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TINK 20/02/2020 05:00
“CUT IT OUT” is Out Now !! Watch the video here #HOPELESSROMANTIC https:// youtu.be/H_Gah2IdkdE  
I've always been thinking a lot about romance,' she said. 'I'm definitely a hopeless romantic. I love love.' The Havana singer insisted that anyone can write a love song, but it's always a little ...
Jacob Rice 28/02/2020 06:40
Okay so I went into Love is Blind expecting to make fun of this hetero-buffoonery but now I’m crying???? This is the FIRST couple to get engaged... oh boy. #hopelessromantic
When you are in the spotlight, rumors happen, but some stars certainly leave themselves more open to rumors than others. In the years of Drake’s fame, he’s been spotted with a string of women, almost ...
kylee crain 28/02/2020 06:12
My friends always hand me their phones to word sappy messages to their bfs #hopelessromantic
LOS ANGELES - Vanessa Bryant remembered her husband Kobe as a hopeless romantic, gentleman and adoring family man during a heartfelt speech at Staples Center on Monday. “I couldn’t see him as a ...
King K. 28/02/2020 04:39
Tink’s last project might be her best work yet. Haven’t stopped listening since it dropped #HopelessRomantic
Tink Unveil new project titled Hopeless Romantic Album Zip Download. Listen share with friends and download new songs anticipated album tracks sound from Tink — Hopeless Romantic Album.
I refuse to believe that last sentence! #hopelessromantic https:// twitter.com/1karinb/status /1233180826747244544   …
Tink Drops 'Hopeless Romantic' Album Fri, 14 Feb 2020 15:12:00 GMT
Tink has returned with her new album, Hopeless Romantic. The Chicago singer appropriately dropped the 12-track album on Valentine’s Day. The album gained some traction on Twitter from fans, who were ...
iAMTeeTime 28/02/2020 01:49
Mide The way he’s loving on Tiwa, turnionion #hopelessromantic I like how topics like baby shaming etc were touched on in today’s episode. Na only d woman dey sabi disturb #sgit6
purple cath 28/02/2020 10:31
Farmer Wants A Wife is back! Yas! The only reality TV program I watch. #hopelessromantic
I listen to @Official_Tink #HopelessRomantic everyday This album is my therapy
Queenie   🤓 28/02/2020 02:51
I'm happy to know that I wasn't the only sucker watching this show #hopelessromantic #LoveIsBlind
Rubi 28/02/2020 02:49
My good sis @Official_Tink snapped on this album #HopelessRomantic
J.  🇸🇷 27/02/2020 11:57
just finished love is blind.........I'm so in my feelings #foreversingle #hopelessromantic
27/02/2020 10:15
@Official_Tink I love you so much! #hopelessromantic album on repeat mama
Plumbing Deals 26/02/2020 08:01
The better the showerhead, the better it hides your tears. Or so we’re told... #hopelessromantic
I really can't wait for Chris and Chris Ville's chemistry to intensify,I can't wait for their firsts as well 1st kiss, 1st fight,1st makeup simply because I love love it's a beautiful thing #Hopelessromantic #UltimateLoveNG
Aujene 25/02/2020 01:29
sooo, @Official_Tink idk how you managed to go off & speak directly from the depths of my SOUL w/ this #HopelessRomantic album, but THANK YOU & make moreeeee
RoseRed  🌹 22/02/2020 09:12
“I ain’t tryna fight with these bitches in the area; treat me like I queen cause you know that I’m superior!!!” @Official_Tink #HOPELESSROMANTIC
Jammilah 21/02/2020 07:44
Tink Really Got songs I can relate to #Tink #HOPELESSROMANTIC
... more of my favorites from Tink's #HopelessRomantic
... more of my favorites from Tink's #HopelessRomantic <br>http://pic.twitter.com/RIEUi5c5rh
  🪐   🤍 19/02/2020 07:02
Tink said “Boy, I'm so blue, gotta roll some Actin' like I was the only one Clearly one woman is not enough for you” #HOPELESSROMANTIC @Official_Tink
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