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Jill Webb 12/09/2019 03:21
When you take a step back and realize #carolinecalloway is a story about two 27-year-old women both demanding ownership over THIS
When you take a step back and realize #carolinecalloway is a story about two 27-year-old women both demanding ownership over THIS <br>http://pic.twitter.com/biDmKOs1AF
"Seven years of writing for you and this is the first time you can hold my words." By Stephanie McNeal Posted on January 15, 2020, at 10:33 a.m. ET Caroline Calloway says she is writing two books, and ...
  🪐 27/01/2020 11:55
When #CarolineCalloway mentions you on the IG story #Naturespb
Writer, artist, and all-around Instagram entity Caroline Calloway has announced she has two books on the way, one of which is entitled Scammer. On her website, Calloway said she hopes “slim ...
BobbyKnoxJr 22/01/2020 03:19
This is magic. Ur a genius. I hope #AnnaDelvey gets to peep from Rikers. #Carolinecalloway
Greta is a single-minded and incredibly knowledgeable product of the internet age. Greta is teen. 2. 2019 will become a defining year in the personal mythology of Caroline Calloway, the ur-millennial.
Pardon My Snark Podcast 12/11/2019 05:04
Bringing back this meme in honor of WrinkledTitty #carolinecalloway #pardonmysnarkpodcast
Bringing back this meme in honor of WrinkledTitty #carolinecalloway #pardonmysnarkpodcast <br>http://pic.twitter.com/xx2Ap4GmuG
It's been roughly 48 hours since Natalie Beach revealed her role in the making of influencer Caroline Calloway. First things first, the influencer reveals that her father passed away just hours ...
Madeline Stevens 29/09/2019 01:34
Just putting this out there...if you've enjoyed reading about this #carolinecalloway drama, you might enjoy my novel #devotion
Greta is teen. 2. 2019 will become a defining year in the personal mythology of Caroline Calloway, the ur-millennial. The blonde and beautiful 27-year-old New-Yorker with a degree in History of ...
Jessica Ciencin Henriquez 14/09/2019 01:39
This is all I’ll say about #carolinecalloway because hi, the world is imploding. Social media has become the preferred stage for mental illness to play out in real time. The viewer gains entertainment in exchange for attention. Cries for help are met with comments instead of help
Elizabeth Wurtzel 12/09/2019 08:04
Who is #carolinecalloway and why does she have so many copies of #Prozacnation? People keep asking me what I think of this. Hmmm ⁦@TheCut⁩ ⁦@NYMag⁩ https://www. thecut.com/2019/09/the-st ory-of-caroline-calloway-and-her-ghostwriter-natalie.html   …
Reading the essay on #carolinecalloway was like reading a short story where you hate both the characters equally.
prep.city 12/09/2019 04:27
CALORIES JUST DONT TREAT ME LIKE THEY TREAT YOU #carolinecalloway <br>http://pic.twitter.com/URuKzbTnJl
Natalie Beach really missed an opportunity not titling her essay "Under the Influence(r)" #carolinecalloway
The #CarolineCalloway story is basically millennial Great Gatsby and if you think someone else tweeted this first it's because I ghost wrote it for them 5 yrs ago.
Shay Stewart Bouley 11/09/2019 05:08
Just read that piece about #carolinecalloway, can I get those minutes back? If ole girl wasn't a pretty white girl, we would know nothing about her.
leftover pizza 11/09/2019 02:04
tbh the most compelling part of the #carolinecalloway story was the SHEER VERSATILITY of Natalie Beach’s side jobs: at the recycling center, landscaping fences, harvesting lettuce on a rooftop, and my personal favorite - working at a pencil store.
Nakkiah Lui 11/09/2019 11:48
Is there anything more complicated and difficult to understand in the entire world then Quantum Physics and friendships between middle/upper middle class white girls who meet doing creative writing class together at an east coast college? #carolinecalloway
Laura Kirk 11/09/2019 09:24
Me: Gonna be productive today for SURE Also me: 3 hours spent reading about #CarolineCalloway, including a 9 month old Twitter thread and multiple articles. It's like a one woman Fyre Festival and I cannot get enough. I am a woman possessed.
i would prefer not to 11/09/2019 07:25
Why I don’t get millennial culture: two co-dependent frauds, fooling people, even now. Here, the brawn behind the con is playing the victim to her now fawning fans. But Lena Dunham also mysteriously has a career,so not getting this must be my fault. #carolinecalloway #simulacra https:// twitter.com/TheCut/status/ 1171540409526321152   …
obviously fancy 11/09/2019 07:15
Some of you were never the Natalie in a #carolinecalloway friendship and it shows
Ishay Govender-Ypma 11/09/2019 06:30
Possibly 1/3 caught up on the #carolinecalloway drama and could we all have chosen a more inane yt nonsense saga to trend? (No, no we couldn’t)
natalie papillion 11/09/2019 05:50
Hot take— if you’re feeling smug after reading the #CarolineCalloway story, please ask literally any of your friends to remind you of a shitty thing you did to them when you were in your early 20s.
R • 11/09/2019 05:44
The #carolinecalloway story is being talked about as a pathetic 'white girl story'. But that takes away from the lesson to be learnt that toxic platonic friendships like this exist, and to beware of narcissism in all of your relationships.
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