd!!!! #interactiveintroverts #iidvd #iimemories #iispoilers
!!!!PSA!!!! !!!!for any international pre-orders of the ii dvd!!!!  #interactiveintroverts #iidvd #iimemories #iispoilers <br>http://pic.twitter.com/W1UWuBLFWp
mary 13/12/2018 10:44
Q: did you ever think you'd make it this far? A: #iispoilers the lyrics to this part are "we didnt know we'd make it this far, but now we are on a stage and here we are" IM EMOTIONAL DONT TOUCH ME IM SO PROUD OF THEM
skye☽ 12/12/2018 06:01
“that’s you buddy” “that’s me!” #iispoilers i promise you i’m never getting over this, i actually fell off my chair at the show when it happened wtf im going to CRY
Nemo |dnp found nemo| 12/12/2018 05:07
#iispoilers he knew his hair looked like instant noodles, ily dan
#iispoilers  he knew his hair looked like instant noodles, ily dan <br>http://pic.twitter.com/L7E0ngfUTJ
Nemo |dnp found nemo| 12/12/2018 05:04
#iispoilers  EXCUSE MEEE THEY ALMOST GOT A TOUR DOG BUT THEY DIDN'T WANT IT TO BE STRESSED  ;_; <br>http://pic.twitter.com/yrWR1BYcMv
so,,, here’s the audio #iispoilers #directorscommentaryspoilers ??
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